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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 319: Falling Deeper Into The Abyss Bahasa Indonesia

Watching the once arrogant girl now push up her ass before me, asking to be fucked is truly one of the great pleasures of life, walking forward I didn’t attack her, just looked at the girl who was waiting with anticipation, seeing that I wasn’t making a move Shira turned her head towards me,


She spoke, her eyes filled with desire, I smiled as I walked reached out and pulled her into my embrace, her back to me, while my hands held her waist, my lips moved towards Shira’s ears,

“Tell me my slave, did your father, my master give any instruction on when the move will take place?”

“Um~yes~ father said that we could make a move 2 weeks later, the Lionheart family won’t know what hit them”

Shira moaned as my hands played with her breast, her words causing my eyes to narrow but I didn’t let that last for long, her answer was more than enough for me, my hands came lower as I slowly started to caress her belly over her clothes, I nuzzled my face in her head, inhaling her scent, and then started taking off her clothes,

“Turn around”

I ordered as soon as I bared her upper body to my eyes, I chuckled when I found her trying to hide from my eyes, covering her breasts with her folded arms, even then I could see the desire in her eyes,

“It’s not like I haven’t already seen every inch of your body?”

I teased her, and saw a rosy blush spread across her skin,

“Take your arms off your chest”

I stepped back and commanded her, Shira complied with my command, albeit with a little shake and trembled when she heard my next words,

“Now, off with your skirt”


Shira was really aroused by my words and could feel my heated gaze running over every inch of her bare body, she mustered up some courage and then loosened her skirt before taking them off, leaving herself only in a boyshort underwear,

“Some things are hard to change”

I spoke seeing what she lay under, I kept running my eyes over her body, not speaking, making her more restless and a little insecure, Shira could no longer bear with the silence and looked up at me and tried to walk into my arms, but I pushed her back, pinning her against the cold wooden door, she wasn’t my lover for me to be soft.

I was an entire foot taller than her in height, and she apprehensively looked at me when I leaned in and stole a light kiss from her lips,

“Stay still”

I spoke with a cold voice and then sneaked my hand inside her underwear, caressing her shaved mound and the puffy nether-lips,

“I said… Stay still”

I reminded her again as her body suddenly jolted against my touch, I softly rubbed her folds before eventually settling on the top end of them, where her clitoris was hidden, and then I became aggressive, making her squirm more,

“Keep looking into my eyes”

I pulled her by the chin when she tried to look away,

“Tell me, did you miss my touch?”

My unfair questioned heightened the sensations that were spreading into her lower body, and her heart started pounding in a fright,

“Did you?”

Shira nodded her head and tried to look away, but I pulled her by the chin again, forcing her to keep looking at my face,

“And did you comfort yourself like I am helping you now?”

I said and then tried to pinch her clit,


She moaned and her body instinctively tried to escape from my clutches, but unfortunately for her, there was no escape,

“Did you?”

I asked as I sneaked my middle finger inside of her, playing with her folds that were getting wetter with every passing second,


She gasped for breath and honestly answered me, her inner side loving the dominance I gave her,


I mischievously chuckled and leaned near her ear,

“Did it feel just as good as it does now?”


She subconsciously replied and tried to kiss me, but I pulled away from her face in time, I need to be teasing her letting her know the pleasure only I can give her, making her live without me, some of it has already finished,

“Don’t be hasty”

I said and started pumping my finger in and out of her, I savored every moment of Shira trying to yearn for more and stay in her place, but eventually, she could not hold on and grabbed onto my shirt, burying her face into my chest, muffling her moans there.

Her warm and soft insides tried to milk my finger as I helped her to an orgasm, and then I pulled out of her, letting her juices soak her underwear,

“You did not stay still, my slave”

I devilishly chuckled,

“It’s punishment time”

Shira’s body trembled at my words, remembering all the punishment that I gave, all of which now engraved into her being, a smile of desire filled her when I guided her hand to my waist, making her feel my hardness.

She was smart enough to understand what I wanted after all this time and started undressing me like the good maid she is. She took of my shirt first, planting a kiss on my sculpted chest, and then knelt down to help me take off my shoes and trousers.

My member sprang into freedom when she finally took off my boxers, and Shira gulped apprehensively, wondering how it ever managed to fit inside of her, she was about to stand up, but I pressed on her head, keeping her on her knees, and then brought my glans against her lips,

“You must get it ready, or it will hurt you, not like you don’t like it”

I grinned at her in a warning, she was a naive girl due to her lack of any desire for sex, but not anymore, not after all she had drank, her eyes sparkled away, I am sure that she must have missed my taste, her soft lips started by planting a kiss on my glans, before proceeding to plant such kisses along my entire length,

“Lick it..”

I ordered guiding her, and when she coated my entire length in her saliva, I made her open her mouth to introduce myself better to her tongue, I guided her movements, instructed her on how to use her tongue, and kept myself under control,

“That’s enough”

I stopped her and pulled her back on her feet,

“I think we are ready for your punishment”

Shira was bewildered when I stopped suddenly but then I turned her around and made her bend over making her heart beat faster,

“Place your hands on the door, like before”

I pulled her feet apart and adjusted her ass into the right position,

“Don’t take your hands off it”

Her body trembled when I yanked off her soaked underwear, leaving it stretched on her thighs, she knew what was about to come, and when I eased my glans inside of her, her breath got caught in her throat, however, I helped her breathe again when I suddenly thrusted inside of her, filling her to the brim.

It was a good thing that she was wet and she had readied, otherwise it would have really hurt her badly, though I didn’t mind it, I appreciated the sight of me inside of her, and clawed on her ass, giving her time to adjust, her insides could not accommodate all of me, and I knew that I had to work on her to make more space for me.

When Shira’s breathing finally calmed down, I started moving, mounting her in strong deep thrusts that weakened her legs and sent jolts of pleasures through her body, I supported her by her ass, and kept pounding inside of her as hard as I desired, and Shira had to muffle her moans by covering her mouth with her hand,


Her insides expanded some more, making more room for me and eventually reached their limits, failing to take all of me inside of her, Shira suffered from one orgasm after another, and the position rendered her completely at my mercy, who ruthleslsy kept pounding inside of her until she started feeling dizzy due to the unbearable pleasure she was experiencing.

“Master~I love you~~”

I finally came inside of her, painted her womb in with my essence, and then grinned as I pulled out of her, letting their juices drip onto the underwear that was still stretched on her thighs,

“No more…”

Shira hoarsely whispered with her half-lidded eyes when I pulled her underwear off and carried her in his arms to the bed,

“No, no, my slave! You failed to keep your hands on the door”

I evilly smiled,

“You need to be punished some more…”

Her misty eyes shot wide open at my words in fear and in anticipation, and tremors spread across her lower body once more, its going to be fun alright.


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