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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 178: Duel Bahasa Indonesia

Time ran fast.

With the arrival of Alex, the normally quiet Nevan has gradually become lively.

The lifeless citizens had been fully rejuvenated seeing their King.

In less than ten days, King Alex would accept Kinley Emperor’s conferment and officially occupy the throne to become the 11 the king of Nevan.

In the past three weeks, Nevan had to undergo too many changes and in that process, Alex incredibly rose from a ridiculed to a true king inside the hearts of Nevan citizens.

Wide networks of drains for sanitation had been laid alongside wide roads. The old buildings had been refurbished.

A special stand at the city gates was made where horses, carriages, and carts were placed.

Special officers were selected to regulate the rules and laws of the city and they were provided with special headquarters.

Most of the recruited soldiers were trained at the castle before but now they have a separate building for training and a specialized Military Academy had also been made where anyone from the age of 12 or above could join.

The school and preschool programs are already on the run and just need some time to go through as there was a lack of manpower and personnel in that area.

Catherine took the reins of the administration cutting some lax for Alex but that didn’t mean that Alex was wasting his time.

During the daytime, he would make a squad and march out of the city to hunt monsters and train himself with his squad.

Although there weren’t any alchemists in Amidon there were some growth potions that could accelerate one growth.

Alex diluted it and distributed it among the chosen ones and they were grinded like grindstones under Alex’s training routine.

Each swordsman under him had to swing his sword 5000 times after the training while the archers had to hit 100 moving targets.

It was far worse for tankers who were just like punching bags where anyone could come and pour his frustrations on them and push them around endurance to beat.

All in all, everyone was making progress while doing their best.


In The Castle…

A large crowd was gathered and everyone’s eyes focused on the two individuals standing at the center of the ring

On one hand, it was Alex who was doing some small stretches while on the other hand, it was Jin, the Legendary rank knight who was assigned to protect Princess Alice.

Alice, Riya, Catherine, and Christina stared at the scene with solemn expressions as anyone who saw this situation would scoff and laugh at Alex.

Two days ago Alex came up with a request to fight Tim, the legendary rank knight, and surprised everyone and made all of them think that he had gone mad but Alex got approval to fight as he said that both of them will seal their mana and would compete with swordsmanship alone.

It was a rare opportunity for Alex to try something different.

Recently he was facing some problems and was in deep thought about it.

Alex’s main swordsmanship was Iron Heavy Swordsmanship and Devil Stance which occupied the core accompanied by other minor moves as a supporting role.

His swordsmanship was still in the development phase and still now only consists of a single move known as Starlight slash.

Though it consists of one move, that very one move was capable of cutting everything apart after all it was the very move that crushed the Goddess of War Holy Excalibur and defeated her though she didn’t believe in the results thinking that he cheated and Queen Goddess helped him.

But he can’t use his swordsmanship now as if he used Starlight Slash with this type of body, in the worst-case scenario his body would burst out unable to handle the pressure, or in the best case, he would lose his hands.

Now when it comes to other sportsmanship taught by the Goddess of War that was also a big no for now.

There might be a warrior who could identify these though they are very rare.

Except for Excalibur most of the Goddess of War swordsmanship has been replicated though they weren’t as good as the original version still there shouldn’t be any great warrior who was brain dead to the point that he can’t identify the moves which had some essence of it.

And since Alex was an idiot for 19 years of his life, how could he know the moves which take countless years to learn, let alone master?

He can dismiss The Church by saying that the Goddess Rebecca had blessed him with holy power in his dreams but it wouldn’t be absurd if someone claims that the Goddess of War blessed him and the next day he knew about all these.

So, for now, he had to test himself and see how effective he was while using the most basic sword technique or if he can get recognition from this legendary knight and who knows maybe he can learn his sword techniques.

He can also copy his sword moves and try to figure out or incorporate them into his sword dance.

Alex tapped his sword and pointed as Tim gave a brief nod to represent his respect for him.

Tim responded to the courtesy and asked Alex to go first, giving him the chance to strike first as a junior.

The soldiers of both Nevan and Kinley scream for their respective favorites.

Christina’s eyes glistened as she saw them and her heart started to burn with a fiery passion to fight.

Christina, who was immersed in thought, suddenly felt a tap and turned around to see Catherine’s worried expression.

She reached for her ears and whispered “Christina, will it be alright for Alex to do this?”

“Isn’t he a legendary rank knight? Alex would be defeated easily and that would make the soldiers lose morale.”

“Why don’t you just say you are worried about My Lord’s safety?” Riya muttered with a smirk but looked aside on getting Catherine’s glare.

“Catherine, it will be alright. They are competing purely on the sword moves and they have sealed their powers. So, the rank wouldn’t matter in this match.”Christina assured Catherine.


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