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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 285: Playing With Two Dragons Bahasa Indonesia

Austin POV:

‘Things are almost in place’

Musing in my thoughts I walked through the vibrant roads of the academy, after the fight, I directly headed towards this area, by my calculations Olivia’s arc will soon begin and most of my preparations are complete, I already have a part of Olivia’s heart in my hands, all I am waiting for is the opportunity to strike,

“Yes, room number 202”

Nodding my head to the receptionist I walked behind her as she lead me to the private talking room that had been placed, this was where Scarlet had told me to meet up with her, soon I reached the door and the receptionist left, walking closer I knocked,

“Scarlet you there?”


Hearing the reply I opened the door, coming upon a well-furnished porch room, that was built for talks and meetings, it was just one with several comfortable chairs and a table, there were even snacks on the table but what took my attention is the two women that sat on each chair, each one of them having powerful and prideful aura’s.

One of them was Scarlet, while the other one was, of course, Celestinia, her entire body radiating beauty and pride, her face was hidden, only her ivory-colored slit-like eyes could be seen, enthralling one’s soul, she’s completely different from how she’s at our ‘meetings’, right now she’s the dragon Celestinia, the only dragon to ever achieve the title of the crown princess,


With a smile, Scarlet stood up as she walked towards me, her ash-grey bob cut hair moved sideways while her golden eyes it up, her entire demeanor changed as she saw me, now only an obsessed lover remains,

“Looking beautiful as always”

I said as I pulled her into my hug placing a kiss on her forehead, after three dates something like this has become more normal, I haven’t yet kissed her on her lips, no for that something else is also required, once it is completed I can take a step forward with Scarlet.

Looking at her I could see a hint of blush on her beautiful face, while her lips curled upwards, hugging me back, her eyes focused on mine, her lips a bit away from me looking red and ripe begging for a bite, for a moment both of us were lost in each other’s gaze until…


A cough was heard bringing us back to our reality, Scarlet was like a startled kitten as she jumped away from my embrace, looking forward I could see Celestinia looking at us calmly but I knew that she was mildly annoyed, after all, a part of my attention was always on her.

I saw how her eyebrows twitched when I hugged Scarlet, it was mild and very hard to grasp if one wasn’t paying attention but I was and I did see, the rest of my performance with Scarlet was also, for this reason, to get her to react a bit more,

“I pay my respect to Scarlet’s older sister”

Saying so I flashed her a smile, not at all pressured or smitten by her, this surely got both of their attention, as Scarlet smiled and sent a smug smile towards Celestinia who just kept looking at me,

“The pleasure’s all mine”

Celestinia spoke her voice calming and attractive, I smiled as I caught Scarlet’s hand with mine, intertwining with it like lovers, her eyes widened in surprise as she turned towards me, my actions even surprised Celestinia, I, after all, was spoken to about the details of this meeting, it was to get the recognition of Celetinia, Scarlet spoke that Celestinia has yet to approve of the relationship.

Me now catching Scarlet’s hands meant that I was going against Celestinia in a mild manner, which was in a way foolish but even now I am calm as I walked towards the seat and sat opposite to Celestinia, still holding Scarlet’s hand,

“Aren’t you quite fearless?”

Celestinia spoke her voice turning more threatening, it was never wise to go against a dragons pride but right now that’s the only way to move forward with Celestinia, still holding Scarlet’s hands I brought it above the table placing it there, the atmosphere was becoming even more oppressive, even Scarlet was taken back as she could only go along with the flow,

“Don’t you understand your situation?”

Celestinia spoke in a neutral tone,

“I understand my situation,”

I said as I looked at her,

“I dating your ‘sister’, and I also need your recognition, right?”

“Indeed… That’s it”

She looked at me with a stunned expression, till now no one has ever been this open and free with her, well that only applies when she’s not in her disguise, the way into Celestinia’s heart is quite complex,

“So, what do you intend to do?”

Celestinia asked me with narrowed eyes,

“I don’t intend to do anything.”



Scarlet and her ‘sister’ exclaimed in unison.

I continue with a slight smile on my face,

“At the end of it all, your opinion on this matter doesn’t matter much,”

I commented honestly, making both Celestinia and Scarlet recoil back, I might have been the only one to go so toe in toe with Celestinia,


I interrupted Celstinia again,

“I like Scarlet, what I’m doing here is just a formality. Whether you allow it to happen or not, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

I look at Scarlet whose eyes have now widened, her eyes were shaking while a huge blush covered her face,

“All that matters is Scarlet’s willingness; if she wants to be with me, then I’ll make it happen.”


Scarlet spoke with a red face and a small happy smile on her face; it was pretty obvious she wasn’t against it.

“You are really stupid”

Celestinia spoke in an annoying voice all the pressure around her disappearing, I didn’t even respond to her as I turned towards Scarlet whose looking at me with sparkling eyes, a wild smile splitting her face filled her, taking the hand I still held I gave it a gentle kiss,

“Scarlet, I am truly coming to fall in love with you, now you are really special to me”

Saying so I moved forward and gently kissed her lips, it was a kiss filled with love and delight, Scarlet closed her eyes as she melted into the kiss, and a few seconds later I broke it as Scarlet looked at me with dreamy eyes, her eyes lit up while maddening blush filled her cheeks,


A sultry voice leaked out of Scarlet’s mouth, I could see that she wanted more, while this happened my gaze turned towards Celetinia, whose eyes and brows were now even more furrowed, I smirked inwardly seeing this,

‘Part one done!’

Seeing this I knew that her latent interest still has to be fully awakened, her extreme competitiveness in her life will be her greatest weakness, something I will be using to will complete my desires.


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