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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 299: Just A Normal Guy Bahasa Indonesia

Austin POV:

“So how are you planning on entering the city unnoticed?”

Olivia asked me as she gazed upon the huge city while hiding, I too was hiding my presence,

“I have to say they planned this well, making sure the ambush takes place in such a location, even if we escaped, in a way we will still be in their palms”

I spoke to which Olivia could only nod along, the queens or the other wives of my uncle, they themselves come from prestigious families, each either having a dukedom or ruling over a major part of the empire, the place we were ambushed belongs to one such dukedom, the ruler of this place is the father of one of the queens.

In other words, even if we had escaped, it would have been close to impossible for us to enter the capital without being detected, well that only works for normal people…

“How trusting are you of this person?”

“Don’t worry, the people I know are very capable, they will be easily able to help us”

I said with an assured smile to Olivia who was looking at me questioningly and as I said before, it would be impossible to move around that is if you don’t have the biggest underworld organization backing you up.

Soon a minute later a shadow-like figure started to approach us, sensing it Olivia’s body stiffened as she became ready to deal with any unforeseen situations but I held her shoulder bringing her focus towards me as I shook my head,

“Don’t worry, it’s an ally”

And as soon as I had finished talking, the shadow-like figure had approached us, the person was completely wrapped with black cloth from top to bottom, nothing else can be found about the person in front of me, though I was able to tell that the person was a man,

“Sir Austin?”

He respectfully spoke as he kneeled in front of me, I nodded my head and gave a smug look to Olivia who was giving me a questioning look,

“Shall we go, sir?”

The man asked me as he stood up unequipping his weapon as he stood in front of me and began to lead the way and that wasn’t all, as soon as I had nodded more than 20 other people appeared from the shadows surrounding us and circularly protecting us, their appearance had started Olivia as she looked at them with a pale face.

After all, she hadn’t detected them and they could have easily taken her life, I got her hand intertwining them with mine, this caught her attention as she looked at me,

“Wh-What is this?”

She asked with a serious expression clearly thinking about many conspiracy theories in her mind, after all, the people around us are all of at least Origin level 7 or 8, and having this sort of secret powers would mean that either I or my family must be hiding an agenda.

Moving forward I flicked Olivia’s forehead,


“Don’t overthink it, none of these people belong to me or any faction under the Lionheart, the people helping us owe ME a favor”

I spoke stressing upon myself, this calmed her down but soon a guilty look took her face,

“Austin, I-“

“Shush…don’t worry about it, in the end, you grew up as a princess, of course, your mind would go to such lengths though I can’t say I am happy about it”

My words hit her as she looked down, guilt filling her, I chuckled again, my hands intertwined with her strengthening,

“Don’t feel too bad, we have all the time in the world to gain more trust from each other”

Finally, after some more words, she relented as her usual confident look returned, her eyes looked much more determined, I didn’t actually feel bad, in a sense our relationship has started and we have some more ways to go and I will make sure that these two days will be well used,

“I have to say, this is amazing”

Olivia muttered and I agreed, right now all the people had surrounded us in a circular faction, initiating a closed-up bond, it seems they had formed a formation that had completely blocked us from anybody, we are literally walking in the open and no one seems to even be able to detect us, all of us were invisible.

And just like this, we reached a more deserted part of the wall, the one leading us went in front broke off as he walked up to a curtain wall as he tapped in a specific manner, soon the wall split open, as all of us walked in, the wall opening actually opened up to a portal which we entered, as soon as we did a heavy light filled my eyes, forcing myself to close them.

Soon a second later I opened my eyes, coming upon a guarded room the rest of the twenty stood beside us in a protective manner, still looking out for any troubles,

“It’s good to have you here sir Austin”

A middle-aged man that surprisingly looked common, walked forward, he was the only other person in the room, he was dressed in a stylish robe with an insignia on his left chest,


I could hear Olivia gasp beside me but I just tightened my hold on her hand as I replied,

“Yes, it’s good to be here but can you prepare us a good room and a bath? oh! also send me a report of the current situation”

“Sure, everything is ready”

The man spoke in a professional manner as he started to lead us to a room, while we walked we didn’t meet anyone else, well I did speak for it, I didn’t mind these people speculating about my relationship with Olivia since they are all trustworthy but I can’t have the rest of the members of Darknight seeing me like this with Olivia.

Yup, we are in a hidden stronghold of Darknight, I had already set things up long ago, and soon he led us to a room that was beyond luxurious, a huge bedroom with everything a family needs to an even bigger bathroom, the whole place was a house,

“Please call me if you need anything”

Saying so the man left giving me a wink, I looked towards Olivia as I spoke,

“Go on, take the first bath, while I will look through the information, after your bath, I will answer any questions you have”

Hearing my words Olivia nodded her head as she left towards the bath, normally I will be in for some sexy bath time but I know that Olivia’s mind isn’t focused on it right now, for her brothers to make a move means they have something they are confident in, right now her priority will be setting things right.

And during these hard times, I will be the pillar of support for her, a pillar that she will never be able to stop leaning at.


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