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The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life – Chapter 113: At The Edge Of The Cliff (7) Bahasa Indonesia

The magic circles opened. To be precise, it assimilated with nature in a state most receptive to mana. It was the magic of the magicians. As a result of being unable to use magic for a while, Edwin Hector had more power than before.

“Wind Blade!”


The first to react was Edwin Hector. Seeing Roman Dmitry rushing to him, he raised the Wind Blade and immediately attempted to attack. It was an invisible and intangible power.

The Wind Blade was one of the most difficult magic for swordsmen to counter.

But Roman could easily sense the Wind Blade, assess its direction, and dodge it quickly.

When the attack was blocked, the knights of Hector rushed in.




“Protect the Prince!”

Aura exploded all over. It was a situation where both sides wanted something. Edwin Hector knew better than to try to have a fair fight. Dealing with Roman Dmitry was his top priority, regardless of the means.


He made a single blow. He increased his mana from his dantian. As soon as the Heavenly Demon Sword Technique was released, Roman used his aura to cut down all the enemies.


All the knights died at once. It was truly spectacular.

The dazzling color of aura rose from all directions, and in the blink of an eye, everyone was stained with blood.

Despite this sight, Edwin Hector and his soldiers weren’t shocked. As they observed Roman’s progress all this time, they knew they didn’t have to be shocked at this.



Edwin Hector controlled a tree trunk with a wave of his hand to limit Roman’s movement and made sure the archers could fire. Then he immediately began to cast a follow-up attack.




It was powerful fire magic. It was the 4th Magic Circle. In terms of damage, this magic had tremendous explosive power. It was like a dragon’s breath. Just being near it was enough to melt the skin, and even Roman Dmitry wouldn’t be able to survive it.

With each attack, Roman’s life was in danger. Too much loss was caused by just one person. Hector’s soldiers risked their lives even if no one commanded them to do so. Their facial expressions and determination showed that they didn’t care if they died.

They knew that if Roman Dmitry were left alone, everyone would die. So they decided to take him down at the expense of a few lives.

Their efforts weren’t in vain. Roman Dmitry wasn’t invincible, and he got a small wound on his way to Edwin Hector.

Roman began to move more violently. Facing roaring enemies who were ready to give up their lives, Roman did his best.



He cut through the flames. A burning heat enveloped Roman’s body, but he couldn’t let Edwin Hector go.

This was a scene one would admire just by looking at it. Despite many people risking their lives to stop him, Roman didn’t seem like a human being when he was breaking through them.

However, as expected, Edwin Hector knew that Roman Dmitry would reach him.

“Lightning Blade!”

He wasn’t going to back down.

A bright light flashed. He cast his most powerful magic and only had one target.

He waited for Roman. The moment the monster was getting closer, the bundle of lightning fired away from Edwin’s hands.


‘It hit him!’

After casting the spell, he felt a strong tingling sensation in his hand. At the cost of countless lives, he thought he had finally taken down Roman.

But at that moment,


Emerging from the lightning, Roman rushed to Edwin Hector.

Roman was not reckless. Instead of confronting the magic head-on, he used the Light Footwork Technique to avoid the attacks he could see. It looked like lightning had hit him because of that.

Even in the eyes of people like Edwin Hector, Roman’s movement had transcended human limits.

‘This is the end.’

Edwin Hector knew it for a while now, but he was still struggling to live. He knew the enemy wasn’t going to keep him alive. Having acknowledged it, he chose to move ahead rather than retreat after the gates were opened.


He swung the sword. It was an attack that the magician’s body couldn’t respond to. This time, the moment he thought it was done, Roman sensed a strange movement.

“Prince… kuak!”


Blood splashed.

It was Kellan. He followed Roman from the gates and tried to stop him, but he was unable to stand back as Edwin was in danger.

His chest was brutally torn apart. Kellan fell to the floor as his eyes lost focus, and Edwin Hector’s expression turned pale.


His head began to spin. From Butler to Kellan, his people continued to die. Even though Roman was right in front of him, Edwin Hector pulled out a potion and poured it on Kellan’s chest.

“Please, please!”

“R-run… kuak!”

Kellan spit out blood. His eyes were losing focus.

Edwin Hector continued to heal the wound. The fact that he couldn’t do anything made him pour down another potion, and it felt like he was losing his mind.

It was then,


Edwin Hector’s body was pushed back.

It was Jackson.

As Edwin groaned and tried to shake off his hand, Jackson shouted,

“Do you want to die here? The people gave their lives to save their Prince, their only Prince, Edwin Hector! You deserve to live, so survive until the end. Even if you are labeled a coward and a loser, survive so that the sacrifices of those who cared for you are not in vain.”

He said as he wept.

Butler and Kellan were Jackson’s friends. One was on the brink of death, while the other was seriously injured.

His blood boiled. In his heart, he wanted to kill Roman, but he could see what outcome would come from it.

‘Roman Dmitry is the devil.’

For the first time in his life, he felt fear. Thinking all of them might die here, Jackson chose to run away with Edwin Hector.

“Everyone retreat!”

“Give up the fort!”

The order to retreat echoed across the battlefield. Roman followed Jackson. As Hector’s soldiers attacked Roman to buy time for them to escape, he slashed them down.

Edwin Hector widened his eyes. Jackson was crying, and Kellan was wounded. Everything was a mess. He couldn’t think clearly in this whirlwind of emotions he’d never felt before.

Like this,


Edwin Hector’s mind was tainted with darkness.

Jackson was the leader of the Ranger Unit. He was also a 4-Star Swordsman, but he had never experienced anything like this. Like a frightened child, he sprinted with Edwin Hector in his arms.



Right behind him, he could hear his men dying. The Ranger Unit received orders from Jackson, and when told to buy time, they threw away their lives. Still, they couldn’t stop Roman.

Everyone was rushing to slow him down, but Roman continued to catch up. And finally, he knew he could not live.

The moment Jackson was about to entrust Edwin to another captain in the unit, the captain stepped ahead and said,

“The leader has to live.”

The man was a 3-Star Swordsman. He didn’t even wait for an answer, and he drew his sword to block the path and shouted while looking at Roman approach.

“This is a battle you already won. Why are you doing this?”

He wanted to know his intentions.

It wasn’t worth answering. So, as soon as Roman caught up, he sliced his arm instead of answering.


He couldn’t even react. The face of the captain was stained with pain and shock, and Roman immediately went for his chest.


The captain fell.

Unable to believe what he witnessed, Jackson stared blankly at Roman.

Roman said,

“I clearly warned you. The moment we meet again, I will kill all of you. This war started because you crossed the border, so stop crying like you are the victim.”

Jackson’s face darkened. It was too late to run. Just when he was ready to die, Roman stopped and shouted as if wanting Jackson to listen,

“Remember today. The day I meet you again, I will become a demon and kill you all.”

Jackson and the others were terrified. Just thinking about Roman’s appearance made their hearts race. Even the breath of the commander could be heard in that fearful silence, and Jackson ran without looking back. He was scared that it would make Roman follow them again.

At that time, Roman took a step back.

‘It is time to end the war.’

From now on, no hope would be granted to the remaining enemies.

The war was over. The fight began with a surprise invasion.

When the Southern Front was taken, it seemed like the situation was hopeless. But Hector’s retreat put an end to it.

“We won!”

“Victory for Cairo!”

“Cairo! Cairo!’

The soldiers were excited. The shout of joy was a privilege granted to the victor, and the rear troops all cheered.

Cairo’s soldiers were smashing down the flags of Hector one after another. They threw the flags to the ground and stepped on them.

They showed it clearly to the prisoners of Hector. At the horrific sight, they covered their faces with their sleeves.

“This… . “

“… . is so tragic.”

There were corpses everywhere. The grounds were littered with dead bodies, and blood splashed everywhere, even on the walls.

The nobles, who were not very familiar with war, frowned. They wanted to entrust the cleanup to the others because they had other things to do.

‘Where is Roman Dmitry?’

They had to meet and congratulate Cairo’s Hero, who led them to victory.

Count Fabius hurried his steps. The other nobles followed him so they wouldn’t lose. As they climbed the stairs of the fort wall, they witnessed a shocking sight,


Roman Dmitry was there, drenched in blood from the fierce battle he had fought and with countless corpses lying near him. They realized right away that these dead bodies were the work of Roman Dmitry.

They knew he was strong, but when they checked the result here, they felt goosebumps rise.

They suddenly thought,

‘The existence that overturned the war that seemed impossible to overcome, Roman Dmitry’s value will soar to the sky in the future.’

Their prediction was right. Not long after, the shocking news that he had achieved victory swept throughout the Cairo Kingdom.


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