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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 177: Let’s Make A Deal Bahasa Indonesia

Alex felt nostalgic after returning to his warm and fuzzy castle.

And the first thing he saw after entering his office was heaps of paper works that lay pending.

Sitting in the chair while doing paperwork was exhausting but with a cup of coffee in one hand and Riya in the other, it was never boring but Alex seemed to be displaced from his seat and his place had been taken over by Christina.

He looked more like her assistant than the actual owner.

Alice and Christina seemed to be having a match, Alex who had been running like a dog here and there wanted to take a rest while giving his eye a chance to enjoy the beauty but his fantasy didn’t last for long.

“Your Majesty Priest Barry from the Holy Church is here and wishes to speak to you.”

At this moment, a guard comes into the palace and reports.

All the people present in the room who were doing the work stopped abruptly and all of their gazes fell on Alex.

Alex looked at Catherine and after giving a brief nod walked to the executive hall and saw Priest Barry and an Epic rank knight who was waiting respectfully at the gate.

A few clean-dressed beginner priests were behind them and were holding onto big chests.

Seeing Alex’s arrival both of them put on a flattering smile and walked toward Alex.

“Your Majesty Barry and all the members of the Church came to greet His Highness and beg apology.”

Alex nodded and walked on the platform and sat on the high throne while looking at them with an indifferent expression.

“To what pleasure did I owe you,” Alex asked with a cold tone.

They were pretty embarrassed on hearing Alex’s question but Barry didn’t show any unpleasant expression and walked forward and gave a small bow.

“All of us are ashamed of our behaviour. Your Majesty is a divine being who has shown us the immensity of the sky. So, after we organised everything and fixed up the church we immediately came to visit you.”

After he said that he signalled the beginner priest to open up the huge five big chests they were carrying.

As soon as the chest was opened golden light started to spread from the chest.

Alex, who maintained an indifferent expression, screamed inside with happiness and his eyes flashed with a money sign.

All chests were loaded with gold coins.

“We have brought what the Majesty asked us to bring.” Barry signalled again and the Priest placed the chest on the floor.

Alex didn’t say anything and wondered for a moment while asking a man to check whether the gold coins were real or fake.

Alex had seen his fair share of scams in his previous life. Anyone who knows a fantasy story might have read or seen a scene where a box filled with gold on top but inside everything was fake.

The guards took the chest laden with gold to the side and started to check the material.

Alex stared at Barry for a moment which made him feel threatened.

Like a predator observing his prey before pouncing on it. Barry felt two dagger-like eyes that had been staring at him.

“Priest Barry, let’s make a deal.”

“Huhh!” Barry was suddenly astonished.

“What does this Majesty want from this poor servant?”

Alex gave a twisted smile which gave a weary feeling.

“You don’t need to be afraid of me, Priest Barry.”

“Let’s make a deal!”

Barry felt as if he had heard something wrong as they were Priests, not merchants.

“First, I want you to bless all the equipment of my soldiers,” Alex spoke while observing Barry’s reaction.

Barry’s face contorted but he didn’t dare to show his face.

“Your Majesty that is..”

“You don’t need to do it for free,” Alex said and seeing Barry’s silence he knew Barry was somehow thinking about it.

It doesn’t matter whether he wants to do it or not, in the end, he is going to do what he has to be ordered.

“You can take ten thousand gold coins and I want you to help me buy mana crystals. We are badly in need of mana crystals. Since there is no big merchant to supply it to us. I am sure that Church procures crystals and knowing how you sneak Epic rank here, you can also sneak some mana crystal, can’t it.” Alex smiled.

His golden merchant goose was in Zenith trying to set his foundation and until it had been established Alex didn’t want to procure supplies from the merchant group which had been hiding and changing its route.

Even though they were able to get mana crystals the quantity and quality were less.

But with Barry’s help, he was sure that he could procure a better quality of mana crystals and that is also in huge amounts.

“I will add some good words on our name Priest Barry if you do what I say.”

“So, what is your opinion, Priest Barry?”Alex asked.

“Both sides will profit from the deal.”

Barry fell into deep thought while contemplating the pros and cons while wondering about Alex’s words.

Even though he was trying hard to get out of the situation, he couldn’t and in reality, he didn’t have that option, to begin with.

Either make it big or fall.

“I will do what Your Majesty asked me to do and do my job faithfully,” Barry spoke while kneeling on the floor showing his commitment.


Barry gave a brief nod before departing with his comrades.

“I don’t know who asked you to do this nor what was his motive but if you ever get thought of betrayal or stabbing me in the back, you should ask Church of my battle.”

“They might have surely recorded my slaughter at the battlefield.”

“There were also many forces observing me there.”

Alex’s hoarse voice sounded from the back.

Barry swallowed his saliva and looked at Alex who was still smiling but he didn’t say more and left with a small bow.

Seeing the nuisance disappearing Alex laughed.

“What a godsend opportunity?”

“You are really wicked. What way to send money?”


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