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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 36: Awakening Bahasa Indonesia

just as the slash was finished i gained a quick breathing space i used it to draw my bow to fire 2 flame arrows, i quickly fired 2 of the arrows at the humanoids attacking the barrier, creating a wall of flames blocking them

i quickly activated the band to move through the encirclement , i quickly phased throught the humanoids who were confused after their target disappeared, i moved among them arriving in front of the barrier where the now undying flame was being put out

standing within the space created i deactivated the band and quickly drew the void arrow and fired at the commander, as the arrow flew towards it a shield user quickly stood in front to block the arrow but the arrow passed through the shield user and flew towards the commander

but instead of hitting the commander the arrow was dodged and broken by the commander

‘looks like it’s not all talk’

i stood back straight and looked at my current circumstances, i had different types of these humanoids attacking me from all around me and all i had was a bow and some arrows

with a smile i gathered all my mana and took out three arrows the frost,flames and void arrows and then i added a spell [combine]

all of a sudden all the three arrows gathered together, as they combined to one an extremely eye catching arrow was created, without any hesitation i quickly gathered my momentum and started spinning and fired the arrow while multiplying it

i focused more the humanoids on my back to get rid of the danger they pose, after half a minute i stopped spinning, i could see that all of those that covered my back dissapeared but there still remained at least 30 left

it’s at this time i heard a cracking sound and saw that the barrier protecting my sister’s break at the same time arrows rained from the sky, turning around i saw the commander protected by it’s soldiers standing strong

Elda and Nora looked at the rain of arrows quickly arriving at them, they closed their accepting their fate perhaps this is better, as after they died maybe their brother would survive

but even after closing their eyes for a few seconds nothing happened opening their eyes they were greeted with the sight of Austin towering over them, with arrows plunged into him!!

blood flowed from his body but he still stood tall protecting them


“Big brother!!”

Nora and Elda called out in despair but i didn’t respond i only gave them a feeble smile, which caused their falling tears to increase

while at the same time in the viewing room Eleanor broke the tiles under her releasing all of her power in rage!

Grace broke down completely in tears while her heart broke, the pressure from Eleanor caused others to be quickly pushed back

“where is your historic world connected?”

Eleanor’s voice was soft but the power in each of her words weren’t, Claus the Emperor eyes flashed with anger

“Bow Empress i put up with you till now on the fact that you were Austin’s teacher but the things you have done now has gone too far”

instead of answering, Eleanor started laughing out laud, after laughing for a bit she spoke

“what great grandfather are you?”

Eleanor’s voice was filled with sarcasm

“what do you mean”

“there you see one of your descendant fighting for his life, no a 11 year old child is risking his life doing something which none of you had the backbone to do”

“and here you are watching it like it’s some sort of show”

“you are not fit to be related to Austin, he has twice the bravery than you who has lived for hundreds of years”

each of Eleanor’s words hit directly into Bruce’s heart raising his anger but he still controlled himself, he didn’t live all this life not knowing how to control his anger

“then what should i have done?”

“you know very well that nothing could be done”

Eleanor bit her lips at his words, she knew that all though she was strong, she didn’t have the ability to break into the historic world created by the founding ancestor, much less after it was strengthened by the past figures who left their legacies in it

“but i will still try”

Eleanor didn’t want to back up, no she didn’t want to loose Austin and she will do anything to get him back, she wouldn’t be able to handle loosing him

“then i will stop you”

Bruce didn’t back down either, they both quickly vanished bringing their fight some where else, at this time Olivia was looking at the screen right now her emotions where on a mess

she thought that she would be happy with seeing Austin being beaten up but she didn’t, she knew her sadistic side wanted to trample on him after he had dealt a blow to her pride

but she just couldn’t be happy seeing him now, everything that Austin did was to protect his sisters, even antagonizing her was for them, for a moment she was jealous

should she be happy or sad?, but she knew one thing right now that the hate she gathered for him before had decreased a bit

‘you better not die Austin’

while Olivia was going through her thoughts there was some else going through the same too, the Empress Lora was having suicidal tendencies

watching Austin get beaten up her anger and bloodlust flared up, she was even thinking of taking her life if Austin died!

every time Austin was hurt it was like her flesh was being ripped, she couldn’t handle it, she knew her thoughts were not healthy but she couldn’t stop

while all these people were having different thoughts the situation inside the historic world was changing

‘damn, i must look like a porcupine right now’

the moment i saw those arrows flying towards them i knew that with my limited mana i couldn’t do much so i had to move, even though i got hit my vitals were still protected

coughing a bit of blood i looked towards my sisters who were stunned not completely processing what happened, i weakly gave them a smile and slowly turned my body, with all the arrows on my body it was not easy

when i turned around i saw the remaining humanoids looking at me, they were getting ready to make their next move but suddenly they stopped, all of them froze

up above in the sky a figure started to form, it was Luke, the founding Emperor, he stood there in the sky floating and looking at me, the previous impassive eyes had a bit of respect in it, after him several other figures quickly started to form in the sky all of them famous and powerful individuals, it was Luke who spoke

“i have seen several kids enter this world and exit all of them having different talent and abilities”

“i have seen them live and die but i nor any of these consciousness within this world has never interfered in the trials”

“but for once we choose to interfere, boy no Austin i am giving you a chance right now to leave this trail with your life, take it”

“do you really have to go through all this pain and suffering?”

“i can see that you are using some kind of forbidden technique to draw power from your potential”

“i don’t want to see such a talented and willed child die, so take the offer”

the more Luke spoke the more dazed i became, pain?, suffering?

bro i don’t feel any pain right now, sure i look all beaten up but I am not even in a bit of pain and as for forbidden technique

i am just drawing large amount of mana from the ring i wear, what the hell are you saying?

wait, this could be the perfect show off moment, i quickly activated my bullshit speaking mode

while Auatin was thinking about heart moving words to say the girls who he thought was stunned quickly regained their focus

they looked towards Austin standing in front of them, he was standing in front of them filled with arrows yet, even after that he stood in front of them to protect them

the image of him standing in front of them, protecting them while being filled with arrows and blood was engraved into both Nora’s and Elda’s heart never to be forgotten in their life, at the same time small changes occured


[ Name: Nora Lionheart

Love: 100(sibling love)>>>100%(forbidden love)]



Name: Nora Lionheart

Love: 100%(forbidden love)

Remark: why is it you?


[Name Elda Lionheart

Love:100%(sibling love)>>>100%(forbidden love)]



Name: Elda Lionheart

Love: 100%(forbidden love)

Remark: Big brother is all i need



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