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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 318: The Perfect Slave Bahasa Indonesia

“So, when can you be free, aunt?”

I asked, diverting the topic to another side, right now I have her all riled up, I just have to keep taking baby steps with her,

“Well, right now I am a bit busy, how about a week from now?”

Mira spoke, to which I nodded my head,

“Sure, I will be free then”

Saying so a silence descended between us, it was laced with a bit of awkwardness,

“So I will get going”

A minute later I spoke as I stood up, Mira who looked to be in thought opened her mouth seemingly trying to convey something but no words came out of her mouth, in the end, she sighed as she gave me a wry smile,

“Then stay safe”

Mira spoke,

“You know I will”

I responded as I hugged Mira and started to walk out of the room, by now most of the things that need to be dealt with are on the way, slowly as I descended into the crowd my from changed, becoming a certain good-looking guy. I moved through the crowd, my destination already set and within a few minutes, I reached the male dorms.

Looking for the specific one, I approached it knocking twice, as I spoke,

“It’s me”

The words could only be understood by the one on the other side of the door, soon a creaking sound was heard as the door was opened a bit, two hazelnut eyes appeared peering at me,

“Don’t worry there is no one here, it’s safe”

Hearing my words the door opened more, coming into my view a cute girl with hazelnut eyes and green hair, in front of me she was wrapped in a maid dress that made her cuter, her haughty eye that used to look down on everybody now contained a twinkle as she gazed at me, submissiveness filling her tone as she bowed and spoke,

“Welcome master”

“It’s always good to see my cute slave”

Hearing my words Shira, the previous cross-dressing boy that only cared about herself and getting stringer blushed, a shy smile adorning her face,

“Th-Thank yo-you master”

“Good, let’s go inside, you don’t want others to see you like this, right?”

“Yes master”

Shira spoke with a happy contended voice as I walked in, acting as if I owned the place I moved towards the sofa as I took a seat, and just as I did Shira walked behind me and like a professional maid she started to massage my shoulder, her movements precise and well learned,

“So where did that roommate of yours go?”

I asked with no interest in my voice,

“I don’t know, he just keeps rushing from one mission to another, I rarely even see him”

“I see…”

I responded, enjoying the massage that Shira was giving me, she had gotten good at it, after her so-called ‘help’ for me, I began her training, changing her, shaping her into what I wanted and it wasn’t difficult, due to the simple reason that she lacks any worldly experience, in a way she’s a sheltered princess, neglected by her parents, who secretly desires to be loved.

All her life she just trained with the sword, trying to awaken her bloodline and planning to bring my family down for some reason, she in her whole life had never gotten the taste of being a woman, to be loved, no she even doesn’t know the definition of love and it’s from there that her special desire had birthed.

just because she had become ‘evil’ doesn’t mean that most of the plans that I had for conquering her before had changed, I just used the plan I had in for her, just that it was modified to deal with making her more submissive to me, I had stroked her ego about becoming stronger, from then on she played on my palms, leaning more about her ‘desire’.

Imagine a woman that never felt true love, never felt the taste of being a girl, never truly got complimented, and lacked any idea of how ‘love’ existed. What do you think will happen when all this comes to her life, along with being satisfied with her ‘desire’?

Its a drug, a drug that will keep pulling her deeper and deeper, making her forget her true goals, making her fall into a pit that even if she knew was dangerous, she couldn’t help but jump in, and that’s what I did, her ‘desire’ to be dominated along with her desire to be loved was mixed and I kept pulling on that thread.

All this time I treated her ‘roughly’ while ‘loving’ her, made her understand the power of love and made her feel the joy of being a woman, to Shira who was never treated as a girl, this was something which she never wanted to give up and by now I have her wrapped around my finger, during this time I also made sure to milk lots of information from her.

Information that will be used to bring her family down, thankfully I had the ever helpful Leonardo, for my plans for Shira to work, I needed Leonardo out of the drums, hence like the nice guy he is, right now he’s running around, completing missions that are foiling the plans of ‘that’ organization, in fact, I got to know that he was almost assassinated a lot of times during his trips.

But ‘somehow’ he comes out alive all the time, Leonardo is truly the best worker, thanks to his efforts, lots of the plans of ‘that’ organization are dead, he is getting stronger at a steady pace, while his popularity to is rising, due to the fact that he completes huge missions and comes out alive and stronger, makes him a desired teammate for point hunts.

He keeps challenging the strong, trying to raise his standing but even till now he hasn’t confronted me, of course, this has to do with me controlling him but there’s also the fact that Leonardo is bidding his time, waiting for the opportunity to bring me down, not knowing that when he raises his sword against me, he will lose everything,

‘Come to think of it, doesn’t the opening of the realm start soon?’

Thinking of so my smile widened but it was then that a cute hand wrapped around my neck,

“Master, you are neglecting me”

Shira’s voice was heard near me, making me smile,

“You know what you have to say”

A moment of silence remained after I spoke but it didn’t last for long,

“Master, please fuck this unworthy bitch lusting after you”

Shira’s loud words resounded in the room, making me chuckle, I had turned this arrogant bitch into the perfect horny maid, that needs to be fucked by me all the time, her love for me had reached high levels, I can’t wait to see her look when she finds out the truth,

‘I am sure that her expression will be quite the scene’

Thinking so I stood up, walking towards Shira who was already keeping her hands on the door with her ass sticking towards me.


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