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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 346: Kidnapping The FutureRulers Of The Sea! Bahasa Indonesia

“You guys have really powerful treasures on you”

Austin spoke with a serious expression, his eyes traveling around the people that now surrounded him, while Marlene stood beside him, her eyes burning with hatred such that it was affecting the surroundings around her,

“Oh, well this indeed does make it easy to ambush”

The person who seemed to be in lead, a cat beastmen of origin level 5 spoke, his hand caught around the rope that tied Catherine, she was unconscious as she was floated about, the injuries around her looking severe,

“Makes me wonder what organization has the power enough to own at least two ancient lost tools”

Austin probed, his expression turning relaxed, his hand giving out hidden hand signals to Marlene, preventing her from taking any sudden action,

“You know, seeing this many people come to kill you, I am tempted to not visit the sea”

Austin spoke with a bitter smile to Marlene who was suddenly startled by Austin’s relaxed demeanor as he looked at her, completely ignoring the army that was gathered to kill them,

“Well the bastards that are facing me are not of my faction and once this is over, everyone they love will face the consequences of this”

Marlene spoke seething with killing intent, her words causing the beast sea folk around to flinch, some even trembling in fear as they started to remember who they are dealing with, Marlene’s power might be suppressed but the rumors of her exploits were still unconsciously brought fear to all the ones of the sea,

“You seem relaxed, aren’t you afraid of the death that’s going to find you”

The cat beastmen spoke, his eyes narrowing about, to this Austin shrugged his shoulder,

“You must know my family, correct?”

Austin asked, the mention of his family bringing about a loom of terror over the ones of the land, suddenly all of them remembered the madness of the family that stands behind Austin, seeing the innate fear in them Austin smirked as he flipped his hand about,

“While fighting back I might die but I will die with the knowledge that all you who stand here will also soon follow me back to hell”

The words of Austin made even the leader quiet, seemingly a humongous hand moved about wrapping around the throat of all, Austin’s smirk stayed as he eyes everyone that stood about,

“It doesn’t matter how well you hide it or how far you hide but you, everyone you love, everyone that was unlucky to know you, every one of them will be slaughtered, maybe even my family wouldn’t have to move. You see…..my master to is very unforgiving”

It was only when he spoke did it light up on all that had come that Austin has another backing, one that only met the light recently, the successor to the Archery Empress, and this too brought about all the stories that spread about, Eleanor in her adventurous time was a force to be reckoned with, she was unforgiving, she was ruthless and she was a dictator,


The wide smell of fear had taken hold, the momentum that the assailants carried being broken, the beasts of the sea fearing Marlene while the ones of the land fears Austin, seeing all this the smile on Austin only widened,

‘Having a backing is the best, I wonder how the world will be when my status belonging to the two temples is realized?’

Austin’s sure that after that. no one in the world will even think of hurting him, even people filled with madness will tremble and step back,

“We can let you go”

Suddenly the leader spoke, surprising the gathered assailants, they were about to reject when the leader raised his hands for silence,

“Of course, we will only let you go and you would be required to sign a death contract to keep what happened here a secret”


Immediately Austin’s reply came,

“You!? you’re betraying me!”

Along with it came the roar of Marlene who immediately wiped her spear to kill Austin but he had already moved away as he looked at her with a mocking smile filling her face,

“Sorry princess, I saved you before because it was a salvable circumstance but when it comes to my life, risking it for you is a no…no”

“You bastard weren’t you my friend?!”

Marlene screamed with a hate-filled expression as her eyes turned red but the mocking smile still stayed on Austin’s face as he quickly appeared beside the grinning leader, who was enjoying the current situation,

“Welcome aboard”

He spoke as he gazed at Austin who now stood beside him, while Marlene was going crazy due to the sudden betrayal, her aura rocking about, while the attackers took on a fighting stance, surrounding Marlene as they began to move,

“Indeed it’s nice to be here”

Austin said with a smile.


But then the sound of a body being penetrated was heard as blood flew out. The whole situation froze as everyone turned towards Austin who had now driven a sword through the leader’s heart, his expression frozen as blood dripped down his lips, his eyes looking towards the sword through his heart before which the weapon he was hiding to kill Austin fell from his hand,

“Well played…”

He spoke before which he fell back to the ground, his body crashing as his blood dyed the ground,


A hoarse scream from a girl was heard as one among the attackers as she rushed towards the fallen leader, truthfully Austin couldn’t tell much about gender as everyone that was attacking them was covered with a black clock, the only way he was able to identify that these were beastmen were due to their unique appearance that wasn’t hidden,

“Pity he died so young”

Austin spoke as he appeared beside Marlene once again with the beat-up Catherine on his shoulder, she was still out cold,

“Nice acting”

Austin said as he gazed at the enemies who were now radiating all of their killing intent, the sudden betrayal letting lose their budding anger,

“Thanks, you weren’t half bad”

Marlene spoke with a smirk, enjoying the howling of the girl beside the dead body of the leader,

“Seems to be lovers”

Austin said looking at the tearing scene to which Marlen replied with a happy tone,

“Good, they need it, I’m surely going to enjoy killing that bitch”

“Sadly I can’t let you do that for now”

Austin said as he took out a certain tool out of his spatial ring, its appearance making everyone flinch as one among the attackers shouted out,

“Stop him!”

But it was too late as Austin passed his mana into the tool and as he did a blast spread forth, bringing out a pressure that made everyone that surrounded Austin freeze up, their body trembling but their despair was only beginning as a phantom image of a woman appeared above Austin, its shape taking that of a blurry woman who was holding a bow,


Austin said as he waved his hand forth and just as he did a single arrow left from the phantom figure and within a second everyone that surrounded him had their head blast forth as they died,

“A single arrow to kill a hundred, not bad”

Austin said as he looked at the ghostly scene that would make anyone vomit,

“Why did you use such a treasure? with your strength, you might have been able to take them all?”

Marlene asked as she looked at Austin to which he shook his head,

“Maybe but did you forget? your location is being transmitted”

Hearing his words Marlene paled but before she could react her body was lifted up as she filled Austin’s other shoulder,

“You! let me go!”

Marlene waved her hands about as she shouted, her spear having been taken away,

“Can’t do, so buckle up!”

Austin shouted as he dashed forth, each his shoulder creating the future rulers of the sea, if such a sight were to happen at sea, he would have definitely been hunted down.


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