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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 194: The Goddess Of Life Bahasa Indonesia

Orpheus POV:

“The world is a beautiful place…”

…was what she thought when she opened her eyes for the first time, she was Life, she was the first to be born, when chaos willed the world, she was the first to use the powers she was given to bring about a new will, to her everything that moved with life was her children, since everything was her creation, it also meant that they should also have the purity she saw but that was far from the truth

The infinitely changing white clouds floating above, the ultramarine-colored boundless sky, old titan-sized trees that gave off a sense of holiness, new sprouts filled with bursting vivacity, were all things she enjoyed to her heart’s content, Such forms of natural beauty were things that brought calmness to her

Of course, the world was neither gentle nor easy.

Orpheus still remembers the war that took place when chaos wanted to take it all back, the wars she fought still lay fresh within her mind, the bodies of her sisters, the deaths of her creations, many were lost, she followed the will of the goddess she chose as they led the war that decided the fate of the world

She fought in a war that spanned across space and time, watched her friends and companions fall in the embrace of the Mother Chaos one after another, or faced unholy beings, she was life but within her eyes, the life of many passed away, many of the life that she had created didn’t hesitate to move as they stabbed her in the back

The very being she had created to balance chaos soon became her nightmares, she was their mother, she was their creator, yet all she could see within their soul was just darkness, why? why aren’t they as beautiful as she expected them to be? why are their soul so ugly and filled with disgust?

She had seen the innumerable life that she had built fall, many among them were wiped by her hands. she who was Life had brought about death to many, so why? why did she continue to fight? if it wasn’t for death that leand her hand to help her Life would have faded away long ago, Life was so beautiful yet so frail

But she didn’t give up hope, she fought the war with her friends that was the base of all that was born from chaos itself, she believed it with all her heart that one day she would meet one soul among the countless in the world, one soul that burned with the most beautiful light possible,

Wounded, sad, alone, afraid, scared, again and again she fought even then, she never once gave up on hope and continued to advance, determined in her beliefs.

Her belief was ever firm.

She believed in the possibility of this world, she believed that one day she would meet that one soul that blazed with the passion of Life, a single soul that even when born naturally would outshine the brightened path of light itself, so her nightmares continued, she and the goddess she followed had done it, they had banned and rebelled successfully

The lives that were lost were innumerable but they were successful, all the lives that were lost was on her, if she wanted she could bring about life but she refrained from it, she didn’t want to disgrace the life of all that fought and like this millions of years passed, as she kept seeing the darkness of life itself

Why? why couldn’t there be one life that shined with life?

In her desperation she used her power of life to create a race that shined with purity, they were the fairies but it wasn’t enough, in the end, they were all fake, all of them were created to fill her will, what she wanted was one that outshines all born naturally but by now a small part of her heart had already lost faith, until that faithful day

She had just left the meetings of the God’s as she returned back to the dimension she had created where all life was pure, the moment she had returned she had already grasped the presence of two who shouldn’t be there, back then thousands of faries had surrounded her as they excitedly talked about the human that ‘felt’ good

She who wasn’t always curious about humans had her curiosity ignited, her eyes peered through space and void as they peered deep into the soul of the human, and the moment she faced the shinning soul her eyes winded

It was beautiful…

Among the trillions of souls she had gazed upon none outshined the one she gazed upon, it glowed brilliantly, like the sun, it was built with such a life that for once she couldn’t take her eyes off it, yes this was it

This was the very soul that shined brighter than life itself, a life that was far beyond what should be, a soul that burned with innocence and Life, a soul that she was waiting for….she didn’t hesitate to rip the very fabrics of space as she brought him in front of her, and the more she gazed into his soul the more she fell into a trance

For the first time in her long life, she felt a soul that brought her peace, a soul that ignited the deepest passion of her maternal side, to her all with life was her children but that didn’t mean everything resonated with her, in fact, no life resonated with her but this very soul in front her strung against her heartstrings

Bringing forth her millions of year obsession, finally, she had found someone worthy to be raised by her, finally, she had found a life that she could be happy about, finally, she had found her child….


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