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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 205: Spending Time With Aunt(2) Bahasa Indonesia

Mira spoke with a twinkle in her eyes as she heard about the theory I spoke about, right now it’s been about two hours since we started to talk with each other, at the first few half an hour we talked and we completed the work at hand but ever since I started talking about magic and some of my understanding Mira changed completely as she started talking to me more enthusiastically

The more I talked the more Mira’s eyes twinkled with a great desire to head out and start practicing all the theories we spoke about, heck even I’m enjoying myself, magic is a topic I too have great interest in, and I have even done my fair share of research, hence when I started talking about it both of us were soon lost ourselves within our world

“Indeed, by just flipping a small part of the connecting nods of the magic circle we could influence the mana gathering core, thereby increasing the efficiency and lessening the mental exhaustion”

“You’re right, it’s quite innovative but it’s still in its infancy and needs to develop, sigh….who knew you’re this good in magic if I knew it I would have swept you off your feet to be my disciple long ago”

Mira spoke with a piteous look as she leaned onto her chair with a bitter smile, seeing it I smiled as I spoke

“Don’t take this the wrong way aunt but I’m happy that you didn’t do so, then I wouldn’t have met my master”

Saying so a look of ‘admiration’ and familial ‘love’ appeared on my face and I made sure that Mira would be able to feel this feeling of mine, for a moment a frown came on Mira’s face as she saw my look, she didn’t know why but for a moment an uneasy feeling came to her heart but it went away quickly as she shook it off as she spoke

“I see, it’s pity though, anyhow we could work on this theory and develop it, if it works out, you could be a founder of a really powerful theory”

Hearing Mira’s words I shook my head as I spoke

“Not I aunt but we, both of us will work on this theory, I might have the basics but without your keen mind for magic, it will never come to fruition and if we did succeed I want both of us to have our names remembered, in this way at least our name would be liked together for eternity”

Saying so I gave Mira a wink, while my ‘innocent’ and ‘pure’ feelings quickly filled Mira, making her heart shake for a moment before which she shook it off as she gave a complex look towards me as she spoke with a bitter voice


“I know…I know aunt but can’t a man dream? it’s not like I am asking you’re to marry me, plus in this way, a small part of my dream would be fulfilled”

Though I had a smile and joyous voice, feelings of ‘sadness and ‘defeat’ filled my heart, feeling it all Mira felt her heart squeeze tight but she stayed strong to her conviction, not knowing that small cracks had already started to appear, seeing the complex look on Mira I spoke again

“So how about it aunt? will you work on this with me?”

Hearing my question and feeling my voice she finally relented, even when she knew that both of them spending time together won’t be good, in the end, the heart wants what it wants, sometimes emotions could overdrive your rationality if it didn’t then you are not living life to enjoy, sighing to herself Mira spoke with a smile

“Yes I would love it”


Hearing so emotions of ‘relief’ and ‘happiness’ flooded Mira, who could at this moment only go with the flow, but I didn’t stop at it as I spoke

“Aunt, can you fulfill a wish of mine?”

“Um…sure what do you want?”

Mira replied quickly as she felt my ‘anticipation’ and hearing it I spoke to her about my wish, hearing it her eyes widened as she rejected it but then I again used my weak side and the power of my feelings to make her feel guilty, in the end, it took some convincing and coercing but finally, she agreed to it and now I sat in the sofa as I smiled and spoke to Mira

“This is nice, right?”

But she refused to reply to me, seeing it I looked down at Mira who was looking at me as she lay on the sofa with her head on my lap, if any of her admirers were to see this they would surely die with jealousy, Mira normally has a calm face and she’s stubborn as one could be but whenever it comes to me she would always relent

My wish was simple I just wanted to give her a lap pillow, Mira was completely embarrassed doing it but when I said that I was doing it for her as she should get some rest, she finally related, after all, it’s been some time since she ever had a good rest, in the end under my ‘sincere’ feeling she was unable to reject

I smiled as I felt Mira’s head on my lap, her beautiful face had a small blush on her cheeks due to her embarrassment, adding an innocent charm to her already stunning face, I always felt it contradictory on her, Mira’s normally calm, serious and mature but within all this, there still shined an innocent side to her

She has a lot of side to her that I find very attractive, after all, I spend a lot of my childhood with this woman and hence I knew her well, my hands moved as I slowly patted her smooth purple hair as her hypnotic silver eyes refused to look at me, on the body level Mira has a finely developed mature body but it wasn’t always seen due to her baggy mage robes

As I patted her head I could see her looking at me with an annoyed look causing me to chuckle, I could feel myself relax with her on my lap as her natural scent invaded my nose, Mira’s annoying look became worse as she saw me avoiding her signals, just as she was about to move away I spoke

“Isn’t this nostalgic?”


For a moment Mira was confused but then memorizes of the past filled her mind, she could remember the time in the past when I used to lay on her lap like this.


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