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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 34: Riya’s Past Bahasa Indonesia

Inside The Castle.

Alex sat in his room while a large sheet of paper covered the entire table.

Alex put his utmost concentration and focus on drawing out the things on the paper as if his life depended on it.

Though Alex studied mechanical engineering, he still had minor knowledge in architecture which was enough for this world where people mostly rely on magic and give less focus on learning modern things. The world is similar to the ancient medieval era of kings.

As he was feeling tired, a silhouette appeared behind him and placing hands on his shoulders started to massage it.

A soft pleasant moan escaped from Alex as he felt the soft delicate touch combined with a sweet lingering scent.

“Riya, you have to do something about your stealth.”

“You can’t just appear out of nowhere.”

“No, in the first place, why do you have to avoid people, you are my wife and you have power similar to Queen of Nevan,” Alex asked.

Riya was like a shut-in. Though she is accompanying Alex most of the time with her stealth, Alex didn’t like this.

Alex wanted Riya to step out of the shadow and walk beside him, holding his hand and not following behind or chasing him.

“Sorry, my Lord. I can’t do this. I don’t like it.” Riya spoke with a saddened tone.

“Is it because of your charm?” Alex asked.

Riya’s burrows furrowed and she asked in a trembling voice”What do you mean by that?”

Alex held Riya’s hand that she placed on his shoulder and said”Riya, you didn’t need to hide it. I already knew about it.”

“What…do you know my Lord?” Riya’s voice faltered as she looked at Alex with a resolving gaze.

“Husband and Wife are another half of each other. You can always put trust in me.”

“I know, you have a special power. Riya you are holding back your charm which when released accidentally can cause havoc.”Alex spoke with a smile.

” Your power comes from the Goddess of Lust. You are blessed by her.”Alex spoke.

Riya’s eyeball widened and she looked at Alex with eyes full of shock and disbelief.

She shook her head and muttered, “It’s more of a curse than a blessing.”

“Why did you think like that?” Alex asked.

“My Lord, would you like to hear a short story?” Riya asked with sorrowful eyes.

Alex nodded.

Riya sat down beside Alex and started to narrate her life.

Riya didn’t know who her parents were, nor did she remember where she was born. As far as she remembered, her life started in a small orphanage in Kinley.

She used to live there and do random chores. She was good at taking off children younger than her.

Most of the time she would accompany her younger brother and sister until she became 7.

Even when she was a child, many praised her beauty.

While people passed by the orphanage, they would always praise and appreciate her and look at her as a piece of art and many admired her.

Even at such a tender age, she was a beauty to contend with. She started to become proud and somewhat arrogant about how beautiful she was.

But as the word goes beauty brings calamity.

One day someone suddenly showed up at the orphanage and asked to adopt her and offered some money to the orphanage.

The orphanage was happy and thought that they got a nice deal while she was happy that she finally found someone whom she can call her parents.

But that was just the beginning of the Nightmare, the man who adopted him was a slave trader who saw a good prospect in her.

He took her and locked her in a room. If not because she was not mature, she would be auctioned that day to someone rich.

The person thought that she would be ripe 12 or 13 years ago and waited for it.

Her life started to become a nightmare as she was abused and the man used violence against her.

She was locked in a dark room, devoid of any light, devoid of any people except the man and his subordinate.

Except for getting food three times a day she didn’t have any interaction for years.

One day when she was on the verge of breaking down, she heard a voice in her head to let it go, to release her power.

Let the world turn into your slave.

She didn’t know what happened after but everyone became a maniac and kneeled before her passing.

She took this chance to escape but still, some slave traders got the news and started to chase and hunt her.

That’s how she met Alex who unknowingly got out of the castle while playing hide and seek.

He had hidden himself in a chest which was carried out of the castle which he opened, in the middle of the journey and got out.

Riya laughed”I remember how that day, the entire palace descended into chaos and thought you were kidnapped.”

Alex’s mouth twitched on hearing his part in Riya’s story as it sounded like a typical cliche story where fl lead ran out of the house and met ml, though his circumstance was different.

‘I think, I should find some time to hear my legendary idiotic deeds.’Alex thought.

“Riya but this isn’t the reason you are staying out of others’ sight,” Alex asked.

“This is due to the incident that happened at the castle and there was a fight between you and the third prince.” Riya.

“You are telling me that I fought with the third prince,” Alex asked as Riya’s words picked up his curiosity.

Riya nodded and narrated the events.

“As you know, I was raised as your maid and caretaker. Most people thought that I would marry you. I didn’t use the veil at that time so most of the people saw my face and of all the people the third prince wanted to marry me.”

Alex’s eyeball widened and his blood boiled subconsciously and he clenched his fist.

“One day, he barged into your mansion and wanted to take me forcefully by saying I shouldn’t waste my time with you and should serve him instead.”

“But you didn’t want to let it go and pounced on him but…”Riya spoke as she looked at Alex’s burning eyes.

Alex sighed and said”You don’t have to say more. I can guess that I would have been beaten blue back. He would have beaten the shit out of me.”

Riya nodded and a faint smile appeared on her face”Still, I remembered how you refused to give in and shouted till the end that Riya is mine. Riya is mine.”

Riya’s face flushed and became red.

“I wasn’t able to see you being beaten to such a state and accidentally did that, I mean released that power and after that.”

“You don’t need to say more. I understand.” Alex spoke and pulled Riya into his embrace.

“So, did my manly fight make you fall for me,” Alex whispered into Riya’s ear which perked up in redness.

Riya just nodded with a cute expression while Alex started to tease her and asked her to narrate more of his legendary deeds.


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