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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 422: Bluffing Bahasa Indonesia

Moss’s lips opened wide as deep pain transverse through her whole body from her shoulder.

It felt as if the person was going to tear and rip her shoulder apart.

Sweat trickled down from her face and she stared at the person with a pleading gaze.

“You are a disobedient junior who may be hated by others.”

“The reason I am saying this is that you will encounter some trouble in the last mission.”

“I just tried to save you as a junior but instead of thanking me, you questioned my kind intention.”

Alex spoke spitefully with a cold annoying voice.

Moss’s whole body was petrified and she groaned in pain.

A small crackle was heard and she felt her shoulder blade getting dislocated due to the grip.

Beads of sweat trickled down from her forehead as she wondered how a Legendary rank mustered such strength. His strength defies the boundary of the rank.

She wanted to retaliate but her whole body seemed to have frozen.

“Please forgive this humble one. It was my mistake for not being able to understand your kindness.” Moss pleaded.

“I need that dark pill for a reason and if you are wondering what is the reason then you should know you are not in a position to know things beyond your level.”

“Do you understand? Don’t bother with trivial matters and do as I say.”

Alex released the hold and Moss slumped down on the ground with a haggard look.

Wiping out the sweat from her forehead, she pulled out a box and handed it to Alex.

Alex’s eyes narrowed with surprise as he sensed the similar ominous feeling that was after Count Gray took the pill.

Alex suppressed his curiosity and pretended to be indifferent and took the box from Moss and kept it in the dimensional storage ring.

Alex smiled and touched Moss’s forehead.

Moss was shrouded with a bright light and her broken shoulder healed in an instant and a strong current of power flowed through her body.

“Thanks, Sir, for blessing this ignorant and healing me!” Moss bowed her head.

Alex nodded and waved her hand”Now leave and get out of my sight as quickly as possible!”

Moss nodded and stood up but her legs were still trembling due to the suppression.

Taking a moment to stabilise herself, she jumped and disappeared.

Alex stared at her fading back and grinned with a sinister expression.

“It’s not a blessing but a curse silly girl.”

He had marked her and could sense her location which enabled Alex to track her down that would lead to the organisation where he could finally find some clues about them and know their motives.

He also wanted to place a curse on her to perceive things but he feared that it may be perceived by the other side and someone proficient in the curse may know about him by tracing it back.

He was unwilling to let her go alive but for the bigger picture, he needed to bear with it.

Moreover, he was trying his luck to get this pill but he didn’t know if he would succeed or not.

Alex turned back and left after sensing that Moss had finally gone away.


Alex walked through the crowd and ran towards his group hurriedly.

His fight might have scared these common people.

When he reached near to the place where his people were present, he found them surrounding someone and confronting them.

“Did they encounter some trouble?” Alex muttered and pushed through the crowd to reach there.

As he moved closer, he saw a group of guards confronting them.

Alex sneaked in and appeared behind Riya and whispered “What happened?”

Riya was startled by his sudden appearance but she recomposed herself rather quickly and muttered”These guards are checking us and after finding out that we are adventures and awakened, he is asking us to help.”

Alex’s eyes narrowed and he stepped forward and spoke”Hello Sir, I am Rex, the leader of this squad. How can I help you?”

He heaved in relief after knowing that the other side wasn’t looking for any trouble.

“Hello Rex, I am Oscar. As you see the situation in the City is dangerous and we need as many hands as possible”

“But Sir, we are just low-level adventurers travelling around. What could we do against the fight between two behemoths? I fear my team would be crushed to death just by the aftermath of the fight.”Alex spoke with an innocent and fearful expression.

Johnson and the other five-man lips twitched seeing Alex acting. They knew that this man was the cause of all this panic but he was pretending to be a bystander.

“We just need your help in the evacuation of citizens. So, please lend us your strength.” Oscar spoke with a polite tone.

Alex scratched his cheek with an embarrassed expression.

He wished he could say that there was no danger since the fight was already over but he can’t.

“We can help with that.”Alex agreed.

Oscar nodded and gave them a set of instructions.

The guards are going to form a security parameter while citizens nearby the Count Gray mansion would evacuate.

Alex nodded and split his team and asked them to guide others.

” Listen, after evacuating we will sneak into the crowd and get away quietly. Also, ask someone to lead the carriage.”Alex ordered.

Riya accompanied Alex, and both of them made their way and released their strength to lead the citizens.

Alex shouted a set of instructions for them to follow.

The common people felt the strength of the man and agreeing to his words, they calmed down.

Alex frowned when he saw Riya sniffing around him suddenly.

“What are you doing?”

“Alex, I can smell the fragrance of a woman from you. Where were you?”

Alex’s senses screamed with danger seeing Riya’s playful expression.

‘Isn’t she being too possessive? Still, I like it.’

“Hahaha! It’s just I met an acquaintance”

Riya raised her brow and asked curiously “Which acquaintance?”

“I will tell you later after we finish our task here.”


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