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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 300: Capital Reached! Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 300 reached!🥳

Hey guys its the author😁,

Truly I am happy to reach such a length, I started this novel for fun and we have reached such a level, first of all, I want to thank all my readers for your support😋! if not for you all I don’t know where the book might have reached🧐.

To be truthful, the starting of the book is a disaster, with spelling mistakes, grammar errors, bad word arrangement, and many more, back then I was just starting and didn’t know much, though I can’t say that I am perfect, I can at least say that I am better and its thanks to all your enthusiastic comments and help!

Even though I don’t reply all the time, I still read all your comments and ideas and sometimes they are very helpful to me, so thanks! my stories not perfect, due to my bland starting I had to think very hard to make the future chapters more interesting, thankfully I hadn’t described a lot at the beginning!

All in all, what I have I have is heartfelt thanks, hope all of you will continue on your journey to read my book till the end🥺, (hopefully I won’t bore you😣)

P.S: Read my other book ‘Heavenly Opposers’, you all won’t regret it😤(I Hope😗)

And finally thanks again for reading this author rambling!😊


“How’s it looking?”

Olivia asked as she got out of the bath looking refreshed, her hands were drying her hair while a hint of blush filled her face, she looked gorgeous in a way, I smiled I placed the document down as I shook my head,

“It’s not good”

I spoke, hearing it Olivia’s eyes narrowed as she walked up to me taking a seat on my lap, as she started to read the document,

“It looks like you are getting addicted to sitting on my lap?”

I asked with a smirk to which she gave off a simple reply,

“Of course, you are my man after all”

Saying so she focused back on the report, causing me to shake my head, my hands wrapped around her waist as I let her be, soon a few minutes later she leaned onto my chest as she spoke with a frown,

“You’re right, it’s not good”

“I know”

I said as I patted her hair, letting her relax, the file I gave her showed that even though the Empire looked okay on the outside, dangerous currents were taking place, and Olivia’s three brothers weren’t as joined as she thought them to be, well two of them are as they came from the same mother but even then there are some frictions.

The two powerful forces within the Empire were making their moves, while news that Olivia was attacked and her status unknown had spread to the top of the echelon, normally such news should never have spread but looking at it, it would seem that someone in the dark is pulling the strings to make the situation even more chaotic,

A huge reaction is taken by the Emperor as he ordered a full sweep of the area Olivia had gone missing in, and the leader of this Duchy was doing his ‘best’ to help out, while he himself is hunting for Olivia’s head, moreover, for some reason, the major capital city is now in a lockdown, nobody’s capable of knowing what was happening at the heart of the capital.

The kingdoms surrounding the Empire seemed to get the news but none dare to make any move for profit not when my grandfather has taken action, commanding the whole army of the Empire and securing the borders but it wouldn’t last for long, right now the situation is unknown but if any disastrous news gets out the hyenas waiting in the dark will definitely come for a taste, greed can be a dangerous weapon.

All in all, things seemed pretty fucked up, the only way to stop all this is for the Emperor to reappear and make a statement and for Olivia to take up the charge,

“Sigh…..what should I do?”

Olivia asked with a defeated expression, I kept patting her hair as I spoke,

“What do you want to do?”

“At this stage, I want to enter the palace”

She spoke with conviction,

“Then I will let you enter the palace”

I spoke, to which she raised her head as she looked at me,


“Well Draknight owes me a pretty big favor, I can leach in from them”

“But are you sure you want to use it on me?”

Olivia asked as her eyes kept peering into my mine I chuckled as I moved forward holding her face as I placed a kiss on her lips, nothing much as I stayed like this for a moment before I separated, lovingly stroking her face I spoke,

“Didn’t you say that I am your man? then leave it to me”

Hearing my word she smiled as she gave me a peck on my lips, her eyes a bit misty, suddenly her hands started to trail through my body,

“You know I thought that you could only look at me coldly, never thought you will give me such a loving look”

Olivia said, as her hands kept trailing my chest, she looks a bit sultry,

“Do you hate it?”

I asked and she shook her head,

“No, I thought that the rough look you gave is enough but somehow I am starting to like the face of love you give me”

“My….my, the dominant princess sure is changing”

I said with a smirk earning a pout from her as she replied back,

“Well, I have been disciplined by a very strict master”

“He must be amazing to tame such a fierce lioness”

I said to which she beautifully smiled,

“Indeed he is the best”

Saying so she hugged me her body pressing onto me as she lightly bit my ears,

“Just wait, once this is all over, we will be having a lot of fun master~”

“I can’t wait”

I said as I cupped her ass groping it roughly,



“Well, I had thought that this will be harder”

Olivia said as she gazed upon the magnificent capital city while sitting comfy in a carriage, right now it’s been two days since our rest at the stronghold, with the help of Darknight, we were easily able to move around and enter the capital city, actually, it was more like a relaxing trip for both me and Olivia.

Of course, I made use of the situation to the fullest, it may just have been two days but during these turbulent times I was beside her, being her stand and her best help, thus our relationship had moved forth a great deal from the past, right now I hold 100% of her trust, she will blindly follow what I have to say.

Plus we had spent all our time as a couple these two days, we had taken the disguise of a rich couple that was traveling through the empire on our honeymoon, of course, we couldn’t enter the capital city the normal way due to it being close but Darknight had its ways, anyhow, in the end, the two days were very lovey-dovey for both me and Olivia, helping to relax her nerves.

By now most of the things were already done, in fact, the travel looks easy but make no mistake, this travel with Olivia should have been a very very dangerous thing, back in the game I had to have 7 different tries before both of me and Olivia made it safely to the capital city, the journey itself would have taken 1 week where both of us would have been on constant vigilant watch, trying out best to survive.

But a dangerous journey had turned into a simple honeymoon-like trip,

“Darling, we are going with the same plan, right?”

Olivia asked me as she planted a kiss on my cheeks while she melted in my embrace, she was like a happily new wedded wife enjoying her beloved embrace, seeing it I shook my head with a wry smile,

“We are here, are you really going to continue to talk like that?”

“Yes, does darling have a problem?”

Olivia asked with a pout to which I once again shook my head,

‘Maybe I dominated her too much…’

“Yes, wifey we are going with the same plan”

I said with a smile as my eyes narrowed, the true fun was just beginning.


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