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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 423: An Anonymous Figure Bahasa Indonesia

Alex narrated the events which took her by surprise. She clutched her skirt tight with anger.

She wanted to kill those who were involved in that organisation.

It was now a matter of deep hatred for her.

They got back to their work shortly and guided them.

Alex observed the trail of people leaving through the narrow lanes while standing over the top of a building.

He helps when any trouble arises due to push and pull.

Standing there, he spotted several situations where people were pushed away by others without care while many stumble and fall back and become stepping stones for others.

From afar it was harsh and cruel but how could people who have no strength to protect themselves think of others when their own life was in peril?

And since Alex was the cause of all this, he didn’t intend to let anyone die or get hurt due to the unruly crowd squeezed in a narrow lane.

No one was allowed to get hurt under his watch.

Riya observed the guilty-stricken expression on Alex’s face and whispered softly.

“Although your fight caused chaos among the people, at least it saved them from a major disaster. You saved many of them who could have been trampled to death by that guy.” Riya’s pleasant voice calmed Alex.

Trying to ease the situation, Riya tried to tease Alex a bit.

“By the way, as far as I know, you wouldn’t have returned empty-handed. You must have hoarded and stolen something from the Gray Mansion” Riya asked in a teasing voice.

Alex chuckled and spoke with a serious voice

“Hey, you are accusing me wrongly? Do I look like a thief to you?”

“I haven’t even touched a thread and a needle in the Gray Mansion. I am a noble gentleman.”

“That means except a thread and a needle, you have taken everything.”

Alex’s jaw dropped wide open and he looked back to see Johnson looking at him with a blank expression.

“Ohh! You have looted the entire underground fortunes hoarded by Count Gray over the years.”Riya spoke, acting surprised.

Alex stumbled with a startled expression and asked Johnson angrily “How did you know?”

“Max informed me about it. It’s your daily routine.”

Alex gritted his teeth and muttered”Dog shit Max!

Riya laughed and shook her head in dismay.

Something never changes.

“Okay enough jokes for now. It’s time to sneak out.”Alex muttered seeing things calming down a bit.

As Alex sneaked in and moulded among the crowd preparing to leave, a black carriage with the Arkham flag surrounded by hundreds of knights darted towards the City.

While the whole city was in chaos, a carriage with the imperial flag hovering over it appeared near the gates of Oskar City.

The Knights who were at the front soon noticed the mess ahead of them and stopped their march.


A blood-curdling stern voice resounded from the carriage which froze the Knight.

They hit their horses which let out a mighty bellow signalling their arrival.

The guards stationed near the City gates ran quickly and greeted them.

The guard bowed his head and said”Greetings to the Imperial Knight.”

The Knights nodded and one of them asked while descending from his horse”Why is there so much panic and unrest?”

“There have been loud vibrations emerging from Gray mansion and as we tried to investigate, a loud explosion occurred followed by a terrifying breath of two higher realms powerhouse going over each other’s throat.”

The Knights’ expressions became pale and they asked hurriedly”What is their strength?”

“Sir, we are too weak to sense their level.”

“Quickly set off to the Gray mansion at once.”

His order was carried on immediately, the guards made away and the people witnessing the flag stood at the side.

When the carriage reached the periphery of Gray mansion, an old gentleman with a stern posture stepped down.

The Knights greeted him and said, “Sir Wilford, what are your orders?”

Wilford rolled his eyes and ordered, “Investigate everyone working here.”

“What about his family?”

“Sir, his son is his capital and his wife had been invited to a banquet at a nearby Kingdom.”

“Ask them to get here? If necessary track their movement and keep an eye on them.” Wilford ordered and moved forward.

Wilford inquired about Count Gray’s recent affairs and came to know about a certain parcel delivered to Count Gray.

The parcel arrived three hours before and Count Gray handled it personally and disappeared somewhere with it and he was missing till now.

They were led to a deep pit formed at the corner of the garden.

Wilford stood before the deep pit leading down to the ground filled with darkness.

It looked like an abyss.

Wilford didn’t know what lies there but he could feel a strong fluctuation of ominous energy.

According to the reports, a bright ray of light erupted which tore through the ground extending towards the sky.

Walking around the big hole and inspecting the mana fluctuation, oddly enough he could only sense the mana of a single entity.

At that, a group of knights appeared and said”Sir Wilford, we have found a secret passage leading to an underground basement down the mansion.”

Wilford narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment about the next step.

While he was in deep thought, he heard a faint whisper beside him.

“Ask them to go down the passage.”

Wilford looked to the side and saw a man with hash brown hair with a mask over his eyes standing beside him.

He seemed to be invisible to others as no one was able to perceive him except him.

“But My Lord, what if they encounter something they can’t handle?”

“The trouble had been dealt with and the offender had left the place as there were no fluctuations now.”The masked man muttered.

Wilford nodded and issued the command to the Knights.

“Wilford come with me, let’s go down through the hole.”

Wilford complied with the masked man’s advice and jumped down with him.



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