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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 202: Punishment(?)2 Bahasa Indonesia


The sound of me placing the leash on Olivia’s neck was heard, the moment I did I could see Olivia’s eyes widen as a shudder rang through her body, my ‘sadistic’ smile widened, as I ran my hands along Olivia’s face, I pulled her leash forward as I spoke

“How’s it? quite a good right?”

“Y-Yes master”

Olivia spoke through gritted teeth, her mind was blazing with anger yet her body trembled with delight, it was a contradictory action that was driving Olivia mad, with that I let her go as I walked towards the sofa in the room as I sat on it under the confused eyes of Olivia who was rooted in her position

I tucked the leash in my hands making her turn towards me, I could see her eyes trembling as she understood a bit of what was going to happen but I didn’t let things continue for long as I spoke with a commanding tone

“Now, crawl towards me on your four”

And that was all as Olivia’s body started trembling faster, I could see Olivia’s rational mind fighting with her desire, deep rage and anger was burning within her mind, her sadistic side refused it as it only accepted at others kneeling to her, while her masochist side wanted nothing more to kneel down

And within all this her prides refused it all, she was the next future ruling pillars of humanity, yet here she was asked to kneel in front of me but soon all of it stopped as she took a deep breath as she started to kneel down, sitting on the sofa I could see her love juices leaving her cave, even in all this she’s extremely aroused

It didn’t take long for her to be on her four as she faces me, as she did I could see her breasts slipping out her as her nipples became clear, her golden hair fell to the front of her face, while her sexy maid look made her more enticing, all in all, it was a stimulating look, I smirked without losing out of my character as I pulled her leash towards me

Tugging a little, I said calmly

“Be quick and crawl towards me like a dog”

A shiver passed Olivia’s body as her body began to heat up, even more, she meekly listened to my order, I beckoned her with my fingers and Olivia complied, her posture was particularly low and she slowly advanced toward me, hanging her head in shame

Normally I couldn’t be this brazen to push her, but these last week had already helped me bring out a fair hare of her perverted masochist side outside, even though Olivia’s angry right now, I could still tell that she’s having a blast inside, the initial distance wasn’t that large, so it did not take long for her to come to me, the floor was covered by a very soft blue carpet, so she didn’t have to worry

Slowly but surely she came closer as her breasts jiggled sideways, while her love juices kept coming, once she finally reached me, I began to pet her and caress her hair and ears while murmuring

“Nice, you are really a good little girl, you are so cute like that”

And just after saying so I pulled her hair as I made her look at me, looking at her face, it was reddish due to her blush while her breath was longer, I kept looking into her eyes before which I spoke

“Remove my pants and suck”

Hearing it Olivia’s eyes widened, all this while I just kept playing with her as I never asked her to pleasure me but soon she shook her head as her trembling hands moved towards my zip as she opened them, I rose up a little as my pants were removed, soon my huge ‘weapon’ blasted forth as it appeared in front of Olivia whose eyes widened from what she saw, seeing it I smiled as I spoke

“What? surprised?”

She shook her head as her trembling eyes focused on my ‘sword’ that was in front of her, she kept looking at it as if possessed, seeing it I shook my head as I spoke with a disproving voice

“Suck it, I don’t have all the time in the world, you know”

Hearing it Olivia’s mind wavered a little before a feeling of euphoria filled her, The more I ordered her, the hornier she became

“Yes master”

She took a deep breath as her trembling hands reached for my dick, soon she held it with both her hands, brushing back her hair that had grown soft from sweat, she crawled over to bury her face in my crotch, Taking a long whiff, an enamored expression formed on her face, Olivia’s heart was beating faster and faster, right now she didn’t even know what she was doing, all she knew was that her mind was completely horny, all this humiliation plus seeing my dick kinda flipped her mind as her only focus was soon playing with my ‘sword’

Olivia seemed completely lost as she took a big sniff of my dick, her body was shaking with excitement while a puddle of her juices had formed on the ground beneath, Olivia moved forward as her tongue crawled across my rod which was continuously hardening under her tender care, she had initially grimaced at the taste, but when she saw the delighted look on my face, she stroked her extended tongue along the shaft


I groaned a little, Olivia had no particular technique, but since this was her first time and just the fact she’s a world-renowned princess was more than enough to offset that, Olivia moved based on instincts, sometimes she started to choke when she brought it too deep into her throat and she was clearly less skilled than the other woman I did with but she made up for inexperience with passion, Olivia was falling into a state of ecstasy, a longing filled her eyes as she sucked the almost bluish-red penis


I wanted to see her face some more, so I used my other hand to brush back her hair and called her name, she looked blankly up at me, Her eyes were narrowed so she looked like a sleepy puppy, not only was she cute, but she was incredibly erotic, especially with her maid costume, my hand moved as I started rubbing her breasts as I pulled her nipples, causing Olivia to break her movements as she moans out


I smiled hearing it as I roughly played with both of her nipples I brought them to out from her dress, I pulled them both at the same time as I twisted them


Olivia kept moaning but a competitive spirit ran within her eyes as her hand started moving as she moved back and forth on my dick, soon she moved again as her tongue ran through my dick, she was fighting her pleasure as she move to make me cum, I could feel myself close and Olivia could also feel it and began to accelerate her movement

“Here it comes”

I spoke as Olivia took out her face at the last moment when I began to cum but I didn’t leave Olivia handing as I pulled her nipples roughly as I came, Olivia too moaned


White lines were drawn through the air like tracer rounds as the hot liquid spewed again and again from the swollen head, due to Olivia moaning out she forgot to move out of the way and everything from her cheeks to her lovely blonde hair was dirtied, some even fell into her mouth due to her moaning

I watched the scene in a pleasant daze, Without aiming the tip away, I watched as my bodily fluid dirtied the face of the future Empress of the world.


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