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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 238: Meeting Without Appointment 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Yvonne, who managed to regain her calmness quickly, asked”Wait! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Athena in Chesla?”

“Ohh, it seems that you are keeping track of your husband. What a good and dutiful wife.” Alex spoke with a smile.

Yvonne gritted her teeth and said”Who is your wife? I still haven’t accepted it.”

Alex sighed and raised his chin to stare at Yvonne with an intense gaze making her flinch back a little.

“Do you think I need your permission to be your husband or do you want me to beg you to be my wife? You are overestimating yourselves?”

“You hateful stupid idiot. I was the one who bore all the burden and cleared all your mess. I took care of all the things and protected everyone from the wolves.”Yvonne spoke.

“Why did you do that? I didn’t ask you to do it?”Alex smirked.

“I…I..” Yvonne was stunned to see Alex shameless.

This guy didn’t even have a shred of courtesy.

“Let me tell you the reason. You did it because you thought this was your duty.No need to delude yourself, I know you wanted to be part of my family but your pride didn’t want to accept the fact.”

“Don’t worry if there comes a day when you are attacked, I would also take the role of the shield.”

“I know even at the very moment your heart is beating wildly for me. Just accept it.”

“You are wrong. I just found you pathetic and pitied you.” Yvonne uttered while glaring at Alex.

‘What is this fellow saying? My heart is beating for him, what a joke. But my heart is beating fast after seeing him and he looks good. I didn’t think that this stupid piggy fatty would turn out to be like this.’

‘Ahhh!No, what am I thinking? This hateful man is confusing me.’

Alex smiled seeing Yvonne conflicted thoughts.

‘Heheheh!Lass, you will soon be in my grasp.’

“Okay, Yvonne, we will stop this banter for now and discuss business.”

“You should be very professional when it comes to doing this. We Shouldn’t mix private and business matters with others.”

Yvonne’s words struck her throat and she nodded her head with an apologetic look.

‘Huh! Wasn’t he the one who began this?’

“I want more funds,” Alex asked.

“More funds, you have to put a proposal first.”

Alex nodded and explained.

He wanted to make cheaply affordable bicycles which can even be used by common people.

The nobles used costly materials and decorated them with gems as a show-off. On the other hand, he could use wood to make things for poor people so that it would cost less.

The bicycle was more useful for common men who have to walk long distances than the nobles who can use carriages.

Since most of the work of Prodigious was handled by David who had been in Capital where Alex was in Nevan, the communication hadn’t been going well due to long distances but now since he is here, it was time for him to expand things.

“So, instead of a workshop, you wanted to create a whole factory.” Yvonne inferred.

“What about the restaurant Otherworldly Gourmet?”

“The building structure is going on slowly. I didn’t want to spend all the money there and I will only use the gains from other businesses to build it.”

“It is more of a far-fetched idea. We need innovative chefs and many other things.” Alex muttered, he needed to find a chef with good talent.

Legendary miner, legendary chef. Alex didn’t even know what might crop up next. He feared that there might even be a legendary sweeper hiding out there who would sweep out the enemies with the broomstick.

“I wanted to ask about the tailoring shop.” Yvonne’s eyes glistened as she talked about clothes.

“I want Prodigious to have the exclusive right for the designed clothes and you are going to get just 10%.Nothing more.”Alex muttered.

“What!” Yvonne gritted her teeth and muttered, “Don’t forget your business was built with our loans.”

“I don’t even need your money to make a cloth shop. I can start from a small outlet.”

“Did you think of me as a poor beggar?”

“Hmph.” Alex snorted.

He had already looted and profited a lot on the journey.

Yvonne fell in thought for a moment. After all, she can’t force him to sign an agreement with her to do business and have the share.

Since Alex is head of the group and with kingdom backing, he had more than enough funds to make the shop.

Yvonne pondered for a moment and gave a smile.

“Alex, since we are husband and wife. Shouldn’t what belongs to you, also belong to me then doesn’t it mean that I am the lady boss of Prodigious?” Yvonne glanced at Alex with a confident look.

“Huh! You are right about that Yvonne. If you are talking like this, you sure have the right over Prodigious.”

Yvonne grinned and nodded in satisfaction.

“What belongs to me, also belongs to you and what is yours is also mine. The Prodigious is yours and The Lockheart’s merchant group is mine.”

“Isn’t that correct?”

“Yeah, you are correct.” Yvonne nodded but realising Alex’s words, her expression turned ugly.


Alex rolled his eyes and scoffed.

‘Did you think you are only good at dealing with others? Let me tell you, before coming here Sis Athena herself had taught me Five Ways to Overpower Yvonne and even wrote the notes.’

‘After studying from a highly professional teacher do you think you stand a chance? Alas, if only Athena would have worn glasses with a pair of stockings and teacher clothes. I could have feasted my eyes on her.’

‘Alex you need to work hard to upgrade the clothes.’Alex muttered resolutely while leaving Yvonne’s dumbfounded look.

“At least make it 20%,” Yvonne said with a stern look.


“15% and all the clothes for me and my servant free.”

“Deal!” Alex shouted.

It can not be considered free as if Yvonne wore the clothes in advance, it could bring him great publicity.

“Okay, I am leaving now,” Alex muttered and stood.

“So early!” Yvonne spoke with a saddened expression.

“Does my wife want me to accompany her?” Alex teased.

“It’s not that. Since you have come here you should meet my parents and brother.”

Alex’s face became pale and his legs trembled.


‘I am going to get threatened again.No, I can’t meet them today. I need to puff my pride first.’

“Not today, I came here unofficially so it’s not good to meet today.”

“We will meet in Zenith since you all will be visiting it.”

“And please keep this a secret,” Alex muttered and stood up but before leaving he glanced at Yvonne.

“I will look forward to spending time with you my Lady,” Alex spoke with a smile and pulled out Yvonne gave a gentle kiss.

Yvonne was stunned by Alex’s motion and quickly withdrew her hands and caressed it.

“Scoundrel,” Yvonne muttered softly.

Alex turned back and walked away.

Alex stopped in his tracks and turned his gaze while raising his brows.

With a wide smile, he gave a brief nod while muttering faintly”Interesting, the Lockharts don’t seem to be as simple as they appear.


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