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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 41: A Dragon Acquired Bahasa Indonesia

it looks like it’s a success seeing her status, after the process ended i quickly removed my invisibility, seeing me appear Vena’s calm eyes lit up, her eyes were literally having stars in them

i suddenly felt a pull and the next thing i know i am sitting in her lap, relaxing my self i turned my head and looked into her eyes, the eyes which should have hate at me currently only has immense amount of love for me

curious i asked

“how do you feel right now?, do you hate me?”

my question seemed to her confused her a bit so she thought a bit and spoke

“are you asking what happened after my love really bloomed?”

“it’s simple actually, you see it’s just that my ‘ego’ had just replaced the previous one”

“your ego?”

“it’s like this since i had awakened my bloodline i always had a feeling that there was a soulmate for me but my other personality refused to fall in love due to a bloodline attraction”

“so two personalities were formed, due to us dragon’s being more prideful the ‘ego’ which wanted to fall in love naturally took more control while i was locked, it was only when you awakened your bloodline i gained the strength to fight back”

listening to Vena talk i got the general gist of the stuff, it seems that the bloodline basically supplies the feeling and characters of the previous ancestor, while i was thinking i could see Vena hesitating to speak about something

“if you want to ask me something just ask”

“why are you alive even after breaking you vow?”

Vena was really curious, no being was capable of using goddess Sylvia’s name as a vow and live, how did her beloved do it?

instead of answering her i just gave her a mysterious smile, placing a finger on my lips i said

“it’s a secret”

hearing my reply Vena pouted and as for how i am alive it’s simple actually, all creations of the Sylvia realm belong to goddess Sylvia so making a vow on her means that their soul is bound to her and responds to her

but i am different my soul technically dosen’t belong to this world nor Sylvia’s, hence using her name doesn’t really affect me since i don’t belong to her ‘creations’

while i was thinking i felt a small bite on my and ear my body shivered at that touch

“ha….ha..do you know how long i was waiting to meeet you, i was dying to just get my hands on you”

as Vena spoke i felt her hands traveling into my shirt while her kisses went to my neck, she slowly started to sucking on my neck, my body shivered in pleasure

“wa-wait control yourself”

Turning around i could see that Vena’s eyes was glazed and her face a bit red, as soon as i turned around she pulled me in and kissed my lips

at first she was just passive but then she quickly started to get wilder, our lips stuck to each other and she stated sucking on my lips, she bit my lips and started ravaging it

in the middle she brought her tongue into mine without rejecting her i opened my mouth and let her tongue in, while we were kissing our tongues began a battle, saliva fell from our mouths

saliva was exchanged between both of us, she brought my tongue out and started sucking on it while her hands found themselves inside my dress

my hands to were not resting i placed my hands on her bountiful breast and gave it a squeeze, slowly my right hand held her right breast and squeezed it roughly i located her nipple over her dress which had grown stiff and gave it a pull


i felt her moan into my mouth, both my hands found her stiff nipple over her clothes and twisted them, then she let go of my mouth, just as we separated saliva strings attached both our lips


both of us were breathing loudly just as her hands were moving lower i caught it

“no we can’t go any further than this”

“why?, whats the problem”

her tone was clearly annoyed she was just getting into the mood too

“due to certain reason’s i cant loose my virginity till i am 17”

my tone was serious ‘damn it i really lost my self back then, this women is a vixen i can’t let my guard down around her’

i can’t really touch her too, if i had a choice i wouldn’t choose to activate the contract on her but i had too, the reason?

“hey Vena even if i had removed the contract the other Vena would have still killed me right?”

my question stumped her, her rising lust stopped, she hesitated at first but still in the end she nodded

‘i knew it!’

dragon’s themselves are proud and arrogant, so how was she to leave a person who could control her, especially her feelings, she would have killed me no matter what i had done, that’s why i took that risk

As for asking the other Vena to take a vow, the moment I said that she would have killed me, controlling myself i asked

“where am i actually, what did you do?”

“nothing much i just created a fake realty in front of the people looking after you, while i created this fake dimension to bring you here”

hearing her reply i was in awe for a moment, she entered the palace without nobody knowing and tricked an imperial into imagining something else no wonder they say dragons are god’s on land

“Wait we forgot to even introduce ourselves”

It’s only then that I pointed out that I ‘didn’t’ know her identity, hearing my question she made a small smile and said

“My names Vena Dragoneer, the current Dragon Empress and the ex wife of the current Dragon emperor”

Hearing her answer I reacted ‘surprised’, seeing my reaction she smiled

“Why you scared?”

Holding her hands in an affectionate tone I said

“Why should I?, you choose me, so you will be mine no matter what”

Hearing my reply Vena was dazed for a bit before she again gave me a kiss on my lips

“Wait, your ex husband?”

“Yeah ex, after all from now onwards you are my hubby”

With that she hugged me tight and I relaxed myself on her breast

“what do you plan to do from now, what are you going to do about that husband of yours?”

“nothing much the person who i love completely is you hubby~~~❤”

saying so she slides my dress a bit and started nibbling on my shoulder trying to leave a hickey there, after doing so and being satisfied only did she stop

“i know your worries, that man won’t suspect a thing, i will just wait till you get strong then”

at the same time she took out a small badge and gave it to me

“i can’t be around you all the time, so when you need me just pass your mana into it and i will appear, i will be waiting for you to contact me hubby~~❤”

after that she gave me a small peck on my lips and disappeared at the same time the space around me cracked and when i opened my eyes again i was in the same room but my mother was sitting close to me and i could see Eleanor too

as soon as i moved i could see my mother looking at me she quickly pulled me into a hug and started crying seeing that i hugged her back and started consoling

“you are not allowed to do something like that ever again”

with a bit of tears in her eyes my mother looked at me seriously and started scolding me after that i had a few rounds of shouting from Eleanor, after all of that i asked how my sisters were and Grace said that they were fine and resting

it’s at this time the door opened and a veiled violet hair women entered seeing her i went into daze for a moment but i quickly recovered and looked at her

Mira Lionheart in this life of mine she’s my aunt, in my memories to i have chatted with her but in the game she’s a capture target too

in the coming years she would be appointed as the Babylon school’s principal, so who doesn’t like a sweet principal-student romance?

but the problem was that during the game no one had conquered her


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