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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 286: Behold The Dragon! Bahasa Indonesia


Scarlet said with dreamy eyes as she clutched onto me, her body hugging mine, while her face lit up like no other, it was as if she had gotten everything she needed in life, I too hugged her back, feeling her warm temperature, while all this happened, just a small of my attention focused on Celestinia who sat there in silence.

In the game conquering her was my greatest achievement and also the push that resulted in my hard work completely being broken off, there’s one thing about Celestinia that she herself has yet to feel, that is her undying will to never be second or to never lose, she doesn’t know it but she hates to lose at anything.

The only reason she hasn’t found this out is due to the very reason that no one has ever challenged her, the only one that came close was me that communicated with the disguised her in the library and that was the only reason that I am able to hold her interest, otherwise the next day she wouldn’t have even showed up in the library.

Because I aroused her will to win she came but her interest was not just to this, in everything she wanted to be number 1, up and till now she was number one, be it from strength to beauty to attention, wherever she went as long as its the true her, the world will stop to accommodate her and she unknowingly she relishes in that feel and never wants to let go.

And now how would she feel when she’s completely avoided or even not paid attention to by a man? granted that her ‘sister’ might be interested in me but in Celestinia’s great undiscovered mind she still believed that when I saw her I would only be interested in her more than in Scarlet, she believed that I will be overwhelmed by her presence itself.

This is an unconscious thought that developed in her mind, her mind itself placed her over everything, hence her hidden and undiscovered arrogance thought that I wouldn’t even dream of avoiding her but now I proved her wrong, here she sat in the room for the first time no one paying her any heed even as she came as herself.

I stood before her holding Scarlet another woman and didn’t even have a hint of interest in her, sure Scarlet might be her ‘sister’ but that somehow in her twisted mind made it that she wanted to be better than Scarlet, a twisted thought that the ‘big sister’ should be better and this is her greatest weakness.

Something that I used in the past to get her, after all the only way to get to her was to get closer to Scarlet and use her in a provoking way, and in the game, I was the only one to figure it out, thus succeeding in my conquest but never in my wildest dream did I think that the one I caught was a woman beyond my league.

Just the next time itself I was kidnapped and the rest of the girls that I conquered dead, even Scarlet didn’t survive she was even killed in her cold blood, Celestinia’s arrogance didn’t let her take the fact that I could be with anyone else and the worst thing was that she had the power to achieve this too,

“I’m so happy”

Scarlet spoke with a bright smile that lit up the room, I smiled as I caught her face with one of my hand while the other one held her waist, rubbing the lips I kissed I spoke,

“Indeed, never did I think that I would start to fall in love with the ‘boy’ that I saved, fate is really mysterious”

“You’re right”

Saying so Scarlet giggled but I intervened before she could speak again,

“But I need our relationship to be secret for now”


Scarlet’s eyes suddenly gained a sharp glint as she asked this question, her mana even seemed a bit irregular, I could only smile wryly at this outburst of hers, so I held her waist tighter as I peered into Scarlet’s eyes,

“Because I have something’s I have to do before I can fully commit to a relationship”

“What does that mean?”

Scarlet asked her voice this time more tamer,

“Sigh…..Scarlet, I have some things I have to do and during this time I might not have time for you and a woman as amazing as you need the best”

Saying so I moved forward and pecked her lips, this calmed her down more, holding her tight I continued,

“Trust me, you have no idea how much I want to take you to my mother and introduce her daughter-in-law but for now I can’t, there is something I have to do and till then I want you to be patient”

Giving out my final words I looked deeply at Scarlet, my eyes shining with ‘truth’ and ‘purity’, for a moment silence reigned between us, then Scarlet spoke,

“You can’t tell me what it is?”

“No, I can’t”

“A death contract?”


This once again silenced Scarlet but then again after a few seconds she spoke,

“Will you be in danger?”


“Is this for revenge?”


“Will there be other girls involved?”


This answer caused the mana in the room to ask but thankfully Celestinia seemed to step in as it calmed down, otherwise, I am sure that the whole building should have fallen but this time I didn’t say anything else as I moved forward and kissed Scarlet, my tongue invaded her mouth while both my hands went down her waist cupping her ass as my hands sank in.

I could see Scarlet’s eyes widen but that didn’t last long as she closed her eyes and her tongue started to battle with me, it was soft and pleasant, my hands started to roughen her ass cheeks as I spread them to my liking, our mouths glued to each other as Scarlet’s head kept moving left and right seemingly seeking for the best position,

Finally, after a few seconds, I broke off but Scarlet seemed to be in a daze as her head moved instantly towards me with her tongue lashing out, a bridge of saliva stayed between us, and Scarlet sucked it in relishing in my taste,

“Looks like you are very naughty”


I spoke and this surprised Scarlet as her eyes opened wide regaining its clarity,

“Don’t worry about anything, my goal requires me to gain a lot of allies and a lot of them will be women, maybe I will grow to care to like them but in the end, you are the only one, got it?”

In a daze, Scarlet nodded her head but soon a blush came to her face as I kept roughing up her ass cheeks, still spreading and gropping them to no end, leaning forward I whispered,

“My…..my what a pervert”

This had its intended effect as Scarlet blushed and disappeared, leaving me standing in the room, with Celestinia whose face has grown a bit frosty, I turned towards her, and I gave her an apologetic smile,

“Sorry for that I lost my control for a bit”

“Do you not like me?”

Celstinia spoke, my eyes ‘widened’ for a moment before which I smiled,

“Yes I don’t like you, have to say you picked that one up quick”

“Why? do you truly believe that I won’t kill you?”

She asked back with a calm yet angered look I smirked as I started to walk towards her who was seated on a chair but just as I started to do so a shilling fear started to crop up towards me,

‘Dragon fear’

Something only reifies to dragons but it didn’t affect me for long as I shrugged it off and walked towards Celestinia whose eyes have widened, standing before her I spoke,

“Kill me?….huh….you can try”

After saying so I walked out not paying any attention to the dazed dragon princess.


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