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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 370: The Bloody Elf Bahasa Indonesia

“You seemed to be quite accomplished in the ancient elven language”

Sabrina spoke with a curious look as she viewed Austin moving with expert precision, his movement showed that he seemed to be more tuned with the language than her! this was surely a great surprise to her, though this only added to her curiosity.

Austin didn’t respond to her words as he kept moving the patterns around unlike what Sabrina thought, he isn’t more accomplished than her in the language it’s just that the eyes he steeled is just a lot more special than anyone could imagine, hidden under a veil, Austin’s eyes were lighting up in several colors and unique patterns.

Thanks to his eyes he’s capable of easily breaking the code that will stump even the greatest of minds, few seconds ticked by in silence as Austin kept working on the patterns, soon the final part of the puzzle was added as the door burst out with shinning light, forcing the two of them to close their eyes, the light stayed for a second before disappearing.

Slowly the two of them opened their eyes as they were met with a glittering door, its patterns now a different shape as several elves could be seen prancing around in colorful lights, a huge tree was displayed as its branches swayed around, and the elves seemed to be dancing around the tree,

“The world tree Yggdrasil”

Sabrina spoke with awe in her voice, be it all Elves they highly respect the world tree that holds the realm of the fairies together, their respect and worship for Orpheus is beyond imagination too,

“If I could only once step in Yggdrasil”

She muttered with a desiring look, causing Austin’s lips to twitch a bit, thinking about it, how would her reaction be when she hears that not only has he entered inside the tree but also fucked Orpheus nice and hard in it? yeah, just the talk of this would have him be hunted down by all the elves, not like that would go for long, not with two sugar mommy goddesses standing behind him,

“Let’s go”

Austin spoke as he held the door to open it, a click was heard as he slowly opened the door, as the door opened the two of them peered into it, coming upon the sight of a dark weary tunnel-like path,

“Okay, that was kind of surprising”

Sabrina spoke with a hint of disappointment and Austin nodded supporting her words,

“Before we enter, do you have an idea of what lay ahead?”

Sabrina asked,

“I have quite some understanding”

Austin said,

“Those people, are they after me because they have an idea of what I am?”

She asked,


And Austin agreed, seeing so Sabrina turned silent, she looked at the path that lay ahead as she asked her last question,

“Will this trip grant the answers to my question?”

“Not all but some”

He spoke, hearing so she turned towards him as she spoke,

“Thank you”

“What for?”

Austin asked,

“Whatever may be your reason the gift you gave me before is really helpful”

She said, seeing so a simple smile lit Austin’s face for a moment,

“Never thought you can be grateful”

He said,

“Humph, you should be honored for it”

She huffed as she entered inside the tunnel, seeing so he shook his head, probably not many knew but the elegant, kind and seemingly perfect elven princess is a narcissist and a pretty high one at that, perhaps a side effect of his actions but he will take this Sabrina over the one he knew in the game,

“Yes, I will be very grateful”

He said in a sarcastic time as he followed after her, entering inside the tunnel and just as he did the door behind the two of them shut tight, drawing them into darkness, it didn’t last as a second later the whole tunnel lit up in blue mixed with red. The mana around them started to shift and swirl up above them as a single eye appeared up above, its gaze peering down at the duo,

“A human and royal el-um?”

The voice that seemed to be speaking suddenly stopped, seemingly having found something of interest, the one eye above is now completely focused on Sabrina looking her up and down, it kept such gaze for a few seconds,

“I guess this is fate….”

The voice finally spoke again with a hint of nostalgia, mixed with regret,

“Go forth, face the challenges and earn the right, along with it learn the bloody history hidden in the darkest annals of the Eleven Empire”

As the final words were heard the eye disappeared leaving the two of them looking at each other,

“That was quite a cliche”

Austin spoke,

“You read my mind”

Sabrina replied as the two of them gazed back at the path that lay ahead, in sync the two started to walk forward, taking calm calculated steps, only the sound of them walking could be heard, the echoing sounds of their step being heard around,

“So, how much will you answer if I ask?”

Sabrina suddenly asked as they kept walking,

“Depends on my wishes”

Austin said, hearing so she started,

“What happened during the time that you seemed to go missing?”

She asked,

“I traveled all around”

“So the rumors that you were thrown away due to not having talent is a lie, right?”

She asked,


He confirmed,

“Royal-based shit?”

“Of course”

To his immediate reply, she nodded her head with a nostalgic look,

“Being there”

She said,

“It’s the worst right?”

Austin said,

“Yeah, it’s a pain, so why hide all that power?”

“Why hide all your power?”

The question he asked back made her silent and just as she was going to reply the two of them felt a movement at the front, the tunnel was like a never-ending straight line, and the front and back is dark, as they keep walking the path ahead was only lighting up,


A hoarse voice called out, sounding croaked and broken, and soon an elf appeared in front of them, its appearance causing Sabrina’s eyes to widen.

The elf had the same slim appearance as the other elves, the major difference was that this elf was on its fours like a beast, its body skeleton-like while two blood-pulsing eyes scanned them from the gaps of the huge red hair covering its face, its body barely had any covering, while red blood pumping veins could be seen all around its body.

And the main thing about the elf was that it was ugly…

Yep, it looked very ugly with its red teeth barking at them as if it was some sort of animal,

“Um…that’s new”

Austin spoke as he gazed at the abomination looking at them with murderous intent, taking a look to his side Austin could see that Sabrina was totally stunned,


A quaking shout left its mouth as the elf or the beast suddenly appeared in front of them, in its hand was a small red dagger aiming to slash at Austin who in a simple fashion raised his hand at a speed far above which the elf could register and caught its neck, its body was immediately immobilized, the only thing it could do was thrash around, its hand wiping at Austin but nothing happened at all.


The sound of the neck being crushed was heard, and the elf took its final breath, Auston loosened his hand as the body fell to the ground, and just as it did the dagger seemed to lose its state as turned to liquid.


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