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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 244: Surrounded 4 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex tightened the grip of his sword and moved forward starting at the mage with a generous gaze.

The mage panicked seeing Alex’s expression as he charged straight toward them.

The mana swirled onto the tip of the sword and the tip of the sword carved out a circle in the air. A faint glow lit up on the tip of the sword and he thrust his sword onto the magic sword onto the fire-type mage.

The magic shield on being in contact with the sword instantly began to churn, like a bowl of boiling oil would be after being splashed with water.

The tip of the sword passed through the shield easily. It melted a hole into the magic shield in the blink of an eye, bypassing it with ease while the mage looked at the scene with disbelief on their face.

The other thought this was their chance and they would strike once Alex was unable to break the shield. But their dreams were shattered and crushed brutally.

They stood rooted to the ground seeing Alex manoeuvre and even before they could react or save them, Alex had already pounced on them swiftly like a cheetah.

The magic shield had been torn apart as if it had been a piece of paper.

Alex passes through the shield horrifying the mages who start to scream in despair as for a moment, Alex’s figure is interlaced with the god of death.

“Spare us.”

“We never intend to kill you. We just wanted to keep you down.”

The mage spoke trying to appease Alex but as if he was deaf, his figure just simply walked past them.

He passed through the barrier swiftly and struck the two mages in quick succession one by one.

A shattering of glass reverberated across the place.


Blood gushed through the air as Alex went past them following which two bodies fell to the ground with a loud thud.

A magical swordsman always has an advantage and when it comes to Alex who had mastered both swordsman and magic spells, killing mages was his forte.

Mages were extremely confident in their high-tier shield, thinking that as long as they have strong shields, the opponent in the same rank or a rank above them wouldn’t be able to touch them, which makes them quite conceited.

However, Alex was a special exception to this preconceived notion.

Injecting magic into swordsmanship to make the sword sharper and focusing on a small point pouring out all his mana, he could just pierce through the barrier with less effort instead of slicing and breaking the barrier with all his strength.

The principle was similar to the application of pressure. Smaller areas, large force and increase the pressure so that the particular point of the barrier collapses under immense pressure.

On top of that, under Alex’s fine control, the mana starts to invade the barrier and tear it from inside, breaking it apart once his sword touches the barrier.

Alex swung his sword to get rid of the blood while staring at the figure surrounding him with a murderous glint.

Four swords pierced through the air hurling toward him in unison, and they were all coming from different directions and angles cutting off all avenues for evasion or retreat.

Alex swept his sword behind him, addressing the sword that was aimed at his heart from behind first. In doing so, he pushed the sword off its original path and chopped off one of the wielder’s fingers.

He then brought his sword upward, slicing another oncoming long sabre in half immediately while falling backwards upon which two miniature needles barely glanced past his face. At the same time, he lashed out his sword piercing another black-robed assailant’s abdomen.

In the blink of an eye, Alex had evaded all four lethal attacks and severely injured one of the assailants.

However, it was far from over, a short sword thrust toward his waist from behind and even though he managed it, a gash was still torn onto his clothes.

Two flying knives hurled past his ear but Alex dodged them by swiftly moving his head and it narrowly brushed past severing a few strands of his hair.

If he had dodged a little later, it would have pierced his glabella.

“Damn!” Alex cursed as he swayed his long hair keeping them in check.

After getting back and fighting till now, it was the first time Alex was facing discomfort due to his long, heavy hair which had become wet due to rain giving him slight difficulty.

“Bastard, I will trim your hair after killing you,” Alex murmured and with a swift motion, he stabbed his sword at one of the man’s abdomen and pressed his sword tightly giving him more pain but the evil-doer had no intention of giving up either as he swung his short sword at him.

Alex’s sword danced under the trickle of rain and sweat was already starting to form on his forehead.

All of these men’s weapons were coated with lethal poison and even a gentle prick was enough to send someone to the netherland and healing spells were almost useless on them until it was of a higher tier.

And if even this was not enough, when his weapons collided against a portion of the poison splattered on him which could go past the skin casting a slightly burning sensation and discomfort.

Fortunately, Alex had a strong blessing which helped him recover quickly. He was not worried about Christina as these darlings of Goddess have higher poison resistance and were almost immune to the poison.

Though this poison could put them in a difficult position it wouldn’t do much harm to them.

Alex stared at the man who wasn’t letting go and even though he was stabbed, he still swung his sword furiously at him.

Alex tilted his head and dodged the blow and holding the man’s wrist twisted it at an odd angle.

A crackling sound was heard and the man’s expression distorted under immense pain.

Alex pulled the man’s arms while applying more strength while raising his sword upward motion, slicing the man into two halves.


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