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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 345: Things GettingChaotic. Bahasa Indonesia

‘I need to first make her appreciate her charms more….’

Austin thought, nobody knew it but Marlene is extremely conscious about her charms, the beings of the sea who knows about Marlene’s achievements and has heard rumors about her fear and respect for her, but none had ever risen up to challenge her heart, everyone of them, felt unworthy.

The ones of the land even feared her more, there was once an idiot that ran behind her hoping to use her to himself, let’s just say that he didn’t have a very good ending, thus it cut off anybody of the land that wanted her heart, there’s also the deep thought in her that she wasn’t ‘woman’ like, Marlene believes that she doesn’t have any redeeming qualities that would make any man stay with her for long.

She was domineering by nature, it extended towards everything, it would be very hard for any man to casually have any relationship with her, it didn’t also help that her best friend, Catherine, the princess of the mermaid tribe was super famous, the number of proposals that come her way was a sight to gaze upon,

“What’s the plan?”

Marlene asked walking beside Austin, the previous embarrassment having left her, while she acted like nothing had happened, clearly she saw Austin’s moves as just some light teasing among friends,

“I was hoping you had one, you should have a way to meet up with your faction members, right?”

To his question, Marlene nodded her head with a bitter smile,

“I do but even those are being blocked by this damn seal”

Marlene said as she pointed at the seal symbol on her right hand, Austin stared at it before he spoke,

“Do you have any knowledge about this?”

Once again she shook her head,

“No idea, I haven’t seen such a seal before, its very complex, I can’t begin to imagine a power seal capable of sealing my powers”

Marlene spoke with a hint of dread to this Austin replied with a light smile,

“You don’t have to worry about that, I can see that this originates from a tool belonging to the ancient lost war”


Marlene asked with doubt, to which he nodded his head,

“Indeed, I dabble a bit in history, hence I am quite a knowledge about all these, you need not worry, whatever tool they used, it was a one-time application”

Hearing Austin’s words her expression turned much better,

“Then I shall take your word on it but do you have any way to remove this seal?”

Marlene asked with hope but sadly Austin shook his head,

“Rewriting the magic sequence of such a powerful magic tool is beyond me, maybe my aunt could do it”

“You mean the dean?”

Marlene questioned with a hint of admiration to her words, as a warrior she has come to hear a lot about Mira’s exploits thus raising a sense of admiration within her, seeing this a light smile lit Austin’s face,

“Yes the dean”

He replied as he kept walking forward,

“Do you have any idea on where we are? you have explored here before right?”

Austin questioned,

“It won’t matter, the position shift all the time, don’t you know that?”

She asked back,

“Well, I was just hoping you might have some idea”

Austin spoke as he shrugged his shoulder, it was then a low growl was heard as about three beasts jumped forth, all of the being of Origin level 3, it wasn’t of many problems as Marlene blasted forth with her spear as she attacked, her speed to fast to catch up on, as the three beasts head burst forth,

“Looks like we are on a low-level area”

Austin gave out his thoughts to which Marlene agreed,

“It looks like it, we seemed to be at the edge of the less powered area, if we need to find some treasure, we need to keep moving forward”

She spoke as her eyes surveyed the surroundings,

“Then let’s go”

Austin said as he took the lead, pulling her behind him as a calming aura washed over her, relaxing her muscle, while making the pain within her lessen, seeing this a weakened smile took over her face,

‘It seems I can’t hide it’

Marlene thought, while she acted out as if she was normal, she in fact wasn’t, the seal was bursting forth her body with pain, plus even though the potion had healed her, a significant amount of pain filled her, plus Marlene could feel it, little by little her body was getting hotter, while her head was feeling heavy.

Even though all this was happening she didn’t want to look weak in front of Austin, it was an inner trait that’s impossible to change, it was only to the ones truly deep in her heart does she show her weakened side too, thus resulting in her current situation where she’s acting as she’s fine,

‘This is a new feeling’

Looking forward she could see Austin’s broad back as he lead the way forward, his eyes were sharp as he looked ahead, his eyes not escaping any movements, Marlene could see from his tensed muscle that he was ready to act at any unforeseen circumstances, all her life she had lead forth any charge in battle, hence it was a novel feeling for her to be at the back.

But what warmed her heart was the fact that Austin didn’t question her for it, nor did he ask to protect her as if she were a weak princess, he made a tatical move that made sure that her pride wasn’t trampled on,

‘I guess that journey won’t be too bad’

Thinking so the hold on her spear tightened, as she too kept out a vigilant look, with her current powers restricted and her body seemingly weakening, Marlene has to be much more cautious than before.

Thus the two with tactic agreement kept moving forward, few low-level beasts interrupted their travel but they were quickly dealt with by Austin who didn’t even give Marlene a chance to react, their journey went on for about 3 hours as the two of them got a bit closer, some of the inhibitions that Marlene vanished.

The skies darkened as they set forth to find any shelter it was then that Austin suddenly stopped confusing Marlene,

“This is bad”

Austin spoke, making Marlene flinch,

“What’s wrong?”

She asked to which Austin replied,

“Currently we are surrounded”


Marlene asked with a serious expression to which Austin’s gaze traveled to the seal on her hand,

“It would seem that the seal just doesn’t seal your powers”

“Damn those bastards! they will pay!”

Marlene spoke grinding her teeth while anger burned deep within her eyes, it wasn’t long before which the two of them were soon surrounded by at least 100 different students, some beasts of the sea, while most of them belonged to the land, the majority of them beings a mix between a lion and cat beastmen.

Marlene’s voice was calm until her eyes landed on the front, her entire body boiling with anger as she saw Catherine her best friend hurt and tied up!

“I will kill you all!!”

Her angry burst forth frightened everyone as they all by instincts took a step back, Marlene’s eyes reddened as her depleting mana started to go chaotic it was then that a hand was placed on her shoulder and a relaxing feel started to fill her,

“Calm down Marlene, don’t react excessively, right now they have the advantage”

Austin’s words calmed her down as her eyes focused on the cat beastmen who was holding Catherine, while Austin had a frown on his face,

‘Things sure are getting messy’


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