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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 206: Spending Time With Aunt (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“Aunt back then we used to lay like this as you comforted me after father died, it was you that was there for me, mother was heartbroken, while Nora was retreating into her shell, while Elda was a child that hadn’t understood the significance of what had taken place”

As I spoke I continued to pat Mira’s head as many complex feelings of mine passed to Mira, ‘gratitude’, ‘nostalgia’ and deep ‘love’ all of it flooded Mira making her mind relaxed and complex at the same time, I didn’t give her time as I continued

“It was dark and cold, the mansion felt dead, while my family was grieving, hence there was no one to look at me but during those cold times you stayed beside me becoming my light at the dark tunnel, your stories to your voice to everything about you helped me moved forward, I could never express how much you mean to me aunt, no matter what you chose I will accept it with a smile”

Meanwhile, Mira was feeling a whole lot of massive feelings flooding her together, causing the cracks in her heart to widen, for her who uses logic for everything and deals with problems with the sheer force of magic, experiencing all these feelings were making her confused but just as things were getting chaotic I again patted her head as I spoke

“Relax aunt, take some rest, you have been working hard it’s time, its time you take some rest”

Soon for some reason, Mira’s eyes started to feel heavy as tiredness and the desire for sleep overtook her, the feelings that I was giving were like some sort of drug that was making her feel relaxed and loved…

Soon her eyelids closed as she traveled to her dream world, I looked at my sleeping aunt as I let out a sigh, while small guilt filled my heart but I quickly shook off, most of the things that I said to her were the truth, these were the burning feelings that were hidden within the previous Austin and since I became him I just used it to my advantage

In this case, I had no choice, this woman’s just that stubborn and hard to break, if it was any other woman under such barrages of powerful and sincere feelings they would have fallen in love with me long ago but for her, I am just scratching the surface, it would be a hard path but I should at do this much not just for the mission but also for the previous Austin, it would just be a form of gift

Plus it was not like I didn’t like this woman, the previous Austin’s feelings were the same for me, invading my heart and raising my feelings for her

“What troublesome woman…”

I muttered as I looked at Mira’s stunning face, soon I clapped my hands closing the windows, I took a blanket and placed it for both of us, normally the room would control the temperature to its finest but wouldn’t this show that I am caring? I also made sure to adjust Mira such that she wouldn’t feel any discomfort, I had also informed the mansion that I won’t be returning for the night, though Elda gave a sad reply she in the end agreed

Soon only the sound of two slow heartbeats was heard within the warm room


Third Person POV(Mira):

Just like that, a dark beautiful night passed, and the light of the new day appeared, within the Dean’s room Mira’s eyes opened, the moment they did confusion filled them, soon the memories of the past night filled her mind as her confusion faded away to a daze, laying on Austin’s thighs she looked towards his face that was deeply asleep

‘What happened? why did I fall asleep that easily?’

Mira’s mind churned at this thought but it didn’t stay at it for long as the vision of Austin’s face kept filling her mind, looking at his handsome face that looked peaceful the light of the past lit her mind and guilt filled her mind, it was only now that she realized that unknowingly due to Austin’s confession she had started to treat Austin a bit differently

‘Sigh….how did things become like this?’

She thought with a weary smile, she had been confessed by countless men in the past men ranging from kings to emperors to even a sword saint but her heart never then was never moved, she only had eyes for magic and the rest weren’t of importance to her and even then she never understood their infatuation for her, she was beautiful so they liked her?

What kind of half-assed reason is that? was she only good for just her beauty and strength? do these men even know her favorite food? what does she like? and the favorite dress she likes? for her, all these feelings were hypocritic, after ‘that’ event she believes in no man but her cold heart was constantly met with Austin’s sincere feelings and it was already cracking

She could tell his pure and wide love for her, maybe if they weren’t relative she would have long fallen, it was not healthy and it was best for Austin’s feelings to never be realized, they could never be together but even then why does her heart hurt a bit at seeing him forget her?

Her feelings were contradicted with each other and it only amplified when she saw Austin talking about magic, to her magic was the love of her life and when she saw Austin talking about magic for a moment she felt her nephew was hot, it was a very weird feeling, yet she didn’t hate it, in fact, she liked it a bit

It was then that she realized that she was covered with a blanket and the fact that she was arranged in the perfect position so that she felt comfortable while Austin sat in an uncomfortable position, they were all small details but all of them just brought sweetness to her heart, Mira even though didn’t show it was a very traditional woman, it was something she inherited from her mother

She didn’t care about the man’s money, looks, or power, just that he liked her for her and showed her the love and gentleness she deserves, even though she had shown an annoying side when Austin patted her lovingly, in her heart she liked it, for her the act of kissing, holding hands were all a very loving act

It was not due to simple reason Austin thought that Mira was an innocent type of woman…

‘What do I do?’

Mira thought as she looked at the dashing figure of the boy that was currently the talk of both the realms, just any woman right now would jump at happiness to be his woman but here he is, spending the cold night with her without a single complaint, just how many would have such love for another?

She could tell that the one that lands her nephew would be a lucky woman, who would be treated with kindness and love throughout her life, for a moment jealousy filled her, she moved her hand as she covered her face

‘if…if only we weren’t related…’

Mira thought as she held in her deep envy that was brimming within her…


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