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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 2: New Start Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing the words which he never hoped to hear his whole life the “boy” suddenly starts to cry.

‘….. so i died’

‘how is that possible, tha last thing i remember is leaving my dorms to buy some groceries, and then….wait i can’t remember anything after that’

reading the hosts thoughts the system replied

[Host died after returning from shopping, host got caught between a shooting scene and got hit with a bullet, the memories of it are removed as to avoid psychological problems for the host!!]

hearing the reply from his so called system, the “boy” starts crying even more

‘so i died without accomplishing anything in life?, without giving back the love and support my parents gave me?, without accomplishing my dreams?’


mentality of the host breaking down ..

activating emergancy cool down procedures]

suddenly the “boy” feels a cooling sensation on him and his dark thoughts some how started to settle down

[Host you might have died but now you have the chance to write you future again please calm down, take deep breaths]

feeling his sanity some back to him, his hazy eyes started to gain it’s clarity back.

taking deep breaths the boy tries to stand up in which he miserable fails and falls back

laying on the carpet the carpet the “boy” asks

“so how was it back at my home,is everybody alright…. a-ar-are my parents alright?”

[Host parents are alright, there were at your funeral and your parents did fall into depression but they will lauch back]

hearing what the system said the boy heaves a sigh “give me some time alone to think”

hearing what his host said and reading his hosts mental state the sytem became silent

closing his eyes the boy began to remeber, his past, his life, his parents, everything, his total of 22 years old his life

like this half an hour passed, when he opend his eyes again there were a myriad of emotion and he had not fully forgotten his past but he can now move forward.

“hey system i am now ready, could you tell me why i can’t move?”

finally hearing the word it wanted to hear,it replied

[yes host we can start!!, currently the hosts soul is being conneted to the current body, since there is a mismatch of your soul and body it might take some time to integrate]

[For worry not i can speed up the time by giving you current body some shock]

hearing the first half of the systems words the “boy” smiled but hearing the rest his face started to contract.

“how long will the normal route take??”

[about 1 to 2 months]

‘so what you are basicly telling me is that i have to take the shock right??, how are these even options’

Taking a deep breathe to control his rising anger, the boy replied “sure give those shocks”

[right away host, better take a deep breathe for the coming shock in 3..2…1!!]

sudddenly the boys body starts twitching like a fish taken out of water, this went on for about 20 seconds before it cooled down

‘arhg…damn it, hey system why dont you come in font of me so that i can “thank you” ‘

[No need host, i am an eternal figure you can’t touch me]

Grumbling to himself the “boy” raises himself from the ground and takes a look around

‘seeing the furniture and room it seems like this boys family is quite rich’

“hey system tell me where i am and who i am”

[host better take a seat before i start]

Hearing this the “boy” takes a seat on the bed ready to hear about himself

[The host is currently in the world of “Ether” from “Arizinons sense”]

Hearing the systems word the “boy” shot up from his bed with deep shock


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