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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 126: Trap Bahasa Indonesia

In a desolate place, a man wearing a black cloak stood on the top of a small hill.

With a small telescope, he was watching the surroundings for any signs of the target.

His eyes twitched and he felt a faint tremor from the ground.

“So, they are here. It’s time to finish things off.”

Putting it down, he raised his hand and made various hand signs and with a flash, his figure disappeared from the spot.


Under the blue sky, a huge number of people concentrated into a group and moved forward.

If seen from the blue sky, these groups covered the entire land with a big dot.

Above the green plains, numerous elongated flags appeared which fluttered in the air slowly due to the faint cool breeze blowing over them.

The ground started to shake as numerous silver armoured cavalry moved forward like a huge tidal wave.

There were almost 800 cavalries and 1400 well-trained infantry accompanied by many many common soldiers.

At the centre of the formation was a huge carriage pulled by many horses which had a flag and symbol of the royal family of Wright.

The troops were going back to the capital after winning the battle.

But the sound of galloping and clattering of horses suddenly stopped as the cavalry at the front halted their movements abruptly.

“What happened? Why did you stop the march”

A loud shout echoed from the centre and a bulky man appeared riding on the horse.

“Commander Longard, we have encountered some trouble at the front.” The soldiers spoke and explained the situation to Longard.

“I see,” Longard muttered with a deep frown and sitting on his horse darted towards the front.

Reaching the front, he saw the bodies of seven lying on the ground blocking their path.

All of them have severe wounds on their bodies and their bodies were filled with countless cut marks and bruises.

The blood flowing down from the wounds had been solidified into a thick puddle on the ground indicating that they have been lying here for quite a long time.

All of them seemed to be unconscious except one who spoke faintly and was begging to save them.

“What should we do, Commander Longard?”

“Should we inform the Queen?”The soldiers beside Longard asked.

“Hmmm!! Do that.”

“Inform Her Highness Catherine and ask everyone to raise their guard and survey the surroundings.”

“Tighten the security around Her Highness from a close defensive barrier around her.”

“I have an uncanny feeling about this situation,” Longard spoke with a solemn expression.

Seven wounded people in the middle of such a place cannot be a simple coincidence.

“I will check the one who is conscious,” Longard spoke and got off from his horse.

He walked towards the wounded and squatted down beside him and asked him with a cold voice” Who are you and how did you get all those wounds.”

“Water!! Please give me some water” The man spoke with a pained expression on his face and coughed some mouthfuls of hold.

Longard nodded and waved his hand towards the soldiers who carried a jug and poured water into the wounded man’s mouth.

“Now speak,” Longard said.

“We were a group of merchants travelling through this place. We have hired some mercenaries to protect us from robbers but who could know that these mercenaries would rob us instead.”

“Hmmm!! I see.”

“What bad luck!!”Longard muttered after hearing the wounded man’s story and lowered his head with sympathy.

” Yeah, bad luck just like you.”

The man responded to Longard’s words and his pained expression disappeared for a moment and he moved his hand like a shadow.


A faint sound of metals colliding with each other resounded.

The wounded man drew out a small dagger from his sleeves and slashed at Longard’s neck.

As soon as he noticed Longard lowering his guard, he took the shots but Longard at the last moment raised his arms covered with a metallic gauntlet and protected himself.

Longard quickly jumped back a few steps and saw that all the wounded and unconscious men woke up and pounced on the soldiers.

“Protect the commander.” The soldiers beside Longard shouted and drew out their swords.

“I was sure that something was wrong here from the beginning. Do you think your pitiful acting was enough to make me lower my guards?” Longard snickered and unsheathed his sword charged at the man.


The man slashed his dagger at Longard and as soon as their weapons met, he felt a strong force invading his hands and he was forced back a few steps back.

The man tried to stabilise himself but Longard didn’t give him any leeway and stabbed him multiple times.

Before Longard’s multiple fierce steps, the man was unable to defend himself and was blown away in the air by Longard’s fierce attack.

Many holes appeared on his chest and blood gushed out from those holes as he fell on to the ground.


Another clanging sound was heard as two of the wounded men attacked Longard.

Longard raised his sword and defended himself while kicking the torso of one of the men, sending him flying while pushing the other one with his strength.


A loud explosion occurred at the back which shook the entire place with the shockwave.

Longard turned back to see a huge cloud of dust rising from the back.

He sensed multiple shadows coming out from hiding and jumped from the hills.

Many people who seemed to be hiding in the brushes suddenly made their appearance and rushed towards Longard.

“I have to finish things here quickly,” Longard muttered and tightened the grip on his sword and was about to move forward when the surrounding soldiers shouted.

“Commander, leave the small fries to us.”

“Please go and protect her highness. We will take care of these people.”

Longard nodded and turned towards the back and took a mighty leap and dashed towards the back while Catherine was present.


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