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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 162: Waking Up 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex’s heartbeat hastened on hearing Catherine’s words and beads of sweat started to trickle down from his forehead.

‘How did she know?’Alex pondered for a moment.

“Alex, you can stop your act,” Catherine spoke with a stern voice.

‘Sure enough, she isn’t the daughter of the Goddess of Wisdom for nothing.’

Alex opened his eyes slowly and saw Catherine’s expression which had a mix of worry and anger.

Swallowing his saliva, Alex opened his dried lips to speak.


When Alex opened his lips, he struggled to speak and a raspy voice came out. Even though it was a muffled sound, it was clear and audible.

Alex looked at Catherine’s gaze with a bitter smile on his face.

“I just woke up when Riya started to clean me,” Alex muttered and before he could say anything else, Catherine stuffed the spoon into his mouth.


Alex took a sip and felt that his dried throat had been revitalised though there was still a burning sensation.

“So, were you eavesdropping?” Catherine asked, raising his brows.

Alex shook his head trying to deny”I swear, I haven’t heard anything. I woke up today.”

“By the way, how did you know that I am already awake,” Alex asked.

“When I touched your head, your brows furrowed and expression changed a little and since there was no fever, I guessed that.”

“So, how many days are thinking of pretending like this?” Catherine asked.

Alex stared at Catherine’s face for a moment. Various types of emotions flashed in his eyes.

Her face was almost similar to Ava’s except for some facial distinction.

“I don’t know. I can’t move my body for now. It will take a while for me to recover.”

“As far as I knew it hadn’t been a year since you started and you have already reached Master rank but still this wasn’t enough to take down so many enemies.”

“After hearing Riya’s narrations, I am sure that the last attack which shook the entire Amidon was done by you. And there is no way a Master rank can do such a thing.”

“So, you must have used something to forcefully raise your strength and now you are suffering a backlash due to it,” Catherine spoke while trying to discern the situation.

“Alex, thank you for all this. I am grateful for your help. Without you, Wright may have been crushed to dust by Amidon.” Catherine spoke expressing her gratitude.

“It’s okay. It’s my job.” Alex spoke.

“Now, tell me about the current situation.”

Catherine nodded and explained to Alex.

With Riya’s help, Catherine first took care of the nobles and segregated them into bad and good.

Though most of them were corrupt and bad, there were still some people who disliked Angus’s tyranny and raised their voices against him but all of them were suppressed by Angus.

Mordek along with Ben already took care of the rebels who tried to create public unrest by dealing with them strictly.

“Still, Alex, you did a good job by not killing Angus. If you had killed him we would be in trouble.”

“Huh! Why?” Alex asked with a surprising state.

“There is a rule in Kinley. Though we can wage war against other kingdoms and fight for territories we can’t conquer a whole neighbouring kingdom at once and killing the neighbouring kingdom’s King without the Empire’s consent can be considered a sin.”

“Didn’t Amidon start it first?” Alex inquired.

“Didn’t you see that Amidon had taken me hostage and planted an imposter of mine on the throne?”

” It had planned to slowly and steadily make the whole Wright collapse and make it gradually integrate with Amidon.”

“One has to get the Empire’s consent to acquire the Kingdom. And Angus knew this, that’s why he didn’t kill me and on top of that he never planned on touching you for now.”

“Alex, as far as I know, the Emperor’s stance on you is neutral. You may have heard the rumours that the Emperor couldn’t tolerate your foolishness anymore and threw you out but I don’t think that was the case.”

“I am 100 per cent sure that the protectors are hiding in the shadows who will surely take action if you are going to die.”

Alex stared at the ceiling blankly pondering Catherine’s words.

Alex couldn’t even remember the image of his father. But if one asks if he hates him then Alex would deny it.

He never hated that man. In a way, he had already given him a golden spoon and in a way took care of his safety by throwing him out of the Palace.

He was sure that if he had remained an imbecile in the Palace, someone may kill him and he may not know when he died.

Moreover, technically wasn’t his father the so-called sugar daddy who made such beautiful women his wives?

Technically any man would just go crazy thinking about it. Leaving others, Riya is alone enough for him to lead such a good life filled with happiness or bliss.

Thinking for a moment, Alex pondered whether to tell Catherine or not.

“Catherine, when I raised my power I sensed some of the presence watching the battle. Some of them might be from the Emperor’s side but I don’t know about others.”

“We need to be careful from now on. Each step we take may be filled with traps.” Alex spoke.

Catherine nodded on hearing Alex’s words and said”I don’t know from where you learned such forbidden arts nor will I still ask about it but please refrain from using such things in future.”

“I don’t know about the future but for now our relationship is of mutual benefit. My survival solely depends on you. If something happens to you, our lives will be in peril.”

“Unlike Yvonne having a strong backing we don’t have anything like that. With your death, countless wolves may flock to us.”

Alex’s expression became solemn on hearing her words.

“Don’t worry as long as I am alive I will protect you. It’s my duty as your husband.” Alex spoke while casting a cheeky smile.

“Save that for Riya.” Catherine gave him a cold look.


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