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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 54: Assault Of The Pack Of Wolves[3] Bahasa Indonesia

The ground before Alex was split and a long fissure appeared which formed crevices and extended towards the place where the wolf was present before, it collided with the trunk of the tree

The trunk of the tree was too weak before Alex attacked and was crushed and slashed apart, the trunk was smashed into pieces and the tree fell to the ground with a large bang.

The Dire wolf finally felt danger from the human whom it had seen as a punny ant before.

It decided to take things seriously from here otherwise this human may be their nemesis and hopped on Alex and slashed at him with its sharp claws.

Alex used the axe as a shield to block the attack and defend.


Sparks flew as the sharp metallic claw clashed against the sharp edges of the axe, Alex raised the other axe in his other hand and swung it at the wolf.

Contrary to Alex’s expectation, it opened its muzzle and bit the axe with its strong jaw and sharp fangs making a loud clang sound.

Alex channelized his strength and tried to pull the axe but the wolf bit it and clung to it harder and used the other paw to send a bolt of lightning.

Alex’s pupil contacted and he tried to pull his axe but before he could do so, the bolt hit him and pushed him back.

Alex tried to muster all his strength to remain standing even after getting hit but he felt a sudden caught of pain.

He felt a rapid spasm and alternate contraction in his muscles and felt his hands numb from the hit but unlike others, he didn’t fly back or spurted blood.

He swung his hand in a stretching motion and cracked his stiffened neck.

“Haaaa…..It has been so long since I have fought a tough match. Till now, all I did was fight weaklings here and there.” Alex muttered.

Alex took a deep breath and raised his axe, slashing from the distance.

The wolf felt a sense of danger and jumped to and fro.

Every time Alex swings his axe, a huge arc of pressure would emerge from his axe that was created from pure strength which had reached the level of the disciple ranked.

This move was a move used with a sword. Each day Alex would slash thousands of times in the same notion.

The pressure would condense to form a blade of wind with pure strength only that when passed or collided sliced off the trees in the forest cleanly.

The dire wolf released its lightning strike and bolts of lightning were shot toward Alex which collided with wind blades.


The bolts of lightning and wind blades clashed against each other and mini explosions shook the whole area.

Dust and debris flew all around and mini craters were formed.

The Dire wolf was pushed back and Alex shot wind blades after blades as he spun the axe around crazily without caring anything.

As the dust covered his vision, the dire wolf suddenly an axe flew out of it and headed straight towards it.

It dodged the axe which hit the ground and blasted it off with a huge force.

But the wolf quickly regained its balance in the mid air but Alex’s figure appeared on top of it and he slashed at it quickly with the other axe.

The dire wolf jumped in panic but Alex swung the axe in one hand and grabbed its tail, pulling it back.

A jolt of lightning passed through his body making his hand numb as he touched its tail but he didn’t let go of its tail and swung its axe.

“Woooooooo!!” The wolf groaned in pain as the axe hit his back and it thrashed around and slashed both of its paws on Alex.

Alex pulled the axe and shield himself.


The wolf’s strength outweighs Alex and one of his knees bent to the ground and the ground on which he stood cracked by the attack of the wolf.

The wolf tried to crush him with all his strength

Alex gritted his teeth and seeing the disadvantageous situation, he quickly put four stat points into strength and two into stamina.

Alex felt a warm sensation washing over his body and he felt that his muscle was getting stronger and the pressure on him forced by the wolf became negligible.

He shook away the axe and pushed the Wolf back and pulled the axe, swung it on its head.


A cracking sound was heard as the axe cracked the skull of a wolf but seeing it’s still alive, Alex pulled back the axe and hacked it on the wolf’s head again and again.


Loud shock waves were emitted as Alex was pummelling the wolf without any shred of mercy and continued to do so until he received the notification. In fact, he had received the notification long ago but was too lost in the moment to see.

[You have killed a mid disciple ranked lighting dire wolf. You have obtained 500 experiences. Extra experience points for defeating an Elementalist beast.]

“Ohhh!Nice. So, the system has finally recognized my Dao of Awesomeness and rewarded me.”

Alex pulled the axe and looked back to see his soldiers looking at him with a terrified look. While the wolves who lost their leader had become crazy, some ran away from fear while some tried to rush toward the human to kill and tear him apart.

Alex looked at the incoming pack of wolves and looked back at his people who were just standing and watching how the scene unfolded.

Alex gritted his teeth in anger and shouted”Assholes, Do you want an invitation to come here and clear the rest of the pack.”

“Am I your boss or your lackey? Don’t you know the boss generally takes down the strongest threat and the lackey takes down the rest?”

Hearing Alex’s words they woke up from the stupor and ran to fight while Alex’s shout was heard from the back” Morons maintain the formation.”

“I will cut your pay if this happens next time.”


In the outskirts of the forest, a group of people were hunting small animals for their daily food.

The head of the group was in his 30’s while the rest of them were seen to be in their 20s.

There were five of them who used a spear to take down the opponent.

They have just finished a boar using traps and many other means which tired them to a great extent and were about to take a break when they heard a crumbling sound.

The man in his 30’s got up when he saw the disturbance and screamed at the top of his lungs to run.

“Run for your lives. Leave the food”

A huge bear emerged from the brush and ran towards them, it went past the killed boar and chased the human.

It thought since the boar was already his, it wouldn’t be bad to eat humans as an appetiser.

A boy who had just reached twenty stumbled and fell and tried to get up but the bear running on its four legs appeared near him and slashed his paw.


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