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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 243: Surrounded 3 Bahasa Indonesia

The other mage also unleashed his spell at almost the same time. A crescent-shaped blade of fire roughly three to four metres whistled through the air toward Alex at a faster speed than the tornado.

The other black-robed figure converged toward Alex, creating an inescapable pocket that cut off all the avenues of retreat.

The road started to crack and many trees at the side were uprooted by the violent winds while the roads were drenched by rainwater a moment ago and were scorched back by the blade of fire.

A scorching heat wave hurled forth while the black-robed figure closed in on their prey.

Alex’s expression remained calm as he assessed his current situation. All of a sudden he jumped toward a tree and stomped his feet on a nearby tree thereby allowing himself to instantly change direction.

Alex slashed his sword and deflected the blade of fire, throwing it at the tornado.

He then used two more trees at the launching pad in quick succession before propelling himself towards a black robe figure while lashing out his sword on him.

A dagger sliced open Alex’s sleeve and its poison edge glanced past a mere millimetre from slicing open his arms.

The two spells clashed behind Alex with a loud blast as the flames were torn apart and tornadoes were slashed in half.

Alex twisted his wrist using his sword to shred the attack of the black robbed assailant in front of him and stabbed his chest with his sword.

Alex kicked his chest and used him as a foothold to lunge forward toward the mage at the back.


A fireball hurled its way toward Alex as soon as he jumped, Alex raised his sword and used it as a shield to defend and spun his body around allowing the attack to glide on his sword which he threw back at the mage.

The mage frowned and raised his staff to cast a spell to defend.


The ground vibrated and he was forced to step back a few steps as both the spells collided.

“Stop him!” The Deputy leader of the group could see what Alex was trying to do and he immediately tried to rally his orders to the troops.

Having seen three of their comrades dying in quick succession, they were under immense pressure.

Alex didn’t hide his intention and immediately moved toward the mage. The two long-range magic casters were totally useless in melee and relied solely on the protection of their comrades.

The two mages were immediately alerted and despite their panic, still had their presence of mind to unleash their disposable magic shields.

At the same time, the tip of their wands glowed as they began to accumulate power for an even more powerful spell.

They thought of this as an opportunity. If they could hold on and tie down Alex, their teammates would be able to tear him into shreds.

Magic shields appeared before them which were designated for them and were cast on their wands.

The other black-robed figures circulated their strength while waiting for the opportunity to pounce on Alex once he was trapped.

Alex stared at the golden magic shields encapsulating the two mages and a disdainful sneer appeared on his face.

If he was just a normal swordsman then he would already have fallen into the pit waiting to be slaughtered.

His main forte wasn’t just to swing his sword instead…..

While Alex was engaging with the group of black-robed figures, Christina was also surrounded by another group.


Christina’s image blurred and two faint shadows clashed.


They exchanged swords for a couple of rounds and a figure flew away in the air like a rag doll with cuts all over his body.

Christina stared at the two incoming blades calmly and she flicked her sword.

Her sword clashed against the first one and the force of the strike caused his wrist to bend unnaturally. The trajectory of the sword changed and the arc moved toward the other man.

The other black-robed man halted and twisted his body to dodge the blow but at that very moment, Christina had already closed the distance quickly.

Her sword dug deep into his chest and came out from the back.

Christina pulled out her sword and a strange gurgling sound came out of his mouth as he fell onto his knees.

Christina rolled her gaze and quickly jumped back somersaulting in the air.

A sword passed down under her feet aiming to cut her legs but Christina reacted fast enough.

The man’s expression was distorted. He knew that Christina’s strength was abolished and she had to restart from scratch but she was able to rival them within 2 years.

He raised his blade and charged at her.

Christina gently flicked her sword and struck him down parrying the attack.

She twisted her wrist and narrowed the distance kicking the man’s torso.

The man let out a painful groan and his stand crumbled and Christina veered herself and slammed her knees against his head.

Blood oozed out from his has painted his vision red and his vision became dizzy and flurried.

The man fell to his knees with a large crack on his head.

“A knight must have integrity and moral doctrine, if not they don’t deserve to be a knight. A scumbag like you is unfit and sully such a prestigious rank.” Christina spoke with disgust.

The man’s heartbeat hastened and he stared at her with absolute horror.

Words stuck in his throat as he wondered whether Christina had inferred their identity.


The man asked with a questioning gaze.

“Your combat techniques are quite similar to those scums. You must be discarded wastes of the group under the man.”

“You’re gonna go up first and reserve the place for others. Soon, I will send that entire legion after you.” Christina spoke with a cold expression and swung her sword, cutting the person off and leaving him dazed.

“That scum dared to send a man after me after all of this.” Christina’s expression turned dark and anger burnt inside her chest.

She was worried whether the man had sent a strong one to deal with them. It’s okay if she was to die here but she cannot implement Alex who had a bright future ahead.

Christina thought of returning to Alex’s side when he saw a frail-looking man with one arm missing appearing before her.

“You….” Christina stared at the man with a shocked expression.


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