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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 127: Trap[2] Bahasa Indonesia

Many people appeared out of nowhere and drew their swords at the soldiers.

People hiding in the bushes started to appear and rushed towards the soldiers of Wright.

Catherine’s army seemed to be surrounded by all sides as the people charged toward the soldiers


The clashing of swords and shields started to ring rhythmically followed by painful groans and loud shrieks of the humans.

The smell of blood and shrieks attracted the attention of the beasts in the wild but seeing the mighty clashes they were too horrified to jump in.

Many soldiers were wondering how they were attacked in their own territory.

Did the forces of the enemy breach the lines or was someone from their side betrayed them?

Whatever may be, the situation was quite tense with the safety of their Queen on their line.

But after fighting with these intruders for some time they came to know that most of them were mercenaries who might have been paid to do the dirty work.

And the people from Amidon must have a hand on it.

Still, they couldn’t believe the audacity of this son of bitches.

“Fool!!”One of the soldiers roared and stabbed the enemy with his spear and raised the body of the enemy and threw it at others making a whole mass of people fall behind.

Two men wearing black clothes appeared before the soldiers of Wright.

Their image disappeared from the spot and they appeared over the soldiers in an instant and slashed at them.

The soldiers were surprised by their sudden entry and raised their shields to defend but they were blown away by the impact.

Clearing away the minions the two of them moved towards the centre.

Both of them seemed to be quite strong and were in perfect coordination with each other and took many soldiers quite easily.

Running towards the front, they suddenly sensed danger and looked up to see a huge arc of the blade coming towards them.

Seeing it they stopped their advance and jumped back to dodge the attack.


The frightening arc of the blade touched the ground with a heavy momentum and blasted the ground leaving deep cuts on it.


With a loud thud, a man appeared holding a huge great sword in his hand.

The ground cracked as the man placed the huge great sword on it which frightened many.

The two black-clothed men looked at each other for a moment and jumped towards the newly appeared man.

“Look, it’s Captain Matt.”

“He can surely take down these two intruders.” The soldiers on the side shouted and cheered for Matt.

Matt holding the hilt of the sword in his left hand ran towards the enemy while dragging the huge greatsword on the ground.


A buzzing sound was heard due to the friction created by the great sword on being dragged around leaving behind a trail of small cracks on the surface.

The ground cracked as Matt took his steps and stopping just before the enemy, he swung the huge greatsword at the two men.


A screeching sound echoed and fierce pressure burst forth from the clash which blew away the dust and rocks all around them.

Even the soldiers who were close to them were pushed back by a few steps and felt the strong gales of wind hitting them.

The two enemies were sent flying in the air but they rotated their bodies in the air and one of them landed on the ground while the other one pushed far away towards a tree.

Balancing himself, he landed on the trunk of the tree.

He used the tree trunk as a foothold and bending his knee, he kicked it to propel himself towards Matt with great momentum.

Matt snickered and with a stomp, he lunged forward toward the man raising his huge great sword in the air.

Tightening the grip around the hilt of his sword, he slashed with all his might at the man coming toward him.

The man held his dagger and used it to change the direction of the attack of the huge greatsword after knowing that he can’t defend against the blow but everything was useless before his might of Matt.

As soon as the huge greatsword collided with the dagger, it broke the dagger into pieces, and the huge greatsword directly went past the man.


The greatsword passed through the man like butter without any resistance.

The man was cut into two halves by Matt and his body fell to the ground bursting into two pieces with blood gushing out from the body.

Matt landed on the ground and took a glance at the corpse and then looked toward the other man who came with it as his partner.

The other man flinched back a little on seeing Matt’s gaze but he didn’t retreat.

He made a whistle to order the mercenaries that were around to help him.

Matt ignored the man’s call for help and charged at him, wanting to finish off this onslaught quickly.

The surrounding mercenaries pounced on Matt but they were blasted by Matt’s sword swing like dry twigs.

Matt felt a sense of danger and halted his motion and swung his body along the great sword fiercely.


The ground was split apart by the huge impact which swept everything nearby and even Matt was pushed a few steps back.

Matt’s hands trembled for a moment due to the strong clash and he looked ahead.

As the dust dispersed, he saw a man wearing a mask appeared before him.

“Who the hell are you!!”Matt spoke with an irritated tone.

Moreover, he couldn’t believe that there was a master-ranking mercenary among these scums.

“Master Matt!! It’s nice to meet you.”

“This humble one is graced due to your presence.”The masked man spoke like a gentleman and gave Matt a small salute.

“Shut up!!”Matt screamed and lifted his sword and darted toward the man.




Broken limbs and organs scattered all around as Longard made his way towards Catherine’s carriage.

Longard reached near Catherine’s carriage and saw people swarming like ants but they were held back by the infantry who stood in defensive formation.

There was a noisy group present there who were trying to invade the formation but it was stopped by Shieldon who was at early Master rank.

Longard jumped off from his horse and rose into the sky and fell towards the group of troublemakers like a comet.


A huge crater was formed and the enemies were blown away by the impact and were sent flying like rag dolls.

Raising his sword, he sliced his sword horizontally and an arc of the blade emerged from his sword that cut off everything in his path.

“Sheldon, how are things?”Longard asked.

“Commander, I think we have trouble at the back. We need to support the forces at the back.”

“Okay, I will see to it. Wait for my signal to start the counter”

“But before that, finish off the things here quickly and take care of these ants. I am going to take a look at Her Highness .”

Longard muttered and after clearing away some hurdles, reached towards the Queen’s carriage.

“Majesty, are you all alright, “Longard spoke with a concerned expression while trying to sense anything amiss.

The door of the carriage opened and he saw Catherine with her usual indifferent expression.

Longard gave a gentle bow and looked at Catherine for a moment trying to figure out anything amiss but he couldn’t.

“Everything is fine Uncle Longard. You can go and do your duty.”Catherine spoke from the carriage.

“Uhhh!!Okay!”Longard nodded and was about to leave but turned back and asked”By the way, Majesty! Where is the other maid?”

Catherine raised her brows as if warning Longard not to cross the line and answered nonchalantly”She died!!”

“An enemy rushed up to here and she sacrificed her life to protect me.”

“What!!”Longard almost screamed at the top of his lungs.

“How!! When did the enemy breach the line?”Longard asked.

“Instead of asking me, you should have done your work well.”

“But Your Majesty!!”

“Uncle Longard, you shouldn’t waste time here and take care of enemies quickly. We have to reach the capital quickly without further delay.”

“I have already lost a maid. I don’t want to see any more sacrifices.”

“Moreover, the maid killed the enemy who sneaked in here though she also lost her life in that process.”

Longard gave her a salute and turned back to return with a confused expression because this was the first time Catherine had spoken so bluntly with him.

Although she is Queen, she always treats him like an Uncle but now her words carried a sharp and cold tone.

“Maybe she is doing this because we are in the midst of the battlefield, still, it’s quite odd coming from her.”

As Longard left, a playful smile appeared on Catherine’s face after watching Longard back disappear.

“Soon, everything will be in my grasp,” Catherine muttered with a cheerful voice.


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