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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 163: Benevolent King Bahasa Indonesia

For the first time, Alex was feeling proud of himself for controlling his impulse to kill Angus otherwise the situation might have gone out of hand.

Alex after three more days was able to walk.

Catherine hadn’t started the integration process and was waiting for the Empire’s instructions. In case they might have overlooked it, Catherine had already sent a letter to Kinley.

Currently, Longard was in charge of Amidon, Longard was in charge of Wright and Hamilton was in charge of Nevan.

In the meantime, every time he looked at Christina he felt as if his heart was being squeezed from inside. Seeing the scars on her face, he blamed himself for the lot.

After waking up the first thing he did was cast a healing spell on Christina but Alex still wasn’t able to advance their healing spell for now.

He needed some more days to reach his peak.

On Terrace of Amidon Royal Castle

Alex stood beside Christina with a solemn expression.

“Christina, please forgive me. It was because I was too hasty to attack, which ruined your face.”

“Not only did you protect me, but you also saved my life while sacrificing yours.”

“Thank you!” Alex spoke with teary eyes.

Christina looked at Alex’s saddened expression. She could feel Alex’s sincerity in his words.

“Does having scars on my face make me look ugly?” Christina asked.

“No, No! I didn’t mean that.”

“You are and will always be pretty in my eyes. The scar didn’t ruin your face nor did it make you look ugly.”

“You are still as beautiful as ever,” Alex said, taking Christina’s hand and squeezing it a little.

“Since I am as beautiful as ever, what’s the problem of having a scar on my face for now? I can wait until you recover enough.”

“Even if you can’t heal the scars on my face, I am still okay with it. It’s not as if I care too much about looking good. Having scars would also help me to keep those perverts away.”

“I was only afraid that you may find me ugly,” Christina spoke with a faint voice.

“Christina, you are such a good woman.”


Christina rolled his eyes seeing Alex overacting and spoke trying to change the topic” Alex when you are going to interrogate them”

“I was waiting for you to start with them. Moreover, making them rot in prison cells would break their morals.”

Alex wiped his false tears and his expression became serious.

“We have to get to the bottom of it.”

“Producing Pseudo Epic rank through immoral means. Amidon had left no leaves unturned to get stronger.”

“Moreover, we have to find the person backing them up.”

“Did you find anything or a clue that could lead them to the perpetrator?” Alex asked.

Christina shook his head and said, “No, most of them didn’t even know about experiments.”

“The only one who might know might be the king.”

“When I interrogated the noble, they also said that the second in command was the Prime Minister and after searching for a while I couldn’t find him.”

Alex frowned on hearing his words.

“Since when was he missing? Did he get alerted due to my attack and escape quietly?”

“No, they have said that they haven’t seen him for a while. He might have escaped after he got the news of Amidon’s defeat at the front.”

“Hmmm!” Alex rubbed his shoulder while thinking about it carefully.

Alex wondered whether the Prime Minister predicted this or if it was a meticulous calculation on his part.

There was also the possibility of him contacting the one who might be pulling the strings and thinking of a plan to take us down.

“Christina, I should talk with Angus.”


In the dirty prison which had been filled with nobles, which Catherine had deemed as sinners after investigating them.

Alex sat down before them with an intriguing smile.

“So, my friend, how are you all?”Alex asked.

“Majesty, we don’t know anything.”

“We are innocent. Please let us go.”

Alex looked at the people who were screaming at the top of their lungs.

“I will give you an opportunity. Cough out all the misdeeds you have done in your lifetime. Whether it was swindling, killing trading slaves or drugs or any dirty work.”

“I promise that I will spare your life,” Alex said with a serious expression.

The entire place descended into silence on hearing Alex’s words and all of them pondered for a moment.

“Oh Yeah! Those of you who think that you are innocent raise your hands. I will transfer you to another cell. We shouldn’t put good and civilised people with dirty bastards, isn’t it?” Alex grinned.

There were 29 people gathered in the place of which 11 raised their hands with a haughty look full of pride and arrogance.

Alex didn’t say anything more and asked the guards to take them away while asking Ben to note the things Alex moved inside the room where these 11 people stood.

“See, I gave you a chance to redeem yourself but you are still thinking that you are in a position to claim your innocence.”


“What a Joke?” Alex chuckled.

The nobles frowned on hearing Alex’s words and pleaded.

“Majesty, we are being framed. A benevolent King shouldn’t ignore our pleas. Please take mercy on the poor soul like us.”


“Thanks for reminding me that I am a benevolent ruler,” Alex spoke while pulling out a sword.

The nobles flinched back seeing Alex’s gaze.

Alex threw the sword to the floor and raised his finger and said”One!”

“I will spare one life.”

“It is the survival of the fittest. After I return, the one who can survive by killing the others will live.”

“And yeah by the time I return if there is more than one person alive. I will execute everyone.” Alex spoke with a large grin on his face and walked out


At the corner of the prison, a cell which reeked of blood inside which a man was chained was pinned on the walls.

Alex looked at the man who had aged a lot in a few days. He looked haggard and his face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

The soldiers behind Alex put on a chair and left to guard outside on receiving his signal.

‘Should I just soul search and finish the things off.’Alex thought but shook his head.

Soul search may destroy his brain circuit and something might go wrong if the Empire asked Alex to let him go.

Alex folded his legs as he sat down on the seat while looking at Angus.

“King of Amidon, how have you been?”

“Did you like the treatment of being imprisoned in your own house?” Alex spoke with a sinister smile.

Angus heard Alex’s voice and looked at him with bloodshot eyes.

He seemed to be trying hard to let his anger not overtake his rationality. He knew that though he was in a bad situation his life was not in danger.

As long as he kept himself in check, he could at least get out of here alive.

“No need to taunt me like that. I know this kind of game better than you kid.”

“Just get straight to the point.”

“I see you are good at playing tricks,” Alex spoke with a faint smile but his expression suddenly changed and he moved his face towards Angus and looked at him with eyes full of viciousness.

“But tell me Angus, were you the one who was playing the card or you were being played.”

“So tell which one of two is it?”


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