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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 342: Battle With A Ranker And Hurt’s Defeat Bahasa Indonesia

The matches started and fierce battles began one after another.

Riya and Hurt, who represented the class in strength, were challenged by one after another.

And surprisingly Alex was not on the list of stronger ones to be challenged because Alex had turned his weaknesses into opportunities.

For faster recovery, Alex didn’t train or use spells for three months and during that time, he engrossed himself in research and refined the understanding of his powers, especially the Darkness.

The Priest and Doctors who checked him also gave a verdict that he was injured badly, though the situation came to this because Alex escalated the matter and asked his leave in fights and practicals which also made it hard for others to discern his progress.

Many people sent servants to observe him and most of them found him coughing out blood in the middle of walks or studying in the garden.

And in this way, he had managed to throw dirt in the eyes of many. But only fools would believe the facade.

Harry, along with many others, knew that Riya wasn’t a real monster but Alex.

He was the one who was behind everything, he observed and pulled the strings, and would only appear again when the time required.

Alex, who was watching Riya’s match with great interest, felt a tap on his shoulder and looked back.

“Professor Quin, did you finish your mission?”

“Splendidly,” Quinn replied, taking a seat beside him.

“It seems your facade would break today.”

“How did you come to such a conclusion? Are you going to challenge me?” Alex asked with a grin.

“Nah! I am on vacation.”

“I could already see some greenhorn itching to pounce on you but they are waiting for someone to take the lead.”

“If only, you would have stepped into Legendary Rank before Riya or exposed your strengths, you would have become a hot topic of discussion,” Quinn grieved.

“Riya deserved the recognition and I didn’t want to step into Legendary rank hurriedly just to gain some popularity.I need to consolidate my strength and heal my injury fully”

“It’s those fool’s fault for forgetting me but as you said it will be broken soon.”

“I am already your fan Alex. I am cheering for you.” Quinn gave thumbs up.

“We will fight to our heart’s content soon.”

‘This battle maniac,’ Alex rolled after seeing it.

Hurt who stood at the side instead of going down the stage suddenly startled by a ray of light that twinkled and an opponent appeared before him.

Previously, he tried to step down but he was challenged one after another so he decided to stay on the stage.

“Hurt, do you dare to accept my challenge?”

The atmosphere suddenly descended into silence with the man’s appearance for an instant but the next moment, it erupted with a hustle.

“Oh my god, is he the one I am thinking about?”

Swordsman Mark, the person who was ranked 43 on the Continental List in Legendary rank is considered a nemesis for a mage.

Hurt face hardened a bit as he heard people’s words. The man before him was giving a suffocating feeling.

Although Mark looked like a noble he was certainly not a flower growing in a garden under everyone’s shade.

Hurt walked onto the stage and said”Shouldn’t you challenge a swordsman of your calibre?”

“I will after I defeat you. I heard that you are a great Magician and mages like to underestimate us too much so today I will break your ego.”

“We will see.” Hurt spoke with a smile and both of their bodies disappeared as a bright light enveloped the stage and a huge screen appeared.

Since the overall strength of the combatants was quite high, an artifact was used to create a virtual place for them to fight where they wouldn’t die even If they were killed but the pain they would be feeling would be quite real.

Hurt began the battle by bombarding Mark with spells.

Mark danced around, dodging the attacks and kicked the ground leaving behind the crater.

His body shot towards Hurt but a huge wall of ice appeared which was cut apart by Mark.

Mark sliced his sword in the air which went straight to Hurt but some of the sword’s blades’ direction changed while some disappeared into thin air.

Mark’s eyes widened with surprise for a moment and his eyes glowed with excitement.

His lips curled upwards playfully and he took a different sword stance, with a grin on his face.

Hurt felt a tingling sensation behind his back. He immediately put up his guard and started to cast spells one after another.

“It’s useless. The battle is over.” Mark spoke and his figure disappeared.

Hurt waved his hand and cast the spell.

[Wind Blast]

A spindle-shaped invisible mass was formed between Hurt and Mark but to Hurt’s shock, it was suddenly split apart and he wasn’t able to react as he felt Mark had suddenly become so fast that he wasn’t able to keep up with his movements.

Mark’s figure flashed before Hurt and he stabbed forward towards Hurt.

Hurt cast a barrier but the tip of the sword pierced the barrier and broke it.


Hurt reacted a bit late, unable to match Mark’s speed but he thought it was enough.

Mark felt a distortion in space and his sword trembled a bit but soon a blue light covered his sword and the distortion in place was unable to affect him any further.

The sword stabbed straight into Hurt’s chest and his upper part was immediately blown away leaving behind the legs below the waist.

Hurt was killed and was immediately transferred out and was sweating profusely outside.

“What the hell happened there? Hurt screamed.

‘It seems he can also use that.’Alex rubbed his chin.

It was almost similar to anti-magic which Alex used in his fight near the cemetery two years ago.

Quinn was also staring at it curiously. He had a hunch but he wasn’t sure about it.

Alex chuckled seeing Quinn’s gaze and felt that there was another man on this crazy guy’s radar.

Lastly, he sighed seeing Hurt condition. Honestly, Hurt’s skills were good but he lost because he had been overconfident and underestimated his opponent on top of that Mark was very agile and Hurt was having difficulty, reacting to Mark’s attacks.

If his rank was a bit higher, Mark wouldn’t be able to cut through Hurt spells.

Alex shook his head and went back to do his things when he heard a loud shout.

“Alex, I want to challenge you next.”

“Huh!” Alex turned his head to see Mark staring at him and he pointed to himself asking for confirmation.

He wasn’t surprised at the challenge but rather shouldn’t it be in a specific order?

You defeated Hurt, shouldn’t you go after Riya next why me?

Moreover, Alex was at the Mid Transcendent rank while Mark was at legendary so he should have a bit of shame before asking him.

Nevertheless, he had to go as this challenge was against the rules.

“I can finally watch something fun”Quinn almost jumped out of his seat in excitement.

He was always looking for fun and what could be more fun than seeing the sleeping beast going wild again?

‘Alex, I hope you don’t let me down.’

Alex stared at Quinn who was unable to hold back his excitement.

‘Just how many screws loose, does this guy have?’

Alex closed his book and got up from his seat.

He could feel everyone gaze at him.

A small smile appeared on his lips as he stared at Yvonne’s worried expression and gave her a wink to assure her.

‘Yvonne has never seen me fight for real. It’s a good chance to show my wife just what I am.’

‘Should I dominate the battlefield or take it slow.No, I should find elegance so that Yvonne doesn’t think of me as a barbaric brute.’

Mark, who was waiting for Alex, suddenly shuddered a bit.


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