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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 37: Awakening(2) Bahasa Indonesia

while i was thinking of a heart moving speech i recieved some notification but i put it away for now as i had more important thinks to deal with, currently looking up at the ancestor and putting on a “pained” expression as if i was on my last stand

“what happens to my sister if i give up?”

Instead of answering the ancestor looked me up and down for a moment

“you would survive”

that’s right the ancestor Luke didn’t give me a direct answer but it could still be derived, so i started giving him my protagonist bullshit

“then i reject your offer”

“why go to such lengths?, why go through a situation you know that you would not win?”

‘the hell how would you know that i won’t win, i haven’t even used my last trump cards yet!’

while cursing my ancestor i outwardly put on a poker face of a child endearing the “pain” on his body

“because i don’t care what happens to me as long as i can protect my family then in the end it’s worth it”

‘yup, plus if i die i am surely going to be tortured in hell, so it’s better to have my bloodline’

“my father sacrificed his life to protect mine, in the end his only wish was for me to protect my family”

‘yup, i don’t know the guy but i sure as hell gonna take good care of his wife and daughter’s’

“back then when my father fought for my life and died i blamed myself for being weak and useless but this time i will protect my family with my strength”

‘damn, that felt good, no wonder those MC’s from the novel always said such words, it feels so damn cool!’

while hiding my real thoughts i put on a serious expression outside not knowing that my words deeply hit the hearts of all the girls watching

Elda and Nora completely fell for Austin giving him his heart, Grace seeing her child standing so tall to protect her family had tears fall which she thought had extinguished, along with it a small forbidden seed was planted

Olivia seeing Austin even standing to fight after all this felt both respect and a small foreign emotion, a very minuscule one started to form, as her the Empress Lora she needed to change her panties after it became drenched

all the figures floating above the sky now had some form of respect for him, all the divine weapons who were secretly watching quickly took their stance

Luke looked at his descendant one last time before he gave a nod

“then do what you must”

after that all of them disappeared, and the fight continues, just as i was about to pull out my last trump card, a message appeared


[Quest criteria completed]

[even in the face of despair and failure you stood to your ideals, the temptation of freedom didn’t sway you, hence your bloodline roars with approval]


special quest completed :

>Bloodline: The Hidden Hero

>Difficulty: SSS

>Description: Hero’s aren’t born but they are made, you choosing to step up to save your family has been felt by your bloodline, so follow your will to the end

•Help and save your sisters in awakening thier bloodline

>Reward: The awakening of your hidden bloodline

>Bloodline awakened


suddenly i felt my blood boil, my body started to heat up, purple and crimson mana started to surround me all the arrows on my body flew away and blood flowed, my consciousness started to fade, suddenly different scenes and information started to flow through me

i saw a black haired purple eyed man stranding and fighting, i saw him firing an arrow ripping the world,i saw several women’s accompanying him to fight the world and many more

at the same time on the outside, everybody saw Austin making his choice and getting ready to battle but then suddenly purple and crimson mana started to surround him and the humanoids going to attack him stopped in fear

yes fear!, those energy based, unemotional dolls felt fear, they felt dread, while those watching in the viewing room almost had their eyes pop out

“”what’s happening to him?”

Grace asked although she had a rough idea

“bloodline awakening”

Bruce spoke, at some point both Eleanor and Bruce had returned to the room both looked normal not giving any information about their fight

but if some one was to look closely they would be able to see the small amout of blood left in his lips, and the fear he showed when he looked at Eleanor

“three people belonging to the same family that too siblings all of them awakening their bloodline, that’s unprecedented”

“you should be proud of giving birth to such extraordinary children’s”

Eleanor spoke to Grace bringing a small smile at her face, while the Emperor though silent had many dangerous thoughts running in his mind

at the same time no one noticed the Empress who freezed up, just as Austin had began to activate his bloodline, the Empress felt her bloodline boil and something within her became active

the strong obsession she had became more stronger,the hesitation she had vanished, something within her bloodline pumped more feelings into her

at the same time across the world some women’s who had awakened their bloodline felt their bloodline roar, as if something that it belonged to awakened

at the same time the mana covering Austin rose up to the sky under the watchful eyes of others it formed an image of a man above Austin, he had black hair reaching his back and purple eyes like Austin’s

as soon as the man’s form was completed he waved his hand causing all the enemies to be blasted off, after that i fell directly with my face facing the ground not being able to move

‘shit!, what an anticlimactic ending!’

just as i was about to relax myself and let myself fall unconscious I heard some movement from my front, at the same time i heard some indescribable screaming from my sisters

i didn’t know it but at this time the so called commander who should have been defeated stood up, unlike it’s previous form, it looked ragged and hurt, it was barely surviving

slowly but surely it began to walk towards me, it’s each step causing the on lookers heart to clench but just as it was about to walk to me and kill me, something made a move

among the divine weapons who were watching and itching to run to Austin’s arms, a small rusted and dirty harp was slowly laying there

it saw everything that happened, Austin’s pain, suffering and determination and when he awakened his bloodline it finally made it’s move

before the commander could do anything it flew directly to it’s barrier, the so called A.I system that controls the historic world, tried to stop it as within it’s world everything is equal

but even with it’s power over the dimension, the harp ripped through the barrier like knife through butter and under everyone’s astonished eyes a small dirty harp arrived in front of the commander

before the commander could do anything, the harp produced a small sound that directly ripped the commander to pieces

after that it moved towards me, while i had no idea about, while all this happened i was in the ground eating dirt, just as i was about to fall unconscious i felt my bloodline attracted

as if something that was very dear to me was coming closer and before i knew it i was floating above the ground now face up and saw a brown and rusty harp

without my own will a small drop of my blood left my body and flew towards the harp and as soon as it combined with the harp, a bright light suddenly came from it

under everyone’s eyes, the rusty aura surrounding the harp began to lose and a bright blue color began to surround it

a blue beautiful harp came into everyone’s view, it had several patterns around it giving it a beautiful look, even an idiot who couldn’t appreciate beauty will be moved by it

while everyone was enjoying it’s beauty several other things where happening along with it, just as the harp had regained its look and aura

thousands of mile away in an underground area there slept a dragon, it was completely black in colur and it lay there without any movement, there was no aura from it as if it was dead

the dragon slowly opened it’s eyes which wasn’t opened in many years, feeling the harps familiar aura a tinge of fear passed through its prideful eyes

far away from the dragon, in a mansion within the olive forest there sat an elf, it looked old and skinny as if the elf was closing death but the aura around him would say something else

feeling a familiar aura he opened his eyes, the elf’s memory seemed to have traveled way into the past remembering something but feeling the harps aura again a great feelin of danger filled him

within the Silvie realm in a small mansion a girl was walking she looked to be about 16 and the word petite was best to describe her, if those lolicons saw her they woukd pick her up and run

she had sky blue hair with some pink on it her face was extremely cute and she was had heterochromia, one of her eyes was blue and the other pink

but that was not the weirdest thing about her, the aura around her seemed to change, sometimes it was of a cheerful girl and the other time a mature aura of a person who had lived for more than a millennium came from her

feeling something she moved her gaze to a certain direction her eyes pierced through space and arrived at Austin’s location, seeing him and the harp she smiled

“looks like the future won’t be very boring”

after that she skipped and moved away

within the gods realm in it’s highest location surrounded by fog, a location where even the 3 supreme goddesses won’t enter without permission

within the fog there was a throne and a women sat on it, she could only be described as the very

definition of beauty

her face could cause the world to go to war for it, any man looking at her would loose his control, pink hair that fell beyond her shoulder, a body with the perfect balance of ass and breast

a slim wait to hold her perfectly, suddenly the women opened her eyes, her eyes was the color of a ruby, making it the perfect piece to her already perfect face

it would have been completely perfect if her eyes wasn’t cold or emotionless, it wasn’t formed from experience or life

it just is, to her the rock on a road and a person on the road was no different, the world itself was boring and uninteresting to her

her eyes tore through the world arriving at Austin’s location, she saw throughout his past, present and alternatives of his future

and for the first time in her life a tinge of interest glowed in her eyes, for the first time something caught her interest

after that she closed her eyes, what’s to come will come


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