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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 312: Loose Ends 2 Bahasa Indonesia

At the outer edge of Amidon which had now been renamed the Leonhart stood a defence line of twenty thousand troops.

A huge mass of undead rushed towards the defence line with a mad rush, badly trying to tear them apart.

As the group of undead rushed ahead, they suddenly slammed against a wall which threw them off due to the impact of the clash.

Some undead bounced back and forth after slamming against the undead while others tried to get over the intangible wall.

Those who collided with the wall had their body parts missing and they started to burn until nothing remained of them.

When looked at from above, a huge golden coloured dome shaped barrier enveloped the entire mass of land.

It was huge and covered a radius of around seven hundred meters encasing the troops of 20,000.

At the centre of a huge dome-shaped barrier, a holy convent was built around which Athena kneeled on the ground while closing her hands.

Behind her kneeled many priests who were trying their all to maintain the barrier but they seemed to be exhausted.

The Knights surrounding them stared at the scene which was filled with holiness radiating a peaceful aura with a baffled look.

While all priests were on the verge of breaking down, His Highness Athena hadn’t even moved an inch for a few hours.

The golden dome not only acts as a defence barrier but also enhances recovery of body and spirit for those who stayed inside the barrier.

Leading the front, Christina along with Morderk stood indifferent staring at the enemies rushing ahead.

Soon, the enemies broke into a range of 500 metres and at this point, everyone could see the ugly-looking undead along with the fierce faces of various kinds of lichs, knights, beasts, and monsters staring at them wh bloodshot eyes.

It was at that point that the mages and archers raised their weapons and began to shoot fiercely.

Various colours of projectiles flew from the top of the crafted earthen wall numbering in hundreds, breaking all the natural resistance and turning a few thousand undead into sieves in a matter of seconds.

Some of them didn’t die immediately but they suffered from wriggling around after losing limbs or were severely wounded from getting shot but they still crawled up with the remaining part of their body.

“All the mages fire your strongest spell. Once exhausted, retreat back and defenders prepare your position.”

Christina’s voice spread all over the wall and everyone followed her orders.

At this point, even the lowest level of the soldiers was at Disciple rank. Thanks to constant training and a regular influx of resources from Alex-Yvonne’s partnership, all of them have now become capable warriors and were armed with perfect equipment suitable for them.

All of them had grown up greatly and with the strict training they had, they were able to gain a great experience in physical combat so they were capable of fighting enemies of higher levels than them.

Christina raised her head to stare at a giant shadow that rose above them and it was a combination of bony arrows along with some spell.

The attack slammed against the golden barrier fiercely causing an explosion that reverberated throughout the place.

Regardless of the number of arrows and the power of each spell, the barrier didn’t even flinch a little and there wasn’t even the slightest damage on it.

Athena’s presence was surely a life-saving grace and made it easy for us.

Only those with higher levels rushed inside forcefully but once the barrier disappeared the difficulty level would rise significantly.

“Uncle Mordek, orders the captains to march into the battlefield.”

Mordek nodded and bowed, his hand retracted to give the command.

“Max, Antwon, Ben and Albert. Deploy your troops and destroy the enemies.No need to hold back.”

Everyone related immediately and started to march.

As soon as Mordek’s voice reverberated back, a scream rang from the corner and a huge gust of chilly blew over the battlefield.

The undead that was advancing suddenly found themselves frozen like a statute unable to move forward.

At that moment, like a mad bull charging onto the battlefield, Albert’s overlapping images flashed as the frozen bodies of the undead were shattered into pieces and swept by Albert’s attack.

Pouring all his strength, with a single stab of his sword, he split the enemies into two and froze them allowing others to take them easily.

Like a hero marching alone, Albert went ahead cutting off everything in his path.

Meanwhile, the troops that were under Albert were standing in the corner wondering.

‘Where are we? What were we doing and what are we going to do now?’

‘Damn, who made this maniac our captain.’

Mordrek, who watched the situation, almost hit his head on the ground.

“Maniac, I ordered you to deploy your troops not to deploy yourself,” Mordrek shouted and looked back.

Max, Ben and Antwan averted their gaze while thinking about the good battle plan.

Morderk’s gaze rotated in between them and lingered on Max.

Max noticed that he seemed to be getting weird gazes, and spoke with a frustrated expression”Why are you all looking at me? I am not like him.”

“I….I mean, I used to be but not anymore. I have matured a lot.” Max muttered, puffing his chest and hitting it hard to prove his words.

“Don’t just watch each other. Engage!” Mordek screamed

Max raised his two axes and struck them fiercely to signal his battalion.

His body was enveloped with a succession of yellow lightning that crackled around him as if announcing his arrival.

Wherever he went undead were pummelled and a piece of the parched dark land was left behind.

Swinging both of his axe blades like blades of fans, he sliced everything that came in his arc and lightning flashing from his body exploded the skeletons into pieces of dust.

Ben was a lot scarier than Max.With great agility, he slipped past the enemy and skilfully cut them apart and his squad was quite adept in doing their jobs neatly.


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