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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 328: Torture Room Bahasa Indonesia

In the last few days, Alex had been practically running all around.

The time to leave for Zenith was near but before that, he needed to meet two important people.

Alex knocked on the door and after getting the confirmation entered along with Catherine and Riya.

Alex had tried his best to lessen her uneasiness and discomfort and treat her kindly.

“Your Majesty!” Cherry bowed her head with a humble smile.

“Cherry, how are you? Are you uncomfortable with anything?”Catherine asked.

Cherry shook her head.

“All the things you have done for me cannot be paid even if I sacrifice my worthless life.”

“Hey, Cherry, don’t say something like that,” Alex instructed.

After bringing Cherry, Athena tried to dispel the miasma that invaded her and the result was a partial success.

Her skin, which had become dark black was now free of miasma but her hands and other affected areas up to the neck had become tan colour.

And the black hair didn’t even revert. The hair could be hidden by using colours but her skin colour was a bit difficult to hide.

On one side her skin was as fair as snow white while on the other side it was tan in colour.

She also retained the ability she got from mutation.

“Cherry, I am asking you to make a difficult choice.”

“Your survival may draw many eyes if you are exposed. So, you can either stay in the castle and work here or hide somewhere in a safe place.”

“Mind me this isn’t a joke, there are some people who if by any miracle came to know about your existence, would do everything in their power to capture you and use you in the experiment,” Alex spoke with a serious expression.

This was not a lie. With the creatures of darkness doing maniac things all around, Cherry’s existence may provide a vital clue to their research.

Cherry swallowed her saliva and her body shivered after hearing Alex’s words.

“If you decide to stay here and work under us, we promise to keep you safe.” Riya tried to comfort her.

Cherry didn’t know who the people Alex was talking about but she was sure that these people, who could create such a thing which could take the lives of this many people in an instant wouldn’t let her go if she was ever found by them.

In recent days she had assessed her situation calmly and out of everyone in the city, she was the only one who was able to stay alive.

It may look like a miracle but in truth, this was nothing more than a curse for her.

She didn’t want this kind of power, and if given a choice she would just want to live a normal life with her parents and siblings.

“Your Majesty, can you please give me some time to think,” Cherry asked.

Alex nodded and left Riya to look after Cherry, while Catherine and Alex walked out.

“Are you going to prison?” Catherine asked.


“If you don’t get any information, don’t start doing those useless things like screaming about your heavenly massage,” Catherine warned him with a frown.

“Yes, Maam!”

Alex left with a salute.


In The Underground Prison cell.

As Alex headed down the stairs, he saw Max throwing out the food he had swallowed.

“Max, why are you spitting out your shit here?” Alex scolded.

“Your Highness, the scene was too gruesome!”

Alex frowned and distanced himself from him and walked towards the torture chamber.


The metal door opened and the atmosphere inside it seemed to be a bit moist.

Inside a sparsely lit, spacious brick-walled room, The sight of a blood figure with a layer of skin peeled and a few missing teeth appeared in Alex’s eyes.

Beside him, Ben stood with an indifferent expression while sharpening his knife.

He stopped his motion and greeted Alex.

“Ben, give me a moment.”

Ben nodded and immediately left.

Lamar was breathing heavily while both of his hands were tied to a chain stuck on the wall and he was hanged with the chains.

“They will not leave you alive.”

“You will die, everyone will die, even this world will die.”

“If you beg me and lick my lips, you still have a chance.”

Unable to tolerate it anymore, Alex’s figure rushed ahead and kicked the spot between two legs.

A faint cracking sound of eggs emerged.


Lamar’s mouth opened wide and was shut instantly. An instant later the painful suppressed noise erupted like a volcano with tears from his eyes.


The veins and arteries on his head and neck bulged and almost exploded as he gritted his teeth to suppress the pain.

Alex tilted his head and rubbed his feet, a small gush of mana swirled catching fire on his feet.

“I will be gentle this time.”

Alex raised his leg and under Lamar’s horrified and pleading gaze hit the sweet soft spot again and it was much harder than before.

Lamar’s mouth curled into an O shape and a warm current passed through his spine to the top bringing him an untold sensation of agony.

The spot seemed to have caught fire which Alex extinguished with the flick of his hand.

The strong chilling sensation of untold agony was something which no man wanted to experience in his lifetime.

All the veins in his body bulged due to bone-shivering pain and he spurted out blood from his lips.

His lungs inhaled and exhaled while his mind was a mess and he was on the verge of getting knocked out.

In this situation, even getting unconscious is a type of luxury, where the body receptor stops the nerve ends from further receiving pain.

But how could Alex, allow such luxury to a scum man like this.

Due to the various magical spells and Athena’s artwork, even though his body was on the verge of collapse, he cannot fall unconscious until the effect is active.

Before Alex’s entry, he had already suffered a series of brutal torture by his men but never in his wildest dream, he would have thought that their master would be shameless enough to torture the male root directly.

It was simply inhumane and unforgivable.


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