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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 170: Talent Hunting Bahasa Indonesia

Angus left with Josh towards the capital thinking about his future while his brain ran at full speed thinking about various situations.

Alex sneered seeing Angus departing.

‘If you think this over then you are wrong.’

When Alex used the demonic power, he made sure to cast a lot of curses on Angus which would have horrible nightmares.

Moreover, he used black magic on him which can harm from miles away just like voodoo dolls.

From the moment Alex appeared he had been in his grasp from the beginning.

On top of that, Alex cast magic on him that can give away his location and Alex might also get a hint about the person who is involved in all of this.

In fact, it was so-called stalking magic.

Thinking about all the horrifying spells Alex had used recently he couldn’t help but scold the man for teaching him such things.

‘That Devil Bastard had an arsenal of dirty spells and still addresses himself as Preacher of Justice and The Being Judges Other’s Crime.’

After The Envoys left, Alex departed from Amidon with his wives and Alice.

After knowing Alice, though he hadn’t let down his guard still he had comforted himself by thinking about the power Alice had in her for disposable.

With Alice’s help, he was sure that they would be able to avoid any life or death crisis.

But Alex had to get stronger since he cannot raise his rank in a day he had to raise his level and get the stat points.

And on top of that, he had to make others reach Master rank as soon as possible.


Alex’s troops first stopped at Wright.

Catherine wanted to take a look at the Capital of Wright before moving around.

She was feeling nostalgic about not being able to see her people.

As soon as Alex entered the huge city gates followed by Alice’s carriage, screams of joy and mirth echoed throughout the plaza.

The entire attention was drawn toward Alex who was at the front.

The people have been outraged at Amidon’s behavior of kidnapping their Queen.

Alex wanted to keep it under wrap but some kind of emotional bastard had leaked the emotions amassing immense hatred for Amidon among the masses.

Alex sat on the horse and was in the lead and followed by two Transcendent ranked knights due to Alice’s order.

The people looked at Alex with respect and reverence. Their King who has been labeled as a fool and disgusting pig was nowhere what the rumors described him.

His golden hair glistened under the rays of the sun, shining with a golden austere. His red ruby-like eyes just added another charm to his appearance.

Alex glanced around the plaza filled with all kinds of people.

A simple gaze from Alex was enough to shoot any maiden’s heart.

For a moment Alex thought of showing his love for them but noticing the intense gaze coming from the carriage, he knew that he would be courting death so he simply raised his hand and waved at the masses.

‘It’s been a while since he used Eyes of Truth.’

Due to being occupied by all the work, Alex hadn’t hunted talent for a long time.

Recently he used it on Catherine who had an average potential. He was not surprised at the information as he knew Catherine was the type to use their brain to pin down her opponent.

On the other hand, he was surprised by Alice who had a high level of potential and she was already at the peak of the Disciple rank though she doesn’t have any specific type of talent.

Alex raised his head and his gaze seemed to cover the entire Plaza, his eyes glowed with a greenish luster as he activated the Eyes of Truth.

Alex swept through the surroundings and didn’t find anything interesting. Though still there were quite a few people with average potential that he could recruit into the army.

Still, Alex quite noticed that the people here seemed to be way better than Nevan.

Out of 100 people, Alex can find 20-30 people with low potential, unlike Nevan who can find only 2-8 out of 100.

Maybe this was because of the lesser population in Nevan and also many had left Nevan unable to tolerate the calamity.

As Alex’s eyes swept through the crowd, his eyes fell on a certain individual.

His eyeball widened and almost popped out from the socket. Alex felt like this might be a dream and tears were forced out of his eyes.





Talent:Magic, Has good memory

“My God, I can’t believe this.”

“Finally someone who had the talent to become a mage.No, he can become a magus.”

Highly talented magicians were known as Magus. Anyone who can cast a spell and use magic is known as a mage but a mage can only be called a Magus when he can cast a spell above Tier 5.

“I can’t think that there was a better time than this.”

“Previously I was sceptical to take a stop in Wright and rushed directly to Nevan but due to Catherine’s order…I mean request I have to take a detour.”

Alex didn’t want to lose the opportunity and stopped the match and directly jumped off the horse and walked toward the boy.

The knight behind was shocked due to Alex’s sudden behavior and jumped down and followed him.

Inside the carriage, everyone was taken by surprise seeing Alex.

“What happened?”Catherine asked with a frown as she feared that someone might have done something wrong among the people.

She raised her head outside and asked Mordek who was guarding the carriage as ordered by Alex himself.

“I think he is going to kidnap someone …Sorry, I mean he is going to hunt for some talents, “Mordek spoke with an embarrassed expression as he had forgotten that the Queen might not know Alex’s nature.

“Don’t worry, Her Highness. It’a s daily job for him.”


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