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Hey Guys~~~

It’s me, I am writing this to inform you all of somethings

1) it’s about Austin’s bloodline, some said that the Emperor’s daughter should have the same felling to, it’s wrong. A person could be born with any bloodline and Olivia was born with the founding Emperor’s

2) as for the contract part of Austin’s bloodline, I too was conflicted on giving it and seeing that many didn’t appreciate it, I will be making a small changes from this chapter onwards, it would be so that whoever has a contact would only feel attracted to him and won’t outright fall In love with him

3) now about the NTRing part, I think that I had enough of introducing it for now, so from now on wards I would be focusing on all the capture targets(there might be more in the future who knows?)

4)I had seen that some of you had pointed out that the goddesses characters are similar to the ones in the novel “I was summoned to another world but that world was at peace” and I am here to tell you….of course they look the same!!, I did plan their images based on them but there might be some differences(after all to me their are one of the best goddesses I met, if you know what I mean??)

So that’s all!! And thank you for reading my work?


looking at the violet haired women walking towards me my mind quickly searched about all the information i knew about her

in the game there were several players who had tried their best to conquer this women but none had succeeded, even i had tried only to end up in disappointment

the thing was that this women only had 2 things she cared and thought about one Her family and two magic

if you are not either of these then you are not her concern, it seemed that the game producers had created her so that she couldn’t be conquered, hence her name was itched into the chart for the unconquered

while i was at it i activated the read function


Name: Mira Lionheart

Sex: Female

Age: 35

species: Human

Talent: 10/10

Power: Half step Imperial

Title: The magic addict, magic freak, talent of a century….etc

Love: 93% (familial love)

Description: ever since she could understand about the world, she had deeply fell in love with magic, she desires to reach the peak of magic

>even though she desires to only focus on her magic deep within her heart she desires for love

>she has a small disappointment due to not being able to find someone she could fall in love with

Difficulty: SSS(Bro she sees you as her little nephew, plus adding the normal difficulty of conquering you better buckle up)


seeing her information my eyes almost bulged out, leaving aside the fact she’s already a half step imperial, what’s with this level of difficulty, it’s not like she’s the dragon princess or something?

‘hey system, why’s her difficulty so high?’

[Host should take into account that the difficulty of each target is tailor made for the host]

[if it was some else it might be SS+ or SS, because of your family ties the difficulty rose]

[The system calculates all probabilities and then only would it give out an answer]

hearing the systems reply i got the gist of what’s happening, basically because it’s me the difficulty rose

while i was thinking Mira came closer, so i through all my distracting thoughts aside and quickly ran up to Mira, putting on a happy and excited expression i ran into her embrace, looking at her i asked

“Aunt Mira when did you arrive?”

Mira then looked at me, she happily hugged me back but at the same time she felt that Austin was a bit different, as if he was more innocent or charming?

Well she was not the only one even Grace and Eleanor felt it but they attributed it to the fact that

Since he almost died, they must have felt that he was more precious now

Shaking her thoughts away Mira spoke

“of course i would come, how could i stay still knowing that my little nephew is in trouble”

hearing her call me little i really wanted to scream back ‘how do you know i am little?’

but i held myself back and smiled at her sheepishly, as if i was a kid caught doing something wrong, according to my memories Austin really did have good relationship with this aunt of his

seeing me smile Mira held my cheeks and twisted them and i cried out in indignantly, after taking a good look at me and seeing that i was alright Mira smiled

she then looked towards Eleanor and gave a nod

“it’s nice to meet you again Bow Empress”

Eleanor smiled and responded back curtly

“it’s good to see you too Mira, looks like you are getting stronger too”

“yes, i am”

as they were talking among themselves some more people entered the room, it was the Emperor, Empress and Olivia

they came upto me for a small chat, taking with them i noticed that the Empress behaving a bit abnormally, i could understand the reason, so looking at her i discreetly gave her a small wink

as for Olivia i just put on a small domineering attitude , i pulled her close and said slowly to her ears

“Olivia you better remember what i said to you earlier and if you ever want the video back just fight me for it but if you loose the punishment won’t be small”

after i said those words i felt her body tremble a bit, after that they all had some talk with me and left, after all i am in recovery right now and i need rest, i lay on the bed and quickly fell asleep

it was night and i was sleeping when i felt somebody touching my body, i got startled and woke up, sitting up a mind blowing scenery appears in front of me

in front of me sat Lora, if that was all it was not a problem, but right now sitting in front of me she only had lingerie on

her huge breast was being held by a black sexy bra which seemed to push her breast higher while downwards she was wearing a black laced panty, her blue yes was completely on me

overall she gave off a huge amount of sex appeal, seeing me wake up her eyes lit up, instead of her usually cold eyes it was currently filled with immense love and desire

as soon as i sat up i put a stupefied expression, unconsciously i muttered


hearing my reply a small blush formed on her face, which furthered her beauty in a way, seeing her like this i felt my body get hotter

‘oh god give me control!’

“wh-what are you doing here?”

hearing my question she frowned but in the end she came close to me and spoke

“do you not feel it honey~~~❤”

at the same time her hand held my chest tracing over it, when i heard her words i felt my body go soft, i quickly started thinking about some other shit to distract my self but at the same time a plan to make best out of the situation to formed

i quickly held her hand and put on a very gentle expression

“sigh… you felt it too Lora?”

hearing me call her name directly Lora trembled, along with my gentle expression she felt her heart beat faster

“felt it?, i always felt it, i was always in love with you Austin”

feeling ‘touched’ i went closer to her face and held it

“me too, i too always felt my heart beat for you but you were already uncles so i had to let you go”

hearing my reply Lora’s face brightened, as if the fear she had vanished, she quickly held my face and brought it in for a kiss

slowly but surely our lips meet, at first it was a small touch but later it quickly got heated up our lips battled for dominance

i bit on her lips to open her mouth and inserted my tongue into hers, i found her tongue and we started to exchange saliva

at the same time my hand found themselves onto her breasts, i took that huge mass of flesh and gave it a squeeze Lora moaned

leaving the kiss with a bridge of saliva between us i unhooked her bra and 2 glorious tits appeared on my veiw, her breasts was huge and both her nipples quickly hardened under my watch

without any hesitation i held one of her breasts and started sucking in it while my other hand held her other breast and started pinching it

i held her nipple in my mouth and gave it a small bite at the same time pinched the other


Lora moaned out sensually, i started to flick her nipple with my tounge while my hand stared twisting the other nipple

after a nice suck i let the both go, i pulled both her nipple together and bit them and sucked them at the same time

“ah~~~~so rough~~~❤”

Lora got hold of my head and held it at place, while i started to suck on her breasts, after a minute of sucking and pinching i felt her body tremble, she cummed

after that she fell into the bed taking rough breaths, the area under her pussy was leaking with her nectar, going closer towards her i gave a peck on her lips, to which she pulled me closer for another deep kiss, quickly we started sucking on each others lips

just when i felt her body heat up i stopped, puzzled she looked at me

“we have to stop now Lora”

i said to her with with a ‘sad’ and ‘disappointed’ expression

“why, what happened?”

Lora asked she had a frown on her face

“Lora you should now you status, your married to the Emperor, if you did this your life might be destroyed”

i said those words with a ‘pained’ expression, as if letting her go was very ‘painful’ for me, seeing my expression Lora’s eyes got a bit wet

“don’t worry my body only belongs to you, i know that i might not be a virgin and all but believe me i haven’t let the Emperor touch me in a long time”

taking one of my hand she led it towards her pussy

“my body only belong to you for now nad forever”

but before my hands reached her i withdrew it back holding her face i explained to her about my situation and promised her that i would sleep with her when i turned 17

it’s only after a bit of taking and persuading her that Lora finally smiled, after promising her again that i would make her mine she dressed up and left

after she left i fell on to my bed exhausted, i might only be the person who must have cucked 2 Emperors on the same day

2 months later~~~~~~~~

Grace was in her office doing her work when a maid ran up to the room with a letter

“Miss, the young master he!”

While in her house Eleanor held a letter written by her beloved disciple

At the same time I was in a carriage heading towards another kingdom, and as for why? There are 3 main reasons for it, the first one it was to meet some of the capture targets who haven’t become powerful or you know popular yet

Second reason was to use the information part of the system and find some of the forgotten historic worlds and earn their power

And for the third it was to find my self powerful subordinates, according to my memories there were some main key characters that had yet to awaken or find a treasure, some in great despair to, at that time I Would be their beacon giving them hope earning their loyalty

‘Sigh~~~there’s a lot to do’


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