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The Conquerors Path – Chapter 182: Fight End Bahasa Indonesia

The whole stadium watched with deep breaths as the finale of the match started, Marak’s flame-like body blasted forward as the heat from his body seemed to make the atmosphere hot, his hand moved forward as he reached close to me, there was only a blur as his flame-like hand punched towards my chest

At the same time the flames around him seemed to have gained life as they followed his punch and a recoil punch followed behind it with heat to burn anything in its path, my eyes calmly analyzed them as the mana within me rose, soon several barriers started to surround me with great speed

Some of the mages who were watching had disbelieving expressions as they saw the speed at which my chanting had taken place, soon Marak’s punch landed on them, even with his monstrous strength the barriers only cracked, sadly his recoil punch landed at the same time causing the barrier cracks to spread and for me to fly away due to the sheer after pressure

And just as I was shot away Naraik appeared above me, his sharp eyes could be seen threw his helmet as he waved his ax downwards to bisect me, the mana within the surrounding seemed to have been shaken as the ax moved at speed towards my body and that was not the end as hundred of whips followed his attack ready to destroy me from everywhere as they surrounded me

Sadly for him, his attack was destined to fail as the ground below me split up to protect me, it was as if the earth wanted to protect me from all that was dangerous, Nariak’s attack landed causing the earth to blow up into pieces soon the whips that surrounded him seemed to come to life as they moved forward to attack me after I had become partially visible

But hundreds of the earth like spears rose from the ground as they battled with the whips that wished to harm me, soon earth-like pillar rose from the ground that hit both Naraik and Marak away, just as a sense of peace was building up Ronairo appeared in front me with a speed I couldn’t match

And well there was no then…as Ronair moved his hand at a speed that broke the speed barrier as his rapier attacked at least a hundred times and with that I flew with a boom, no one except for the truly powerful was able to see what happened as I flew away

Soon I crashed to the ground as the dust rose to the sky as a crater was made at the place I had landed, soon silence descended as everybody saw the three princes panting and looking towards the dust that rose to the sky, activating and holding secret techniques require a huge amount of mana and they were being drained of it, soon they heard a sound of clapping


The dust moved as I appeared from the crash all safe and sound without a single injury, I have to say these kids were truly good and powerful and if it was anybody other than me fighting the three of them then they would have had their ass handled to them but sadly they’re fighting me, with as smile I looked at the three princes as I spoke

“Now that was good but sadly not good enough plus this has gone for far too long anyway, brace yourself here I come”

And just as I had finished speaking all of them had serious expressions after all this was the first time that I will be actively attacking, soon lighting flickered in my body as it focused within my legs, the high-level mages seeing this couldn’t help but have their eyes twitch at the sight

Right now I was showing a perfect display of control over the lighting element, where just before I did the same for the earth element, not only do I have supreme mastery over magic but also archery and body cultivation too, some people beginning to think that they were dreaming

Well sadly this was not a dream as I had disappeared from where I stood and appeared before Marak and before he could react I punched him in the stomach a hundred times, the space around where I punched seemed to have cracked as Marak spit out blood causing him to faint as his body flew away

And this was just the begging as I vanished again and appeared before Naraik who had his legs held to the ground by the earth itself, my hands moved as I pointed to him the skies rumbled as purple lighting descend from the sky hitting Naraik, basically with his water armor he was roasted to sleep

And I turned to Ronairo who was already in front of me swinging his rapier to my face but sadly for him, his speed was too slow for me, I simply moved as I teleported behind him caught his neck, and threw him to the side and just as he was flying away hundreds of ball-like boulders moved towards him hitting him from all the direction, soon he was beaten to unconsciousness

And with that I coolly stood in the centers of arena among the stunned audience, I lifted my head as I looked towards the audience with my hands raised indicating my win, it only then did the referee break out of his daze

“T-The wi-winner is Austin Lionheart!”


And with the referee’s words, the audience broke out of their daze as they startedclapping, soon they fervently started to chant my name


I smiled as I waved at them, I did this for a few more minutes before I started to walk away, meanwhile the strong and powerful were truly left speechless and apprehensive, unlike the common people, they were truly able to understand the depth of what I had done and the strength brought them more fear because I didn’t show them my limit!

From time immemorial the things that people feared the most were the unknown and now I was within that category, after all the skills I showed were mind-blowing, I am pretty sure that I got within the radar of very powerful people but hey why should I care?

‘I think its time to stop holding back’

Well, I am no protagonist to keep holding back what I could do, my status itself is very high, moreover, I have a frikcing dragon and a goddess protecting, in this world only the supreme goddess will be able to do anything to me but it’s not like she was wasting her time with me right?

But sadly at that time, I didn’t know that a certain pink-haired goddess was watching me and that watching me was becoming an obsession too…


“He’s strong”

Ella spoke as she frowned but sadly only the response she got was silence from the three girls in the room who were looking at Austin leaving with different gazes, Nora was proud, meanwhile Olivia had a frown and Carmel had a serious expression on her face, turning to Ella she spoke

“Ella, change the danger rating for Austin and his group”

“Um? sure what should the rating be?”

Carmel looked at the leaving Austin before she spoke again

“Saint rank….”


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