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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 341: Graduation 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Hurt swallowed his saliva, as he stared at Riya’s statue over the place with flags fluttering over it.

There were many statues alongside her and each one of them had carved their name in the academy as well as in History but none of them come close to Riya’s achievements.

When the Professor knew that he was a legendary rank and he had been hiding his strength all along, huge chaos was ensured as attaining the Legendary rank at the age of 20 was a legendary feat.

It was an event which needed to be recorded and spread throughout the world as it would bring glory to both Kinley and Zenith academy.

But it didn’t happen because his rank fell to Transcendent rank and he was ridden in bed for months after Alex’s blessings completely vanished. The aftermath hit him hard and the reason behind all this was very simple.

He messed up…

He went straight towards that Mythic rank and was thrashed by just two moves. In the face of death, to have a chance of survival he burns his life span to gain strength to face the Mythic rank or find a chance to run away.

And while he was in coma, the Professor who had seen Riya’s prowess decided to blow it under Alex’s agreement and she was recorded as the youngest Transcendent rank at 19 years of age. Soon she became Legendary rank and got the youngest legendary rank tag and her name was carved in the hall of fame.

Meanwhile, Alex concentrated on recovering fully and tried to hoard as many stay points as he could and raise his level. He knew that once he steps into the Legendary realm, he would rarely find Legendary rank warriors to kill and level up.

The stronger the person at the Transcendent rank, the greater the boost the person gets on advancing to legendary rank.

Hurt cleared his throat to shake away the awkwardness under Jeremy’s confused gaze and said”You are speaking as if you haven’t messed up.”

“If I didn’t mess up, did you think you would be sitting here and drinking coffee before me?” Alex snorted as he got the meaning of messing up synonymous with the lost life span.

Alex literally wanted to punch this man and break his teeth after getting back. Just for an idiot going straight to the boss enemy, he had suffered greatly.

If he hadn’t gone there directly Alex would run away after taking prisoner after finding out the level of the boss monster through his mana sensor.

Unfortunately, he was caught up in the mess and used the power which made him lose his vitality.

At first, he didn’t find it a big deal as he thought that it could be solved by adding stats but hell no.

He wasn’t able to add stats to vitality nor was the reward of 20 plus stat increase applied to vitality. Until he recovered from his soul damage, he couldn’t put anything there.

A normal human being who had an average of 10 points of vitality could live for 50-60 years after which, every increase of 20 vitality adds 30 years of life span up to the limit of 150.

After you achieve the legendary rank, you would get a significant increase in lifespan and can live a long life.

He wasn’t bedridden for months, but he could feel slight suffocation and discomfort when he tried to use his powers.

Although it had brought him great pain it also made him aware of his wives’ sacrifices for him.

Previously, he wasn’t talented nor he wanted to train so the Goddess showed his wife’s condition after undergoing the forbidden ritual.

Goddess Rebecca asked him to feel the same pain to understand them and the pain he suffered, he remembered it clearly.

It was more painful than giving birth to a child though he hadn’t experienced that pain he was sure of it.

It was a pain akin to every bone of your body being broken down, your muscles and tendons being chopped and pulled out while a thousand needles pierced you making holes in your body.

Athena, Christina and Riya were able to endure but Yvonne and Catherine passed out for days unable to move for the month and Athena even lost her eyesight.

Even after undergoing such a thing, none of his wives had ever complained to him nor flaunted out the sacrifices they had made for him.

Even Yvonne who always grumbled and complained never cursed him nor blamed him for the pain he had suffered.

If this wasn’t enough for Alex to give them his heart then it only means that he is incapable of feeling the love.

His wives had given him this life, and this life of his would belong solely to them.

As Alex was in deep thought, an announcement rang out calling everyone to the Colosseum.

Alex along with others walked towards the Colosseum. Alex stared at Joey who joined them and asked him to stop his playful actions.

“You are still as strict as ever,” Joey muttered helplessly.

“Don’t play with maidens’ hearts. If I find that you have broken their heart, I will personally pierce your heart.”Alex warned him with a stern expression. He had never imagined that within one year, from a serious guy he would turn himself into a clown.

‘Someone might have infected him and messed up his brain circuit.’

If someone heard Alex’s thoughts and came to know it, they would gang upon him and accuse him of affecting others. Anyone who had been around him had either turned into a maniac or a clown.

Even Hurt who had been known as the cold-faced man had become a clown after staying with Alex. Only his wives are resistant to this and were able to retain their sanity.

“I am just seeing whether we can match or become a couple. I don’t want to get rejected again and again.” Joey spoke with teary eyes.

After getting dumped by Riya and beaten by Alex, he was completely isolated.

Alex already cleared up the instigator and tortured them to the point where they didn’t even raise their head in front of Alex.

As Alex along with others took the stage, Alex stared at Riya laughing while conversing with her friends.

‘She had opened up a bit and with two prestigious titles, I hope her inferiority complex had lessened a bit.’

“The Guests have arrived, please stand up and give applause.”

The announcer spoke and his voice vibrated across the stadium drawing out a huge round of applause and cheers.

“First guest, First Prince Sean and accompanying him is The Second Guest, Duke Lent.”

Everyone stood up to show their respect and started to clap.

“Following him….”

“Marquise Andrew and his knights.”



The announcement started to broadcast their names and guests started to arrive one after another and took their seats on the VIP seats in the huge Colosseum.

“Representing Lockheart’s Merchant group, Princess Yvonne Lockheart…..I mean Yvonne Leonhart…”

The announcer changed the speech as he suddenly felt deathly stares from Yvonne and the Knights behind her.

He just misspelt due to the odd habits and didn’t mean it really and no one had any hand in it as even in the list it was written as Leonheart.

He wiped off the sweat and changed the topic.

“All guests, please take your seats and enjoy yourself witnessing the future generation of Kinley.”

‘Hmm, Nice! Duelling with them to get respect was a good idea.’Alex rubbed his chin with a satisfied smile.

But only a handful of people know that it was one sided thrashing and it went on until they accepted Alex was their master and serving Yvonne means serving him.

And they knew very well that if Lady Yvonne was not addressed as Leonheart, there would be hearts missing from their bodies tomorrow.

Everyone stared at Alex with various kinds of thoughts as he stared at Yvonne with a sweet gentle expression.

Anyone who saw him could feel the overflowing love in his expression which burnt their heart.

‘My God, is he going to act lovey-dovey with Princess Yvonne? Wasn’t Goddess Riya enough and now her?’

‘What will a single like us do? Go and kill ourselves.’

Alex noticed their gaze and gave them a gentle smile which gave them a shiver.

‘He was forced to attend the academy as punishment but it is we who are going to be punished.’

Alex noticed the thoughts of everyone and cast another smile giving them a wink to twist things up which means you are correct.’

Yvonne, who returned to her seat, stared at Alex’s elegant posture.

Knowing Alex, she was sure that If Alex claimed himself to be the second-best actor none would dare to claim first.

‘Just look at his posture and elegant smile. Can’t he stay like always? Why does he have to become like a ruffian with me.’Yvonne grumbled with a dissatisfied tone.

“Now, since everyone has taken their seats, we will start the challenge around.”

“Students you can also challenge people sitting on the guest seat and guests can also challenge the students.”

“The matches would take place virtually with the help of projecting artifacts where there is no risk of dying.”

“To make it more real, anyone can challenge others irrespective of their rank but be mindful not to challenge others of too low rank and belittle them.”

“Even if you lose, don’t forget your purpose, this is just an exchange to broaden your horizon about the outside world before leaving the academy and going to borders to serve which is filled with danger.”

“So, without any further ado. Let the challenges begin.”


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