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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 240: Going In Deep! Bahasa Indonesia

Third Person POV:

“Sigh…I just hope we could just spend the rest of our time like this”

Orpheus spoke with a hint of dejection, Austin raised his eyebrows in question as he spoke,

“What do you mean mother?”

“I just have to get back to my duties soon”

Saying so she started to explain the situation, as the supreme Goddess she has a load of issues that she has to deal with, lording over the power of life is not easy, her duties are numerous, and right now she’s here just taking a leave and once it finishes she would leave, of course, she could meet Austin but she wouldn’t always have the time.

Unlike now where they could meet every day, it would get harder for her to meet him, Austin who understood it clearly hugged Orpheus tighter as he raised her head, placing a kiss on her lips, after kissing her he looked at her with a ravenous gaze as he spoke,

“Then we shouldn’t waste this time, should we”


Orpheus replied with the same heated gaze and soon the two of them disappeared from where they sat.


“Ah❤️!~ Love!❤️”

Orpheus was currently bent over a table and restrained both her hands behind her back as Austin smacked her bouncy ass cheeks, enjoying seeing them ripple with each smack.



Her ass rippled in an alluring manner, and Austin caressed her shapely back as he positioned his cock near her honeypot and slowly penetrated her shrine as she let out a long exhalation of pleasure, tightening her pussy to receive his ‘sword’,

“Ahng❤️~You are still so big~❤️”

Orpheus mewled as she flexed her ass to hold onto his thick cock, Austin smirked as he smacked her ass cheek again,

“Of course, I’m your son after all”

Saying so he began to move his hips as he thrust his cock in and out of her wet pussy, making her whole body shake while her large breasts were pressing against the table leaking out her heavenly juices, since her hands were restrained behind her back by Austin, she couldn’t even hold onto anything for support, but at the same time, this position made her wetter as her love juices began to splash out from her pussy with each of Austin’s thrusts.

The Goddess Of Life, the supreme ruler of life was now held in place as she was helplessly banged from behind by her lover, even her sister Goddess will never believe this sight even if they gazed upon it, after all this time Austin knew all the best ways to turn her on, and one wouldn’t expect a woman with a sacred aura around her to behave so lewdly in these situations.

He cupped one of her boobs and fondled them while restraining her wrists behind her back and moving his hips, feeling the tightness of her pussy and enjoying the pleasure it gave, she now felt more tighter than before, making him feel as if his cock was getting a good massage by her pussy walls, enveloping around it.

“Mother, you are so fucking sexy to fuck!”

Austin looked at her gleaming seductive naked back that had droplets of sweat trickling down towards her ass and couldn’t help but feel even more turned on, Orpheus was abashed to hear his dirty words and was astonished to feel his cock enlarging a bit more as it penetrated deep into her pussy, making her involuntarily open her mouth, gasping for air after running out of breath.


She couldn’t help but let out a loud melodious moan as she orgasmed, and Austin decided to cum outside, he felt he had to paint her sexy back with his color and so took his cock out and ejaculated all over her back as he let go of her wrists.


His warm milk sprayed all over her back, making it quite a sexy sight and making Austin sigh in satisfaction, however, he was not done as he lifted her up and turned her around before lifting her up by her juicy ass,

“Ah! What do you plan to do now?~~❤️”

Orpheus asked in nervous anticipation since even if she gets nervous about these things, she would get excited for them as well,

“Something special”

Austin said with an evil smile as he made her lie down on the on the floor while lifting both her legs upwards till her pussy was facing his cock directly in an elevated manner,

“T-This is…”

Orpheus spoke as her breasts heaved up and down in anticipation, her face completely flushed in a beautiful red, to get some balance, she spread her arms out towards the side since her complete lower half, including her legs, were at the mercy of Austin, Austin smirked as he bent his knees and let his cock caress over her vulva.

Seeing her below him in such a vulnerable position made Austin feel even more thrilled. Since her body was very flexible, he bent her legs till they were almost touching the floor on either side of her head while her torso was completely off the floor, currently, he didn’t even have to support her lower back and was able to hold her ass up in the air by herself.

Orpheus gulped, seeing this familiar pose since she knew his cock would always penetrate her the deepest in positions like these and ravage her soul and body with pleasure, she had experienced them during these days, which would leave her a slurping mess.

Austin flexed his back as he thrust his thick cock right into her pussy, making Orpheus’s ass tremble in excitement since Austin had stimulated all her sensitive spots, including her g-spot, all in one go.


She let out a long soft moan and began to have her whole body shake as Austin continued to pound her rapidly, her large breasts were bouncing up and down, making it quite an alluring sight for Austin to enjoy, and seeing how she was turning her face away from him shyly, only made him excited even more to dominate this Goddess even more.

*Slick!~Slick!~ Slick!~…*

The sounds of his cock plundering deep into her pussy with each thrust echoed in the room,


Orpheus was continuously moaning sensually as her body shivered and shook with pleasure and Austin’s brutal thrusts, since she was a Goddess, she was strong enough to take on Austin’s unrestrained thrusts since he also didn’t have to hold back anymore, thus making this steamy battle real satisfying for him.

Since this position was too stimulating for her, Orpheus couldn’t help but have her lower half jerk as she felt trails of fire pooling in her abdomen.


A gush of her love juices splashed out just as Austin took his cock out and let go of her legs as he let his cum rain all over her body, Orpheus closed her eyes as she opened her mouth to receive some of them into her mouth, she only got even more excited seeing him cum so much.

“Now…let’s try your favorite pose next, I don’t want to be an unfair son,”

Austin chuckled while Orpheus smiled with a red face, inadvertently thinking about some adventurous things in her mind, the two continued to battle and tussle on the floor till it had turned a new shade from Austin’s warm milk and became wet from Orpheus’s numerous orgasms.


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