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The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life – Chapter 112: At The Edge Of The Cliff (6) Bahasa Indonesia

At the highest point, where the whole battle could be spectated, the soldiers of the Hector Kingdom were seen rushing with angry faces.

“Kill him!”

“If he isn’t killed, the gates will be broken!”

“Everyone attack!”

The Hector Kingdom’s troops felt like their feet were caught on fire. They couldn’t raise the gates all because of just one man.

If Cairo’s forces attacked them during this time, then it would be the end, so the soldiers of Hector risked their lives.

It was a shocking sight.

An overwhelming sight, witnessing so many people rushing in with killing intent, but Roman was so calm.

This sight was something he was used to. When he was conquering Murim, Heavenly Demon Baek Joong-hyuk experienced so many things that nothing phased him anymore.



He first cut off the bodies of the soldiers who ran towards him. He hit them with his blood-stained sword. A large number of soldiers came after him. From then on, there was no room to breathe, even for a moment.

If he cut down the enemy who was rushing in front, then enemies would attack from his side, and if he dodged their attacks and countered, another attack on his other side would come.

He was surrounded.

Roman attacked without a break. He heightened all the senses of his body, allowing him to sense an attack from his blind spot and defend against it.



He pierced the jaws of the soldiers who aimed at him from behind.

Roman drew his sword back and brushed off the blood, and at the same time, he took down the swordsman’s aura ahead of him.

The 2-Star Aura Swordsman, who devoted his whole life to training and had reached that level, died in vain like an ant unintentionally stepped on.

It was an overwhelming sight. Roman slaughtered all those who rushed to him. As the Hector Kingdom was drawn to the edge of the cliff, they couldn’t back down now.

It was the deciding event. After all, a defeat meant the downfall of the Hector Kingdom, so they tried to stop Roman at all costs.

In a short time, Roman was soaked in blood. Even though blood began to stain the ground red, neither Roman nor Hector backed down.

Roman was also human.

The battle with Butler should have consumed a lot of energy, and while dealing with a large number of enemies, they all thought that at some point his energy would run out.

They planned to delay him.

They gave up their lives to wear down his stamina.

With each breath Roman took, the soldiers of Hector died.


‘Time isn’t on your side.’

Was what they thought.

Roman was supposed to be in a state of physical exhaustion. Butler wasn’t an easy opponent, and even if he were, defeating a strong opponent takes a toll on the body.

The problem was that Roman knew how to fight for a prolonged period of time. In the time of subjugating many enemies within Murim, it wasn’t uncommon to fight for 3 days and nights, and death came to those who were exhausted.

The dantian would break, and when he felt that his mana was depleting, Roman used the Absorbing Great Technique.


The Knight of Hector brought out his aura and ran towards Roman. Roman deliberately let him attack to suck in the knight’s mana when their swords clashed.


It was an invisible force. When the knight’s face was contorted with shock, Roman cut off his head.

‘This is an improvisation.’

The Absorbing Great Technique.

It was a method of forcibly snatching away the qi. This was a martial arts technique that many feared more than attacks.

The qi of each individual varies, so if one exceeded the use of this technique, they would lose their focus and break their dantian.

As a result, Roman did not absorb the mana into his dantian. In a way, he immediately released it. He was storing his own mana in his dantian and immediately used the absorbed one.

The enemies didn’t know how Roman was still able to hold up.

As time went on, they were shocked, and fear began to sink in. The bodies were piling up. Ominousness began to creep into their hearts.

They thought maybe.

‘Roman Dmitry. This monster will break the gates.’

They believed it. It was an ending they never thought possible.

The Hector Kingdom’s soldiers couldn’t accept that Hector would fall into the hands of one human. As the soldiers of the Hector Kingdom knew they were going to die, either way, they rushed to Roman.

Above the wall, Edwin Hector saw the reality in front of his eyes. Watching the forces of Cairo rush in, he realized he had made a huge mistake.

‘…No, I knew this was going to happen in the first place.’



As a commander, he had to keep his sanity till the end, but he lost his sense of reason when he saw Butler almost dying.

Roman was now close to the wall.

He made a really absurd decision and thought that if he saved Butler, there wouldn’t be any consequences.

Everyone thought the same. Butler was a respected person. Everyone didn’t want him to die and opened up the gates to save him, and this was the price.

The screams of the soldiers could be heard till the top of the walls, and it seemed like the forces of Cairo were about to break in.


He sighed.

Today he discovered that he wasn’t a good commander.

Although he hated himself for bringing people to their deaths, he had no intention of giving up now.

‘The war is not yet done. If we can withstand this attack just once, we have a chance.’


He raised his mana.

Four magic circles surrounded his heart. They spun violently, unleashing a powerful force at Edwin Hector’s command.

“Rune Flare”



The fire began to wreak havoc. Enemies approaching the wall were screaming as they got engulfed in flames, and in an instant, dozens of people were charred as they fell to the floor.

Only a dozen people died instantly. Hundreds retreated as they got wounded, and just one attack proved how powerful a magician he was.


People called magicians the Emperors of Possibility, to the extent that there was a saying that one should avoid going against them on a battlefield.

“Rune Flare”

“Fire Ball!”



Next to Edwin Hector, the magicians of the Hector Kingdom also came out.

They unleashed their magic at once and created a powerful flame. The Cairo Kingdom couldn’t advance due to the flame magic.

Then, the commander of Cairo, Count Fabius, cried out in a loud voice. If they delayed any further, he thought Roman Dmitry’s life was in danger.

“Spread wide and charge! The gates of the enemy are open. If we miss this chance, we will lose too many lives!”



The commands resounded.

Cairo’s soldiers made their way through the flames. They threw the already burned corpses into the flames, and if their hearts wavered a little, they were ready to take advantage of it.

Some soldiers returned to escape the fire. The enemy’s purpose was to somehow reach the wall.

Edwin Hector prepared a gift for them.

“Fire Wall!’



The fire soared up. It was a flame so high that it was impossible to cross, and the fiercely burning flames would engulf the enemies.

Was it because Edwin Hector worked hard?

In spite of the flare attacks, the archers on the walls began to fire their arrows in order to reduce the number of enemies even a little.

People thought for a moment that if it were like this, they only had to deal with Roman Dmitry and close the gates. They still had their chance.

But that moment,



A rumbling sound reverberated at the same time.

“The gates are open!”

Roman’s voice could be heard. That was the death sentence that pushed Hector Kingdom into despair.

The battle continued, and Roman knew that he couldn’t fight forever like this. In the end, to win the war, the gates of Cairo’s fort had to be forced open.

For that,



In an instant, with nimble and agile movements, he began to climb up the wall. It was done in an instant, and the Hector Kingdom’s soldiers couldn’t react.

At first, they tried to follow him but then they were too shocked, and after confirming where Roman reached they urgently shouted,


“Stop him!’

Roman’s goal was the lever that opened the gates. Roman cut off the head of the soldier guarding the area and raised his aura to break it.



The gates lost strength. While watching the shaking and falling gates, Roman cut off the chains that were supporting it.



The gates collapsed. It fell onto the ground with a huge sound, and as soon as Roman saw it, he shouted and enhanced his voice with mana.

“The gates are open!”

His voice echoed throughout the battlefield. Cairo’s soldiers, who were downcast, cheered at Roman’s voice.



“Destroy the people of Hector!”

That was the end.

They had lost.

If Cairo’s soldiers came through the gates, the Hector Kingdom soldiers could not stop them.

‘My role is over.’

It was fine to step back now.

But he didn’t.

Even when he broke down the gates, he continued to take down the enemies who were blocking the path.

Witnessing that, the enemies were confused.


Why isn’t this monster turning back now?

When they finally reached the top of the wall, Roman’s gaze turned to one person.

‘Edwin Hector.’

Hector’s Commander, the other goal of Roman.

The gates were destroyed, and the war was practically over.

In this oppressive situation, Edwin Hector felt confused.

‘Where did it go wrong?’

The plan was perfect.

Just by subduing the enemies in the rear position with a surprise attack, he thought that he made the right decision.

It was then.

“Edwin Hector!”

Roman Dmitry appeared.

The soldiers were blocking the way, but they were easily defeated and died. The blood of those he killed was dripping from his sword.

Edwin Hector’s eyes were red and bloodshot as he looked at Roman Dmitry.

‘Right. Roman Dmitry. It is all because of him!’

There was no other reason.

Roman Dmitry defended the 5th defensive line, which was supposed to be taken as planned. With his guerrilla operation, Roman led the troops to defeat the Hector Kingdom. As a result, thousands of the Hector Kingdom’s soldiers died.

The plan went differently from the start, and they captured the front line of the defense positions again. But then Roman Dmitry, who was hiding like a ghost, opened the gates and now appeared in front of him.

If God existed, he wanted to ask him one thing.

He made himself known as the Star of Hector. Then why did he send Roman Dmitry to the Cairo Kingdom?

This was a complete defeat both in strategy and force. Edwin Hector couldn’t defeat Roman Dmitry.

“This war was wrong from the start. From the moment I realized there was a variable called ‘you’, I knew I had to kill you somehow.”


He raised his mana.

The enemies headed for the fort.

Hearing the screams of soldiers from all directions, Edwin Hector knew that it would be difficult to return alive.

But he had no intention of dying so helplessly.

“Even if I die, Roman Dmitry. You will be my companion to the underworld.”


He opened the magic circles.

Edwin Hector risked his life.


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