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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 3: Understanding Bahasa Indonesia

Hello everyone

from now onwards the story will forward on first person pattern

So please enjoy !!


“What how is that possible, wa-wats goin on??, are you saying that i am in the game ‘Arizinons sense’ ?”

[Yes and No, this world is real not a game ]

while trying to digest the explosive news that i got right now i plunge directly to my bed

‘Arizinons sense, Ether these words how could i not know them??’

it was when i was on the 2nd year of highschool the game was released and just as it was released it had become a great hit

Basically it was a eroge game…..

Boasting about great capture targets,adventure, action and yes…we also have heart moving sex.

It was basically a story of how you capture each targets and expand your harem as big as possible

What had set this game different from others was how hard it was to capture the girls heart, each character felt like it had it’s own life.

And instead of the normal route where we have a choice to pick to increase your favourable points, you could type your words and get diffrent responses

The more you progress the more hard it gets as you had to work hard to keep your harem afloat.

As a man of culture i had also played the game….secretly that is.

well i could have said to be the topmost player as i had the largest harem and could keep it afloat.

The feeling of conquering the heroines was so addictive that i couldn’t stop playing and ended up becoming a pro who conquered many girls that others could not.

“so what you are basically saying is i was reborn in the game but why?”

i was really curious why did i get a second chance why me?

[well host to start with, this is your game world but real,there will be no 2nd chances, no restarts and no retreats]

[The action host takes will effect the future and everybody here are real and have feelings]

[As to why you are here it is bcause of the god of games]

“god of games??, are you saying that a god gave me this chance why”

[the god of games is one of the supreme gods in existence, as to the chance the god of games gave you is not free]

“wait not free,what do you mean?”


[main quest intiated:

Info: Take all the girls away from the main protagonist, take all the girls for yourself while making sure that the protagonist lives a full life of a bachelor

Rewad:Getting to freely live in this world

Faliure: To have your soul completely totured for eternity in hell]

Reading the main quest i got, i had only one thought in his mind

that i was f****d up!!

while taking all the women for himself and living a harem life does sound great, it definitely has a huge backlash

one must know that the game was almost similar to reality where only you could know the result after the action.

As an eroge the game had the tsundere, the sadist, the machoist, the kuudere and the…yandere

Dont take me wrong i have nothing against yanderes, in fact which man doesn’t love it when a women will do anything for you and live just for you?

But when the love leads to the women activating a god-tier forbbiden magic to keep you for herself, thats when shit hits the fan.

Remembering the look of the women who was manically laughing after proclaiming him only hers caused a tremble up my spine.

“wait why did the god of game do this what’s in it for him?”

[Host might not know this but as the god of game it is his responsibility to play all the released games and to completely conquer it]

[However for the first time the God of Games couldn’t completely win in a game]

“so, you mean that, since he couldnt complete “arizinons sense” he created the real world just to torture the protaganist?”

[Correct host, as the choosen individual you must conquer each of the targets, while making the main hero life tougher]

Hearing this i was really speechless, just because he was spiteful he wanted to torture the games main hero.

“so basically i should take all the womens for myself while making the protagonist a bachelor”


i was speechless, while what i said was easy completing it is almost close to impossible.

Each of the capture targets either have immense background, power or beauty, who won’t settle for just any tom, dick or harry.

sighing while rubbing my head, i choose to keep the problems temporarily on the back on my head and focus on the present.

“can you atleast tell me who i am right now?”

[Host has taken the body and have become the character Austin Lionheart]

Hearing the name i jump out of my bed with not only shock but also fear.


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