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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 35: We Will Hunt In Sheep Clothing Bahasa Indonesia

On a big wide path amid the wilderness.

A group of people were hurling across the road.

Leading them was Alex himself. Beside him was Max who was in charge of the right flank and Ben who was in charge of the left flank.

In the middle of the whole group, there was a caravan and a carriage with huge pieces of mirror that were covered in black.

Alex rode the horse towards his next location. The place he was going was the Godavari Iron mine.

Out of three mines, he found that it was most troublesome to deal with.

Unlike the other mines where one mined iron from soil or ores. The mine here is an entire huge rocky landmass that one needs to break and transport the rocks which were difficult for common people and if this wasn’t enough a bandit had occupied this place.

And Alex was going to teach that bastard a lesson.

On their way, they encountered various types of beasts and monsters that attacked them which were taken care of by his squads.

The 20 men that he brought here with him were the elite of current Nevan.

Alex observed the battle as Max tore the muzzle of the hound while Ben sliced the head of the snake.

Ben was at the peak of Squire rank and will soon break through to Disciple while Max still hadn’t awakened mana still his strength stat had reached 20 according to his observation.


“Hau ya yaaaaa.”

Alex’s eyes glowed when heard the monster roar and he shouted”This will be my prey.”

Alex’s horse as if getting the signal strode towards the location.


As Alex reached the location, he saw wild saraffurs bashing the bridge with their head.

“What the hell!” Alex frowned as he saw that the beasts were trying to destroy the bridge.

If the bridge is destroyed, they are going to be in trouble and have to cross the river.

Saraffurs are tri horned giraffes who have slightly shorter necks.

Seeing a whole pack of them, Alex ordered his man to take a fighting stance and be careful.

Alex jumped down from his horse and drew out his blade and jumped on one of the saraffurs and dug his sword at its back.

The saraffurs shrieked and screamed in pain and thrashed around wanting to throw Alex from its back.

But Alex raised his hand and held the horn of the saraffurs and getting a good grip, he raised his leg and stepped on the sword.

“Wahhhh Aaaa!” It screamed as the sword passed through his body and it died shortly after that.

[You have killed a mid squire ranked saraffurs. You have gained 100 experience points.]

Alex pulled his sword and rushed to help the others.

A saraffurs swung his head and met with the sword of the soldier and threw them off their feet.

As they fell, it rushed toward them to dig its horns in them.


A loud sound was heard as it collided with Alex’s sword who appeared before the soldiers like a gust of wind and shouted “Get back.”

Alex channelized strength into his hand and forced it to take a step back.

Sparks flew as the metal of the sword and horns of the saraffurs rubbed against each other.

Alex rotated his sword and sidestepped and with no force to balance, the saraffurs stammered as Alex removed the sword and it dashed towards a rock behind and crashed on it.

Alex quickly took the chance and pierced its neck.



Ben was clashing against the saraffurs as he swung his sword fiercely.

He kicked its leg and punched its face and as he was about to kill it, he saw another one heading toward him.

He was about to step back but halted when with a roaring shout, Max jumped on the saraffurs before him and swung his axe with all its might at the incoming saraffurs.


With a large arc of his swing, the axe sliced the neck of the saraffurs which flew away and fell to the ground with a large thud.

After fighting for quite some time, they were finally able to take down the horde.


Alex looked at his stats.

Name:Alex Von Stan



Level: 9








Stats Points:12

Active Skills:Eyes of Truth[Unlocked], Mana Sensor[Unlocked], Emperor Charisma[Locked], Emperor Pressure[Locked], Lady Luck’s Blessing[Locked], Heal[Locked], Restore[Locked], Goddess Buff[Locked]

Passive skills:Piercing Thrust Level G, Iron Heavy Swordsmanship Level 0, Abyssal Slash Level 0, Grand Martial Art Level 0, Mighty Punch Level 0, Spell[Locked], Five Elemental Breathing Technique Level G

After crossing the bridge and walking for a few kilometres, they reached the outskirts of mine.

Alex suddenly halted when he heard faint noises and his lips curled upwards as he raised his fist and clenched it, sending a signal.

With a soft whistling and bustling sound, many people emerged from the bushes and stood in their path.

Alex tried to put on a frowning expression and looked around using a mana sensor to see that they were surrounded by 50 men.

Alex suddenly jumped from his horse and put on a fearful face and asked”Who are you?”

A man walked out and stood on a boulder.

He looked at the group of people before him and gave a sinister smile, saying”I am a bandit.”

“What!” Everyone screamed and got off Alex.

Alex started to tremble and joined hands with a pleading expression and spoke”Please leave us. Please…Please don’t kill us.”

The man smiled and thought of how to enjoy killing them when Alex suddenly said”If you promise not to kill us, we will share our treasures with you.”

The man frowned and asked what the guy was talking about.

“Dear Bandit sir. In the carriage, there are treasure hunting tools. We came here with a map that depicts that there is a huge mass of treasure here. If you allow us and don’t kill us. I promise to share treasures with you.” Alex spoke with a trembling and frightened face while he tried to hold his smile from emerging from his lips.

Following his notion, everyone tried to act sacred.

After all, they wanted to hunt, by wearing sheep’s clothing.


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