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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 313: Loose Ends 3 Bahasa Indonesia

A dark reptilian monster whose eyes were glowing fiercely emerged from the group of undead.

Its body seemed to be properly intact which made it hard to distinguish from an undead.

But as soon as his roar spread across the place, everyone realized that this wasn’t an undead but rather a monster whose body was covered with sturdy scales and it took on the attack head-on with its body.

Its claws and tails made him the most vicious of all and it took the initiative to pursue the soldiers who tried to keep it at bay but were badly injured.

It charged ahead without caring about anything.

The undead whose bodies collided against it were turned into tatters.

Christina who was watching from the sidelines frowned a bit as she saw the unusual scene happening around.

A deep frown appeared on her face as he looked at the monster-filled with madness that made him remember the beast they encountered in Bright.

Christina thought of making a move but her eyes caught the sight of a frail-looking man in the middle of the battlefield by the enemies. He still stood firm and seeing his actions, her eyes lit up with surprise.

Ian who had personally undergone Alex’s guidance had become a changed man. From a simple peasant who would cry at the mere sight of stronger ones, he had now become calm but a fearsome mage.

His figure hadn’t changed much but he had gone through drastic changes in his behaviour.

Ian, who was surrounded by enemies, raised his staff and quickly cast the spells.

Instead of support from the back, he marched into the vanguard, charging to the front to showcase his skills.

Four whirlwinds of fire rose high up to the sky.

All the enemies who came near him were sent flying in the blink of an eye and turned into piles of ashes and scattered bones.

A strong tornado of fire appeared that sucked the nearby undead into it and evaporated their existence and soon fragments of flames were shot out in all directions from the tornados and due to the high rotation speed turned into countless darts that hit against the enemies.

Ian noticed a roar and his gaze landed on the reptilian monster coming towards it.

Ian waved his staff and four lances of fire appeared beside him and shot towards the monster.


It shrieked and its body was enveloped in flames throughout but the flames soon subsided and it appeared without a single scratch.

Christina focused his gaze on the huge lizard monsters who were making the battlefield mess and noticed Ian getting into trouble.

“Morderk, I am going to deal with that monster so take charge here,” Christina spoke and unsheathed her sword.

With a gentle leap, she transversed fifty metres in one breath.

Raising her sword covered with golden austere, she called for a retreat of other soldiers nearby her periphery while stepping forward.

The reptilian undead after sensing the enemy, with a stomp on the ground, leapt towards Christina and slashes its claw.


Faint ripples in the air were created due to the collision and both bodies were shot back due to the recoil.

As soon as it landed on the ground, it swung its bony tail, shattering the boulders beside its pieces of dust.


The ground trembled with its steps as it dashed towards Christina.

Christina narrowed her eyes and jumped sideways to avoid the charge.

His huge body slammed against the tree and the force of the attack uprooted the whole tree bursting it to sawdust.

“On top of its sturdy, it also had strong vitality,” Christina muttered inwardly.

She thought that she shouldn’t drag it for long otherwise someone might be gravely hurt due to it and there might be more like him coming towards this place.

The monster turned back and opened its maw wide to give a hollow roar and darted towards Christina.

Christina raised her sword pointing to the setting sun vertically and clenched the hilt of her sword tightly.

Her body started to radiate bright light.

Her golden aura extended from the handle to the tip and the blade of the sword enlarged to form an eight-metre-wide sharp blade shining with a golden austere.

Just as the monster was about to reach Christina extending his sharp gnarly claws at her, the sword in her hands moved downwards.

A sharp ray of light passed through the monster who was extending his claws at her.

The monster who was running towards her suddenly stopped in its motion and came to standstill after the sharp light went past it without any resistance.

The time seemed to stop for a moment and an instant later, a sharp tearing sound was heard along with a faint rumbling noise.

The ground underneath the monster started to crack forming a crevice and the monster’s body suddenly split into two halves.

The two nearly sliced parts fall into the crevice.

Christina slashed her sword and destroyed the rotten carcass of the beast.

The soldiers who were fighting nearby witnessed her deeds and erupted into cheer.

Christina didn’t speak anything and just looked at the huge dark scaly reptilian monster with an inexplicable gaze.

She thought that since she had stepped here, she should lessen their numbers quite a bit.


Meanwhile, in the barracks where a small structure of the church was created, the priests who were trying to maintain the barrier had already collapsed.

Exhaustion had finally overtaken them.

If they gritted their teeth they could go for a few more hours but by doing so they would be so weak that they couldn’t cast heal spells and provide a treatment which might cause more harm.

All the priests had already collapsed leaving behind Athena who was sweating profusely.

The Knights guarding the place were sincerely moved in tears seeing her giving her all for the kingdom.

Athena had been so friendly with the people that from being called Highness she started to be referred to as Priestess and then Saintess Athena.

No matter what, she was greatly loved by all.

Kneeling in the open and praying had caused blisters on the sole of her feet. She had been kneeling without moving for hours.

“Saintess Athena, please don’t be too harsh on yourself. You can let go of the golden barrier.”A Lady Knight walked towards her and bowed down on her knees.

Following her many also bowed and pleaded with her.

“Yes, Saintess. Please rest a bit.”

“Your presence is more than enough to help the soldiers.”

Athena smiled and spoke gently, “While Christina and all the soldiers of Leonhart are risking their lives to protect the people without a moment of rest, how can I rest for a bit.”

“If Alex was here, he wouldn’t even waste a second to rest. He would be disappointed with me if he came to know about me taking a break.”

“His Majesty would surely understand.”

All of them spoke in unison with teary eyes

Athena’s expression suddenly froze for a moment then a beautiful smile like a blooming flower appeared on her face.

“It seems God had heard your calls.”


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