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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 241: The Family Union Bahasa Indonesia

Third POV:

Babylon Academy

5 days before Austin went to meet Orpheus

Within the mansion Grace use:

‘I wish this goes well’

Grace thought as she sat on the sofa taking sips out of the tea in her hand, trying her best to calm herself down, right now she was waiting for her dear daughters to come and visit her, she had called Nora to this meeting and suspiciously Elda too decided to join in, her words indicating that she knew what the talk would be about.

This made Grace more anxious, her motherly instincts were screaming at her that Elda too had a secret to disclose to her,

‘Sigh…..how did things come to this?’

She thought with a bitter smile, right now she was waiting for her daughter so that she can talk to her about the relationship with her son, a taboo relationship that was not approved and one that should have made her fearful and angry, yet here she is waiting to talk to Nora so that she can give her blessing.

Things were messed up beyond her imagination, she was going to let her daughter into a path that might only end up in her sadness, of course, she won’t right away give out any permission, first, she would make sure that Nora’s will is strong, if it’s flimsy she would do everything to push her down, even if it meant souring her relationship with Nora.

She really couldn’t believe she was thinking of such things, this was in a way a very risky game, one wrong move and things could get worse but she was adamant about following things through, she had seen a lot in her life, as a young wife who had lost her husband and her hands were filled with the work of the duchy, her children were broken and her family torn, she knew the weight of being lost and depressed.

Those were truly dark times in her life, she the rose blood princess had faced the biggest tragedy of her life but thankfully things started to get better with her son, he seemed to weave through the broken cracks of her family and helped them heal, he had stood up and led the family when things were bleak, from the weakest he became the strongest glue that held the family.

‘I should have noticed it before’

Grace shook her head, her son had done things beyond anyone should, he had become the pillar for both his sisters, it was quite normal for them to feel like this, yes Grace understood that even Elda might have feelings for Austin, she had time to reflect and she could understand that even Elda who went through the same would develop feelings for Austin.

‘It strangely feels like we were lead to this’

For a second such a thought streaked through her mind but she quickly shook it off, that was a bizarre thought and it was then that the door to the room was opened as both Nora and Elda entered the room, coming inside both of them smiled,


They called out at the same time causing Grace to smile walking up to them she gave both of them a hug as she started leading them towards the sofa taking a seat she spoke,

“So Nora how’s your training in your bloodline control going?”

“It’s going well, recently I made a breakthrough”

“Oh!…that’s good, so Elda how’s life at Austin’s faction?”

“It’s good, all of them are fun and treat me well”

Elda replied with a smile, Grace nodded her head as she started to ask other miscellaneous questions, understanding better about how the days went by, soon half an hour went by as the family of three chatted with each, sometimes they would about women’s stuff, while the other time they would reminiscent about the past, like this time, passed until Grace brought up the main topic,

“By the by I talked with Austin”

As soon as she spoke Nora who was beside her stiffened, she who had been waiting felt her heartbeat quicken faster, she was already told by Austin that he had talked about it to Grace, hence she was now awaiting judgment, and her heart was trembling, if there was one the person she respected the most it would be her mother.

Nora had seen and heard much about her, moreover, the strong image of her mother protecting the family still lay in her heart, hence she pays a high level of value to whatever Grace thought, Nora’s eyes sharpened while her back became straight with resolve twinkling in her eyes she looked at her mother but to her surprise after looking at her Grace turned her head towards Elda who had a smile on her face,

“Tell me, young lady, do you have the same feelings as your older sister?”

“Of course”

Elda’s words her simple and precise but there was an unvarying will behind them, Grace raised her eyes brows while Nora’s head turned towards Elda her mind reeling in shock, Elda gave a meaningful smile towards Nora as she spoke,

“Did big sis think that she’s the only one who has feelings?”


Nora could only be stupefied as she looked at Elda but then she took deep breaths as she regained her bearings, soon the memories of the past flowed through her mind, going through them, it was only then she understood how blind she was to Elda’s feelings, it was all there, yet she was dumb to it all,

“Hehehehe….that’s quite the face my little Nora”

Grace suddenly laughed and spoke within all this surprising the two girls who were waiting for an outburst but all they could see was a smiling mother, who was looking at both of them with a mischievous smile,

“Mo-Mother, aren’t you an-angry?”

Nora asked feeling weirded out, Elda nodded to it supporting the claim, and Grace stopped smiling as she looked at her two daughters, she didn’t any words from them, just the conviction hidden behind in their eyes was more than enough for her to understand that their love was genuine as one could be, she was worried for them,

‘Looks like things won’t be easy in the future’

Grace felt saddened for her daughters, looking at both of them she spoke,

“Tell me when did it all begin and why”

Both Nora and Elda remained quiet as they looked at each other, while the response was miles away from how they imagined things, it was still better than gaining their mother’s wrath, taking a deep breath Nora began,

“It began like this…”

Hence she started to tell about her feelings from her point of view, both Nora and Grace listened attentively and it continued for an hour after she finished Elda spoke, with an infatuated look that both Grace and Nora knew, soon another hour later Elda finished speaking, leaving the room in a quiet voice again as Grace seemed to be in deep thought, finally after some time she spoke,

“To tell the truth I am against this”

Both Nora and Elda looked at Grace with calm eyes already expecting, it yet what came after surprised them,

“But I think there’s a way for me to accept”




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