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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 237: Meeting Without Appointment Bahasa Indonesia

In the Lock City.

In the middle of the city stood a huge and magnificent Palace filled with grandiosity.

The Palace looked magnificent and imposing.

It was built with such wealthy materials that even a single brick from the place cost a huge sum.

It wasn’t just for displays, it was also an impenetrable fortress. Countless arrays and runes were engraved on the tall walls which could handle strikes from Saint realm powerhouse.

It was the Palace of Lockharts, the one that led the economy of Kinley.

They have been so deep-rooted in finance that their loss was the loss of the whole Kingdom.

In one of the huge buildings, lay the office of Princess Yvonne who had been given the title of Princess by The Emperor himself.

Yvonne, who was handling her daily paperwork, was disturbed by the sudden call from her servant.

“Miss, The President Of Prodigious has asked for a meeting.”

“Reject them,” Yvonne spoke without looking up while skimming through the pages.

“Don’t they know that they have to make an appointment? Don’t they even know the general courtesy? This is simply unprofessional,” Yvonne muttered nonchalantly.

“But Miss, it’s The President Of Prodigious”

Yvonne’s hands stopped abruptly and she raised her brows and asked with a startled look.

“President of Prodigious! Did you verify it?”

“Yes Miss, his assistant who does business with us is also present.”

“He said that they wanted to discuss something urgently and didn’t have time to seek an appointment. They need immediate assistance.” The servant muttered

“Okay, send him in. Let’s see that gutsy guy who came up with so many innovative ideas.”Yvonne ordered.

The servant nodded his head and left.

Yvonne interlocked her finger and fell into deep thought.

Three months ago, a merchant persistently requested to meet her and wanted to ask for a loan.

She decided to give them a chance after noticing the heavy aura of fortune around him.

The plans and the models in the catalogue seriously blew her mind.

There were many innovations one after another.

Use of compressed gas to cook food instead of wood, a magical instrument to heat food, ideas for making shows and dramas, and use of magical crystals to record the performance and sell it.

New fashion trends and designs.

And the leading innovative thing was the bicycle which was a hot sale for them.

At first, she was a bit sceptical about it. But seeing the person’s aura, she decided to take the gamble. The assistant negotiated with her fiercely, she compromised and asked to get a 40% profit and shares which came down to 20% shares only.

In just a mere three months the business made a profit of nearly half a million deducting the cost.

And the cycle was a hot commodity where each piece cost 200-1000 gold coins according to the customization.

She was curious about the man who thought of all these ideas which were really out of the box and wanted to meet him.

But to her frustration, she was refused and the assistant said that he had been recuperating due to something.

Now, it was finally time for her to meet the person.

Yvonne snapped out of her thought as she heard the opening of the door and a man walked toward her table.

The man wore a large cap which also covered part of his face along with big specks which made him look like an idiot.

On top of that, Yvonne’s eyeball widened as she saw that the man neither had an aura of Fortune nor did he have an aura of bad luck.

‘What the hell?’She gasped in shock but recomposed herself quickly while her senses became entered as the man gave him odd and familiar vibes.

The man smiled a little and sat down on the chair”Nice to meet you, Miss Yvonne.”

“Haven’t you ever heard about work ethics? You just barged your way through here and sat down without waiting for me to agree.”

“Why do I need your permission to sit?”

“Because you are meeting me in my office. If I visited your place, I would also have to wait for your permission.”

“Moreover, don’t you know that you need to seek an appointment before meeting someone,” Yvonne spoke with an annoyed tone.


Yvonne was shocked to see the man bursting into laughter.

“Hahaha! It’s quite funny isn’t it?”

The man spoke and pulled down his hat allowing his long hair to fall over his shoulder and took out his speck.

His brilliant crimson glowing eyes blinded Yvonne for a second who was already shocked by the sudden change.

The man folded his legs and with a haughty look and large grin on his face said”Miss Yvonne, since when did a husband need to seek permission to see his wife?”

Yvonne was flabbergasted seeing the man before him and her mouth opened wide.

She blinked her eyes for a moment and she seemed to be mesmerised for a moment.

‘What is this weird feeling?’Yvonne muttered as her heartbeat started to hasten and she could feel Alex glowing for an odd reason.

It was as if butterflies were flying around and flowers bloomed in the heart.

‘Something is wrong.’Yvonne thought inwardly as she tried to calm herself down.

Alex smiled inwardly seeing her reaction. He has raised his charm to the max wanting to cast an everlasting impression on Yvonne.

‘I should stop it otherwise I would be in trouble if she found out that I used a charm on her.’

“Is Miss Yvonne just smitten by my beauty?”

Yvonne snapped out of her thoughts and she glared at Alex.

“It’s okay Miss Yvonne. You can feast your eyes on your handsome husband after all I am all yours.” Alex grinned.

“You might not believe it, Miss Yvonne, when I walk on the street, girls line up just to get a look at me. I am a hot-selling commodity with unimaginable prospects.”

Alex spoke while rubbing his nose.


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