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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 329: Torture Room 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex held Lamar’s jaw, pinched it tightly and applied pressure to crush the jawbone.

Lamar stared at Alex with hurtful eyes but before Alex’s cold freezing gaze, he wasn’t able to tolerate his gaze thinking about the round of pain he had gone through, his body shivered violently and his legs turned soft.

With teary eyes and a parched throat, he tried to squeeze the words he wanted to say.

“How can you do this? Cowardly bastard?”Lamar screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Even enemies of lifetimes don’t commit such atrocious deeds. If you want to kill me then kill me but why are you doing this?”

Seeing the look of injustice on Lamar’s face, Alex raised his brows and said”What did you think of me? A Saint, who will play by your book?”

“You can do all kinds of heinous crime while I cannot even torture you and make you scream to the heart’s content.”

“By the way, I just wanted to check whether you have that thing or not.”Alex chuckled seeing Lamar contorted expression.

“You can’t kill me? You still need me. “

“Yes, you need me. You want the intel.”

“If dare to torture anymore, I will bite my tongue and commit suicide.”

“Ohh! You are quite daring?”Alex grinned with a swallowed smile.

“Then, today I will see just how manly you are,” Alex spoke and looked at the various set of torture tools.

Alex with his hands folded walked around casually staring at the bloody torture tools.

“We do have some great equipment, isn’t it?” Alex muttered while rolling his eyes over Lamar whose body twitches uncontrollably.

“I wish I could have peeled your skin but alas. That bastard Ben had already done it.”Alex lamented and his gaze fell on the jar containing oil and acid.

Alex’s lips curled upwards playfully as he picked up the jar containing oil.

Alex lit a fire and put the bucket on the burner flames and started to heat the oil to boil until red hot.

Lamar fearfully looked at the hot boiling oil and was screaming internally ‘ What will he do with the oil? My God, don’t tell me, he will throw it there?’

‘Oh! No.’

‘God Of Darkness, please have mercy. Tortue me as much as you want but don’t pour oil there. It hurts…It hurts a lot.’

Alex loosened the chains that were attached to him tightly and hung him in the air and Lamar fell to the ground with a thud.

Alex tried to move and use this opportunity but his lower part started to throb due to the remaining effect of pain.

Alex pulled the bucked and placed it before him.

“Let’s have fun.”

Lamar’s eyes widened as Alex held his hand tightly. He tried to resist with all his might but Alex just pulled his hand casually and then he put it in the bucket of hot oil.

Alex dropped his hand and pushed into the hot oil.


A sizzling and crackling sound was heard and the oil started to dance around his hand crazily.

His skin which had already been peeled and was in a bloody mess and now as it came in contact with the burning oil, a current passed through his body carrying intense pain and misery.

Lamar clenched his teeth and tried to shut his mouth but the painfully suppressed noise escaped from his lips.

His body was tossed around like a fish thrown out from the water.

Tears started to stream down from his cheeks, and due to clenching his teeth tightly, his gums started to bleed and his mind was on the verge of collapse, no, in fact, his mind wanted to collapse and fall asleep but it can’t.

Alex smiled while looking at the suffering on their face.

Due to frying, the oil sizzled due to drops of black liquid and oil popped out and fell on Alex’s hands however, such small drops of oil didn’t hurt him.

Alex pulled the other hand and put it in the oil.

Another muffled scream rang, and his mouth was wide open but the voice didn’t come out of it as if his vocal cords had already been severed due to all the screams and shrieks

Alex looked at the messy figure of Lamar whose eyes had been closed and tears were dropping off from his face.

“Hmm, I wanted to test and know the place where it hurts more. So, please scream as much as you want so that I can record the data properly.”

Alex continued the treatment and threw a ladleful of oil all around his body while testing the endurance of various places.

From afar, it looked as if Alex was experimenting with the pain tolerance of the new creature, which he had found on the way.

Lamar felt goosebumps all over his body while staring at Alex. The painful sensation in his body which was currently burnt by the hot oil, suddenly felt like nothing as he stared at Alex’s red eye which had been shining beautifully.

Lamar’s hands, chest and all parts of their body had become a mess. Benign lesions, burns, and red and ugly protrusions occurred all over his body due to being in contact with oil.

Alex didn’t know whether Lamar’s machine still functioned properly after being hit by two kicks, but he breathed in relief seeing him pissing due to fear in his mind.

At least, he can ring the bell and crack the eggs a few more times. If he could use a healing spell now, he would have healed Lamar and repeated the same treatment again to the point where the guy would have nightmares, every time he closed his eyes.

Alex held Lamar’s hair and spoke with a mocking smile” I remember, you were screaming something about usefulness.”

“Let me tell you something, I never intended to get the information you had. I already have a hint of your plans.”

“You were experimenting with people to produce soldiers who would obey you and mix with human society. You wanted to place your men in important places to be used as a pawn later.”

Lamar’s dead eyes started to shiver as Alex pointed out the things.

“The only thing I can get from you is the location of your group but I don’t think they would be able to survive due to the mess.”

“By the way, let me tell you a secret,” Alex spoke in a low tone.

“Weren’t you looking for the person who destroyed the pocket’s dimension?”

Lamar’s eyes moved as if it was going to pop out of the sockets. His face was filled with shock and disbelief as soon as he heard Alex’s words and wondered how he knew about it.

“Lamar, look here. It was none other than me who destroyed your pocket dimension and slaughtered all the beings present out there.”

“It was me who foiled your plans and it was me that cut your dimensions apart with a stroke of my sword.”

Alex burst into laughter and stood up while walking toward the door leaving Lamar shed tears of blood.

If Lamar was in his right mind, he would have questioned how Alex could destroy a dimension in his current state but he wasn’t in a sane state.

“By the way, I left that thing intact so that my men could play with it.”

“Please enjoy Alex’s heavenly treatment to your heart’s content and give a review before dying.”

Alex’s hysterical laughter fell like thunder in Lamar’s ears and he struggled violently trying to take off the chains. He also screamed violently but whatever he did, he just felt one thing clouding all his senses throughout.


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