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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 169: Going Back Bahasa Indonesia

Alex after chatting with Alice left the room with a delighted expression.

Yvonne’s letter can be said to be a godsend gift for him.

Before coming here with the help of Alice, Yvonne had sneaked three Transcendent rank knights into Alex’s guards who would obey Alex’s order and for now, would y with him.

But if one looks carefully, he can see that three knights can act as guards for his wives leaving him vulnerable.

‘That lass can’t bear to send another one for me.’

And Yvonne had carefully listed a series of things to be mindful of when he visited the capital.

There would be many who are waiting to trample him to show their pride but on top of that, they are eyeing his movements carefully.

And she also told him to contact her when he arrived in the capital.

Though the latter half of the letter was filled with Athena’s concern.

Alex came to know that Athena wanted to come here but was stopped by Yvonne and only calmed down after she was told that Alex will be visiting zenith in a month.

Alex clutched the letter tightly and spoke with a fiery gaze.

“Wait for me! I am coming for you all soon.”


Alex had been staying in Amidon for a while and had almost sorted all the mess.

The heaps of documents he had to go through almost made him mad. Fortunately, Christina was with him to decrease his load.

Alex with hook and crook was able to find the experimental chamber that was used to raise the strength.

Though nothing much remains there.That Lamar may have taken the researcher with him.

He even pointed the things out to Envoy though he knew that it doesn’t matter much in their eyes rather if it was leaked to other people of high authority they may try to get the method to strengthen their own.

But he needed to point out a cause or a reason to muddy the waters.

Alex decided to leave the administration of Amidon to his most faithful and loyal slave surprising many but Alex asked them to believe in him.

Now is the time to leave Amidon and return home.

Standing before the castle, Alex was waiting for others to come out while conversing with Josh.

“Sir Josh, you see there are links to a mastermind in all this mess pointing towards Bright.”

Josh frowned on hearing Alex’s words and asked”Are you sure about that?”

Alex nodded and spoke, “Since Amidon had paid its debt shouldn’t we also look for Bright.”

Josh’s lips twitched uncontrollably on hearing Alex’s words and wondered whether Alex wanted to swallow Bright in this process.

‘Isn’t getting a huge chunk like Amidon enough for now?’

“King Alex, I got your point but attacking them and invading their borders will get you into trouble and you will be regarded as the aggressor.”

“The Empire always takes the benefit of conflict and sees the best case scenarios. If the aggressor who started the war had a good cause and had proposed benefits to the Empire, there shouldn’t be any action but if the aggressor harms the interest of the Empire there are chances of its right getting revoked.”

“Since you are quite close to Princess I am telling you this. The scale always moves to seek profit and balance.”

“I know this Sir Josh but what if Bright is the one who attacked us first,” Alex spoke while his lips curled upward with a faint smile.

Josh stared at Alex for a moment with a stiffened expression.

“What did Bright do to offend you?” Josh asked with a curious expression.

He could see that Alex didn’t want to wage war on Bright for the power or fame but rather there is a hint of hatred and anger for them.

“Heheheheh!” Alex gave a sneaky smile and spoke.

“Bright hadn’t done anything bad.”

“They just raised some bandits and smuggled our resources, took our people as slaves and used the beastman under me as lab rats and tried to force the merchants out of territories.”

“It’s nothing much. They just wanted to play around in our territories.”

Josh swallowed his saliva and the more he heard Alex speak, the more frightened he became

He could feel a chill running down his spine even if Alex was smiling before him as if his smile was just a hallucination masking the anger behind it.

‘This is all the reason to wage full-scale war.’

‘If what Alex said was true then the reason was more than enough to crush Bright but Bright wouldn’t be so foolish to openly discard Nevan’s authority and might be playing from the shadows that was why King Alex might be angry.’

And Josh may not have seen it with his eye, but seeing the huge destruction that had been left behind on the walls along with the front anyone could guess that it was a single attack and it was Alex who did that.

As Alex and Josh converse with each other cordially, Alex’s attention was drawn to the prisoner who was dragged around like a beggar.

Angus was ordered to go with Josh to the capital where he will receive the punishment but Angus saw it as an opportunity to escape rather than as a punishment.

Even Alex knew that the string man would surely pull strings to take out Angus and may act to rescue him in disguise to kill him.

All the soldiers had lined up and guarded Alex and his wives as Angus was carried out as they feared that he may attack them after all Angus still had the strength of a Transcendent rank so even Alice had moved the forces to protect his Big Brother and Sister-in-law.

Angus while being led by the soldiers wanted to look at Alex and mock him. He had clearly said that he can’t kill him and once he escapes he’s gonna make Alex’s life miserable.

But his expression froze as soon as his eyes met Alex.

There was no anger nor any hint of hatred in Alex’s eyes rather Alex had cast a playful smile while waving his hand as if he was parting with a dear old friend.

But for Angus, he felt as if Alex’s smile was the devil’s smile that was going to hunt him as long as he is alive.

Not only Angus but everyone who noticed Alex’s expression felt an ominous feeling.

Catherine looked at Alex’s smile which looked so innocent to the point that one may mistake him for a kind and forgiving person.

Ben and Mordek looked at Angus with eyes full of pity and sympathy.

“If this Angus had a little bit of brain, he should kill himself now otherwise only Devil knows what is going to happen to him, “Ben spoke while shaking his head.

“Seeing His Majesty smile, I can feel his miserable scream. I don’t know what kind of crime he had committed in his previous life to fall into Majesty’s hands. Let’s give our final prayer to the man whose courage was worthwhile while it lasted.”Mordek spoke with a pitiful expression.

“For the peace of his next life.”




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