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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 201: Punishment(?) Bahasa Indonesia

“So, all’s good?”

I asked as Eleanor sat on my lap, with her hands intertwined with mine, after our relatively ‘long’ session, we went ahead took a bath, freshened ourselves, and now here we are with Eleanor in my lap, as we talk with each other, enjoying each others company, both I and Eleanor know each other for a long time, hence we both of us were able to calmly talk with each other and know what to say to keep the other interested

“Well, mines bland compared to what you did in these past weeks”

Eleanor spoke to me with an accusing gaze but deep within it pride and happiness danced, Eleanor could feel herself becoming happy and contended just hearing about my achievements, looking at Eleanor who was pouting at me, I couldn’t help but smile as I spoke tightening the hold of her hands

“Oh….don’t be like that, I just wanted to surprise you and I wanted to make a name for myself before being introduced to the world as your successor”

Hearing my words Eleanor remained silent for a moment before which she smiled and kissed my forehead, she rested her head on my shoulders as she spoke

“You don’t have to worry about any of that, as long as you are alive and living I will be contended”

I didn’t reply to her as I just kept hugging her while basking in her warmth and as such, we spent the next few hours within each other’s embrace, after which I bid her farewell as I left for the academy, honestly it was quite relaxing to spend time like this without worrying about anything, sadly I have a guillotine above my head which could be brought down at any time if I lose my focus, handling crazy girls that love you are not easy

And just as I was returning I felt the space around me twist and the next moment I was in front of a beautiful green-haired milf that was smiling at me lovingly, while lots of different sparkling food was in front of her, eagerly waiting to be tasted, I sighed as I smiled and moved to her as I spent the next two hours talking and relaxing with her, slowly bringing down her defenses

Though slow I was able to become a bit closer to Orpheus, after making sure she’s contended, I left the realm under the sad gazes of Orpheus and the fairies who was getting closer to me, and with another blink, I was in the street I was in before, looking above the skies I could already see that not much time had passed, as the time flow between the two realms are a bit different

‘Damn…what a long day…’

With a head shake, I slowly crept back into the academy into a specific place and soon activated the badge in my hand as I again disappeared and appeared in an all familiar training room but the difference was the sexily dressed girl in front of me who was desperately trying to pull her short skirt down

Right now Olivia stood in front of me wearing a sexy maid outfit, her skirt barely reached her thigs such that if she bend her enticing sexy black panties would be seen, while her top part barely covered her busssom, as a small part of her nipples could be seen, while her dress looked completely brown with maid design but that was not the end as her legs were highlighted by black stockings that nicely clicked at her thighs, making her sexier

“You look sexy Olivia”

I said as I looked at Olivia who was blushing while looking at me angrily, many emotions were flashing deeply within her eyes, bitterness, sadness, and arousal, she the princess and the next ruler of the Ezraeil Empire was forced to dress as a sexy maid! just this was enough to cause jealousy across the entire Empire

“It’s good to see you back, master”

Olivia spoke calmly while hiding her anger, it was her new method as she decided to go along with everything that was happening to her while she hides her grieving anger deep within her heart, Olivia seemed to understand the more she resisted the more I teased and played with, smiling at Olivia’s words I nodded my head as I walked towards her standing in front of her while she looked at me defiantly

But she soon flinched as I placed my hands on her exposed thighs as I gave it a small squeeze and just as I did I could see a blush came to her face, as her breath increased a bit, seeing it my smile widened, the body that I had trained in the past weeks was responding to my touch, I had used the past weeks to thoroughly understand Olivia’s weak spots and all it took was a touch of my hand on her soft body for her body to react in heat, well that along with the fact that her bodies suffering under my ‘gift’ of a spell

my left hand nicely massaged her thighs as it started to move upwards slowly with teasing touches, while I used my right hand to raise Olivia’s chin as I made her look at me, even though she tried to look angry it wasn’t working as I could see her nipples getting harder and poking through her thin cover, at the same time my hand reached upwards as I got hold of her ass nicely taking a feel of it over her sexy panties,

“Um❤, ~~”

Olivia closed her eyes, as her body started to get heated up from my touch but before it could go anywhere I took my hands back making Olivia open eyes coming upon my sadistic obsessive smile which caused her body to tremble with anticipation along with a hint of dread, my hands moved quickly as I clutched her chin with a little force, making her wince but somehow my movements only made her hornier, looking deeply into Olivia’s eyes I spoke with a twisted voice

“My…my Olivia it seems that you’re quite selfish, all this while I kept pleasuring you, yet not once did you think of repaying me the favor, it would seem that punishments are in order”

Hearing the words punishment, Olivia’s eyes started trembling, I scoffed as I let go of her shin as I spoke while creating a mana based leash in my hands,

“Of course, I have to make it so that you won’t enjoy this punishment”

My smile became more sadistic as I stretched the leash on my hands, seeing it Olivia became pale but before she could move I placed it on her neck


“Hehe…..my dear princess your punishments only beginning”


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