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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 371: The tunnel Bahasa Indonesia

“Just what is this?”

Sabrina asked with a frown as she looked down at the body, after Austin had killed it, the body itself started to wither and soon turn into a dusty skeleton, shimmering in the color red,

“You don’t know?”

Austin spoke, standing beside her, his eyes peering through the skeleton,

“No, the reason I even came to this place is that I thought that it might have a hint to my problems”

She spoke, her hands touching the skeleton, feeling its texture and perhaps trying to make out what kind of elf that they had faced,

“You must have dug deep into the history of the Elven kingdom to even find this place”

Austin spoke, to this she just nodded her head as she focused on finding any clue, sadly she kept looking for 19 minutes, trying all location spells she can, yet she came out without any idea,

“Just what kind of elf is it?”

Sabrina asked standing up, her face narrowed with a frown,

“You won’t believe me even if I say it, it’s better for you to find the truth by yourself”

Austin said as he started to walk forward, while Sabrina gazed at his back, her curiosity about the man in front of her burning higher and higher, without saying anything she caught up to him, and the two of them soon resumed their walk through this dark and dreary place,

“So tell me how did someone as powerful as you lose someone precious?”

Sabrina asked in a nonchalant voice, not minding the fact that she was ripping deep into a wound that might be deadly,

‘Looks like she still can’t keep that testing quality of hers inside’

Austin thought, while on the outside his face was calm, not much reaction took place as he replied in a placid tone,

“Too much talent created an arrogance that got into my head and this arrogance just lead to a downfall”

He spoke, though as he finished speaking his hand whipped forward faster than Sabrina could react hitting her right in the stomach and sending her flying and crashing into the wall,


A small line of blood left Sabrina’s mouth as she staggered on the wall, Austin turned towards her, his eyes more serious than ever, squatting down he came face to face with the beaten princess,

“Remember this princess, we are not friends, you rejected that didn’t you, so let me get this straight into your head, we aren’t even on the same level”

His words made Sabrina’s eyes widen, her mistake now hitting her,

‘She’s too used to everything working out by her plans that, she has forgotten that the one in control here isn’t her’

Austin’s hand went forward this time holding Sabrina’s cheeks, as he made her look at him,

“You are a very smart woman, so you should understand when to pull your schemes back, you are right I need you but if you become too much I don’t mind ending your life with my hands”

Saying till here Austin unleashed his killing intent, covering Sabrina completely on it, making her body flinch, while cold sweat filled her back, closing her eyes she sighed as she spoke out,

“I apologize, this shall not happen again”


Austin nodded his head with a smile as he healed her up in a second, giving her his hand he pulled her up as he spoke,

“Let’s go, shall we?”

He said as he started to walk forward, with Sabrina now walking behind him, this time quiet.

+100 affection!

‘Yeah, none of them are normal’

If Austin didn’t know better he would have thought that Sabrina was a masochist but he knew that’s not the case, the affection that he got out of her is due to her inner pride and narcissism flaring up, he’s sure that once all this is over she will use all the resources in her hands to find out about all about him, hoping for something that could one-up him,

‘But that felt really good’

Austin couldn’t deny the fact that punching one of the capture targets felt a bit satisfying, he had to go through hell to get strong and prepare several tatics to capture their heart, sure he will fall in love with them but a letting a bit of his irritation go isn’t all that bad, not like with her beauty and mind he won’t be able to love her,


Snarling sounds filled the tunnel as Austin looked forward, coming face to face with three more ugly-looking elves hunching over on their fours, their blood-red eyes gazing at them with animalistic greed. Just like before the three of them distempered at great speeds and appeared beside the duo.

Two of the elves focused on Austin while the last one aimed at Sabina, these three too had some blood red weapon in their arms, sword, spear, and a hammer, the first two aiming to pierce Austin while the third aimed to crush Sabrina.

But to Austin everything looked slow, he waved his hand in a simple motion spreading a small undetectable destructive wave to the two attackers that turned them to dust, they didn’t even get a chance to scream, after killing his attackers in a second Austin turned toward Sabrina that was taking the brunt of an attack.

She was calm in the face of the hammer, her eyes lighting up as plants of unknown origin broke through, barriers of a different kind had already filled her body, this all happened in a second as the hammer attack was going to land on the plants but suddenly the last elf’s red eyes seemed to lit up in a red hue, which caused a sudden brought of a spike in Sabrina’s blood, taking away all her focus thus destroying all her moves.

It was just a split second but the hammer was now at her head, aiming to crush her, she didn’t panic as her body lit up in a dark hue, which caused the attacking elf to be held in place, that was the beginning as the body soon turned into dark black color as it melted to the ground becoming just goo,

“You could have helped”

Sabrina complain a bit as blood started to fall from her nose, while she clutched her head,

“Cool power”

Austin said as he came closer to her and healed her up in a second, she turned to look at him as she requested,

“Do you have any way to share that healing power of yours? nobody’s capable of healing me when I use this power, this ability of yours will be greatly useful to me”

“Sorry can’t do”

Austin directly rejected making Sabrina sigh in sadness, while a hidden glint passed in her eyes, for a second her eyes even resembled a snake,

“Leave it then, you can at least tell me what that was?”

She asked to this a thoughtful look took Austin’s before which he spoke,

“It’s simple actually that elf just took control of your blood for a moment”

“My blood?”

Sabrina asked with an incredulous voice, well she had all the right to be, how couldn’t she when she gets to know that there is something there that can take control of someone’s blood? such a power is definitely needed to be feared,

“You don’t have to worry much, this one seemed to only cause a small fluctuation on you”

Austin said,

“So there exists something that can take complete control over my blood?”

Sabrina asked picking up on the wordplay of Austin to this he just shrugged his shoulder as he started to walk forward,

“Who knows maybe? why are you scared?”

His teasing words were left behind as he started to walk forward, Sabrina looked at his back while she turned to look at the way she came from, she contemplated for a moment, after which she shook her head and started to follow Austin,

‘This better be worth it’


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