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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 195: The Oath Of life Bahasa Indonesia

Austin POV:

“Boy, will you be my child?”

Looking at the woman who spoke these words I was stunned, I stayed silent as I kept looking at the woman in front of me, I never thought I would hear such words from somebody in my life, it took a few seconds before which I was able to regain my wits, keeping a thoughtful look outside, on the inside my brain started running with full power trying to get the best out of the situation

In truth, no one should be able to lie to a goddess, they all have the capability to see through all lies and deceit, after all, they are gods but it doesn’t seem to apply to me, after all, back then I played around with Razellia, she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and I should be an idiot to think that she was dense to notice my acting

They are all beings that lived for too long, me being good at acting doesn’t mean that I should be able to lie to them and the best proof is now as Orpheus doesn’t seem to be suspicious of me at all nor did it seem that she’s able to peer into my acting, it’s as of there’s some kind of barrier preventing her from seeing through me

I had first asked about it to the system but it refused to comment on it but right now my main priority is to deal with this mommy yandere goddess of mine, truthfully I have no problem with her sugar mommying me but it would be too suspicious if I readily agreed to it, so soon my surprised face faded away and an ‘angry’ look took over it as I spoke

“Why would I be your child!?, moreover who are you?”

Hearing my sudden outburst Orpheus was surprised before which she seemed to have understood her mistake as she smiled and waved her hand vanishing away the power that gasped at me and just as it did, I moved to a quick fighting position, she seemed unbothered at it as Orpheus gracefully lifted her skirt as she spoke with a motherly smile

“My name is Orpheus Blanche Marakia, or you would know me better as the Goddess Of life”

Hearing her reply my body ‘stiffened’ as I looked at her with a ‘stunned’ expression, seeing it she smiled but my next words froze her expression

“S-So your related to Razellia?”


Hearing me speak the name of a goddess so easily a frown came to her face before she peered deeply into me and as she did a surprised expression filled her face before which an understanding look came upon her as she spoke

“So your the one she kept talking about”


Looking at Orpheus’s expression I tensed up but before I could say anything the space around me tensed up as I was locked in an unmovable position again and this time Orpheus raised her hands as she pointed it towards me, a humongous magic circle filled with the [Authority] and [Divinity] of life spread from me as the center

All the beings within the dimension trembled as they all stopped moving, all of their gazes traveled to the top of the world tree as they felt the power of their creator choosing her will, meanwhile, I looked at Orpheus who smiled as she spoke

“In the name of Life, creation and everything old and new I hereby decree you as my closest child, all that belongs to me now and in the future would belong to you, you are the bearer of life, all that breaths with life shall be under you, you are the prince of the fairies, the king of this world and the child of the world tree itself”

“You shall bear life and its future, your enemies will tremble at your name, while to you allies you will be the breath of life, you are my child”

At Orpheus’s last words the whole dimension started trembling, the mighty beast that lived in the realm all bowed towards my direction, the fairies flapped their wings as they bowed and paid respect to their prince, the world tree trembled in delight for its child and prince, the whole world celebrated the birth of its prince

A huge amount of life force started to wrap around me as the magic circle below me rose up, enclosing me within it, soon with a flash, it shirked as it zoomed deep into my soul, the promise that Razellia had with me became dissatisfied but feeling the power it could not overpower it could only reluctantly be joined with the will of life

Soon a green powerful life burst out from deep within me, an infinite amount of lifeforce suppressed and became enclosed within me, in a nutshell, I became unkillable, as long as I have this power I shall be undefeatable in battle, far away in the real world the eyes of the saintess of life opened as she held her chest with her hand, she could feel it the birth of their future saint, the child of life itself

Meanwhile, I almost moaned out feeling the humongous life force deep within me, soon the phenomenon faded away, as I landed back on the tree bark and as soon as I did, my eyes traveled towards Orpheus who was looking at me with a happy and indulging smile, I could not help but feel a motherly love towards her now

The ceremony had turned me into her child, in every way possible, not blood related but what she did was something much deeper, even without both of us spending a lot of time together I could feel a sense of deep kinship with her, this woman in one move had made me have feelings for her

‘Never mess with an experienced woman’

Repeating this in my mind I couldn’t help but feel that it was so true, shaking the thoughts of my mind, I looked at Orpheus as I spoke out the tough words in my heart



Hearing my words Orpheus eyes widened as her body trembled from sheer delight, a beautiful red tint came to her face and before I knew it I was in her humongous breasts as she hugged me tightly, the natural scent of nature and her smooth skin rubbed against me as she lovingly and to be truthful extremely tightly hugged me

Due to the connection, we share I could feel my body relaxing as she held me and at the same time Orpheus body started heating up, her hands moved lovingly as she rubbed my hair with a smile, for the first time she started to feel fulfilled holding me in her embrace, she raised her head as she placed a kiss on my forehead, feeling it both of us trembled from pleasure

Any intimate actions the both of us did would be even felt deep within both of our souls, it would also be highly amplified too and as the future went on the feelings would only amplify as for what that would lead to? well no one knows~~

Orpheus’s eyes curled in delight as she looked at me, her thoughts too were sweet…

‘I will spoil you rotten!’


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